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Feb 22, 2021
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Hi! I am an aspiring manga writer new to this page and this is the project franchise I've been working for about a year. Interested artists can reply here. I am a newbie artist too and I could help in rough drawings and views. As of manga culture, black and white arts are enough.

NAME OF FRANCHISE: Zenus Chronicles

NAME OF MANGA: Zenus Chronicles: Blood Lake

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shonen, Magic, Historical


Blake was the 1st successful test subject of a secret organization called Zenus Labs which experiments on people giving them abilities for many purposes such as military, politics or even becoming an illuminatus etc. By an experiment during Blake's birth, he was given all human knowledge the world ever has but on one drawback - Due to the usage of large amount of memory storage in his brain for storing knowledge, his brain simulations became tremendously different resulting in easy traumas and change in personalities. Ever since during his childhood when his friend Tanaka Maya died in an ambush by terrorists to capture him, his motive was just one thing - To bring her back alive.

He began to research beyond his knowledge and gained many abilities but nothing could bring back life from the dead but costing many lives instead. Blake created many inventions which helped the people at a large scale but when he created "The Dominium" which has the ability to create, destroy and manipulate all forms of matter and energy and implanted it in himself, all major countries pointed their weapons on him, some to exploit and conquer the world and other to destroy it for the sake of peace to continue. Facing many hardships was hard for him with such a weak mental strength. He decided to kill himself and destroy all his technology and its footprints. But he accidentally travelled to another world.

This is the story of Blake's adventure, hardships and decisions to bring back the lives of his childhood friend as well as the people who lost their lives involving in his research.

I uploaded some progress in "Develop your Story" in Manga Raiders page. Hope it will help too.

Payment sharing discussions can be done later depending on the popularity of this manga in the future.

And this franchise contains many other superheroes and worlds to travel and hypothesis regarding the secrets of this world today. Blake will be the protagonist of this manga series but not for the whole franchise.

BTW to contact me for more information,

Email: jaganjgun008@gmail.com