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[Shojo] It All Started with a Sexy Interview

Discussion in 'Manga Brought to you by MH' started by zindryr, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. zindryr

    zindryr 誰も知らない

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    Mar 28, 2005
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    Welcome to the thread for It All Started with a Sexy Interview.
    Here you'll find up to date information about this shojo manga.

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    Sample Images

    Aoi is a 25-year-old virgin. Aoi’s mother is so worried about the fact that Aoi has never had a boyfriend that she forces her to sign up for a "special" website for marriage seekers which asks its users to fill out their sexual desires!

    Aoi finds a match almost immediately and heads off to meet him alone… in a hotel room.

    Who should appear before our nervous young heroine but a handsome young man from her office that also happens to be her boss...!?

    Before she has time to collect her thoughts, Aoi finds herself being kissed and fondled.

    "You know what you came here for." Bwuh? What does that mean!?

    Apparently, the marriage interview site Aoi signed up for is to test your sexual compatibility with your matches...!? And this is her "first time." What does the future hold for our leading lady!?

    Total Pages: 536
    Status: Finished (No longer serialized)
    Genre: Shojo

    Meet the Team!
    Translator: Maria
    Editor: Claudia
    Letterer: Claudia
    Proofreader: Michael Rosiles
    Quality Control: Michael Rosiles

    What the team has to say:
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  2. Diathedia

    Diathedia Registered User

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    Jul 13, 2014
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    Oh my.... I wonder if that kind of site also exists *cough* IRL *cough*
    Interesting read nonetheless, although the pacing is a tad too fast... maybe it's just me, though!
    Wanted to keep it spoiler free, but for now what I can say is that I like all of the side characters, even the rival!
    Hoping for more of their appearance! Something like Horimiya would be great (a few chapter dedicated for side characters)