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[Shojo] Tonight My Sister and I...

Discussion in 'Manga Brought to you by MH' started by njt, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. njt

    njt Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄)

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    Feb 28, 2005
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    Welcome to the thread for Tonight My Sister and I...
    Here you'll find up to date information about this shojo manga.

    Find out more about what we're trying to achieve by reading "Help us get more content"!

    Feel free to talk about this story, and like and share with your friends to help unlock more translations and content! (The more we know it's popular with the fans, the faster we can get the rest of it translated (and more like it to boot!)).

    Sample Images

    "I've never thought of you as my sister." Then, a brother's lips brushed against those of his sister...

    Haruichi, who is two years older than his sister Natsumi, is the kindest, the coolest, and the bestest older brother once could ever have. It's easy to be jealous of how well they get along, and yet... the balance between the two begins to crumble as Natsumi starts her first year of high school.

    Haruichi is jealous of his friends getting closer to his sister, and Natsumi is angry at her brother for having a lover that looks strangely similar to her...

    With their hearts and minds whirring, they will share a night that could take them beyond mere siblings...

    Total Pages: 444
    Status: Finished (No longer serialized)
    Genre: Shojo

    Meet the team!
    Translator: Michael Rosiles
    Editor: Liz Barillas
    Letterer: Liz Barillas
    Quality Control: Michael Rosiles

    What the team has to say:
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    Brought to you by Mangahelpers, AMUCOMI, and staff!
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  2. zindryr

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    Mar 28, 2005
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    Hey guys, we just released the next four chapters of Tonight, My Sister and I...! This series has been sitting at the top 20 of Amazon's Romance/Shojo Manga categories, and we've still got a bunch more chapters in the pipeline for the next few months!

    Or right here as well:

    Let us know how you guys like the series and be sure to like and share if you're able on the various social media platforms. Talking about the series on social media and writing reviews on Amazon (regardless of the star rating, we're not asking people to make all 5-star reviews) really helps us with outreach, and as NJT said in the stickied thread, if you guys get a certain amount of likes/shares on social media we'll release chapters for free permanently on GlobalComix!
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  3. trunkschan90

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    Sep 20, 2011
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    United States
    I remember when I first saw that cover, I thought it was going to be smut. Luckily I was wrong, it's a regular shoujo story about Haruichi and Natsumi who are step-brother and step sister. Don't judge a manga by it's cover since the story is compelling and makes you want to keep reading until finding out how this whole situation is going to turn out in the end. We eventually end up with a love rectangle with other characters such as a girl that resembles Natusmi and a boy whose family owns a Flower shop.
    The art may not seem polished for some but to me it fits this story and you can overlook the flaws as you read on. So I recommend this shoujo for anyone interested in trying something new.
  4. Nagashiwa

    Nagashiwa Registered User

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    Aug 7, 2010
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    I did check out the first 2 chapters, interesting. Maybe I buy another chapter...

    So this manga isn't smut at all? so not 16(18)+ rating?