[Shonen] Death Game ~The Captive 24~

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    Welcome to the thread for Death Game ~The Captive 24~
    Here you'll find up to date information about this shonen manga.

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    "You will be playing a game of death!"
    You awaken a captive in a sealed room after being abducted suddenly from in front of a row of coin-operated lockers!! There's a weird ring attached to your wrist containing a deadly poison which is used to force you to participate in a game of death.... The rules are based on the children's game Tag, with the winner being rewarded and the loser losing more than just the game. A bloody battle is about to take place!!
    An ordinary college student known as Hashiba Touma finds himself trapped in a room with Tsuji Ken'ichi -- a kindly office worker -- and the level-headed young woman known as Mizuki... and they're forced to fight for their chance to survive!! How can they manage to survive when they must deal with not only whoever's 'It,' but also other competitors who've given in to their murderous desires at every corner...?!

    Total Pages: 150
    Status: Finished (No longer serialized)
    Genre: Shonen

    Meet the team!
    Translator: Jimmy D
    Proofreader: Michael R
    Editor: Ryu N
    Letterer: Ryu N
    Quality Control: Michael R

    What the team has to say:
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    If you like doubt/judge this onshot series is 100% a manga for you! the end has a nice plot twist and I really enjoyed to read it!
    I wished there were some more chapters for this one!
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