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Info Shin Prince of Tennis Tournament Rules & Info

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The Forum Rules apply as usual. Furthermore, the following extra rules apply.

Shin Prince of Tennis Tournament Rules
1. Threads and Polls
The staff will take care of any organizational duties. In other words, do not create any new threads/polls and leave any updates to us. Once a round ends, the thread will be closed. If you want to further comment on a match that's already over, use the Discussion Thread.

2. About the votes
One vote = final vote. Discuss your opinion and think it through before voting. Choose wisely, because we won't change the votes if you reconsider later on.

3. Characters
Characters are to be considered as they were shown in the manga. However, due to the pace of the manga, you may discuss and consider upgrades as long as they are reasonable (this would likely include higher stats or improvements to already existing techniques).

3.1 Limitations
Ten'imuhou no Kiwami cannot be used by any character.

4. Matches
All matches are best of 1 Set. The serve order will be determined randomly when the match starts. Characters start each match without injuries.

4.1 Determining the winner
Each team consists of 2 Singles and 1 Doubles. A team that wins 2 of 3 matches gets to move on to the next round. In the case of one win for each team and one draw, the results of the highest ranked, non tied match (with the order being Singles 1 > Doubles 1 > Singles 2) will decide the winner.

In order to make this a more enjoyable experience for everyone, please follow these rules and discuss and justify your votes.
If you have any further questions, please post in the discussion thread or contact me via PM.

And last but not least: Have fun!
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