Simon revived by the Tower of Heaven?

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Ok first of all I wanna clarify that this is just a theory ,I´ve come up with through the hints given in the manga.
None of this is a 100% confirmed to happen, Anime only watchers may get spoiled in the future,since I will be using and updating info till the latest chapter.
Everyone who likes to discuss Fairy Tail theories is welcomed even if they go beyond my personal theory, maybe we´ll rename this later the "general Fairy Tail future theory" thread.

But first, I wanna give Hiro Mashima props for his writing of the relationship between Erza and Jellal and in general for the character of Erza.
Who is among the most interesting and best written characters of this show.
This does not include her fights however.

Jellal and Erza´s relationship is among the best things Fairy tail includes and this is my theory about them and Simons potential comeback to the livng story.

Currently Jellal is at the road of atonement, since Ultear and Meredy broke him out of Prison for already around 8 years destroying all the Dark guilds he can.
He is a tragic character, that was manipulated in doing evil things during half of his life, after being kidnapped and tortured at a kids age because of some cultists and their twisted beliefs about a fucked up "mage" they worship.
Because of his former sins which he certainly is guilty off, he didn´t allow himself to go back to society and live a happy life, even if it had to be hidden from the government.

Neither did he allow himself to enter a romantic relationship with Erza after their reunion following the Tenrou Island Arc timeskip.
His sins though are objectively not alone his fault but he´s like mentioned above, not free from guilt either, he has killed several bad guys who were kidnapping and enslaving children, but he also killed Simon and made his friends suffer building a tower for 7-10 years (idk) with the intention of sacrificing the woman he loved for power.

It is hinted that they were and are mutually in love with each other since their childhood, because both of them are strong personalities, which most likely started off as adoration rather than your typical teen crsuh(I could start drawing here shipping conclusions, how he ´s cool and she´s the hothead and how their hair colors express that, but they are already confirmed and I leave that to the fangirls).

Simon wanted to budge in there, which is why Hiro killed him off. At least at first sight.

First he avoided writing a stupid love triangle, which the series has already enough off, even if we exclude the whole Yaoi fangirls, who desperately expect Natsu and Gray to make out by the end of the series and that their fightning is a sign of sexual suppresion.
The second thing Hiro accomplished through the killing of Simon was giving Jellal a reason to grief and atone without the chance of being forgiven or actually forgiving himself. Therefore adding drama and grief, to the romantic subplot and more depth to both Erza´s and his character.

Jellals death may have also been a retcon from Mashima Because of the way Jellal came back to life, it´s an equally legit assumption that he later just wanted to bring him back, which I doubt, it has a better explanation to it than the Pell bullshit from One Piece or Happy´s Afro.

It can even be a hint towards Natsu´s state and why his body never decayed although "dead"

The only narrative that speaks for a retcon would be that the tower of heaven arc was written really dark compared to the most of the series. It should enhance the tension of the manga, which rarely happens in Fairy Tail. My assumption is, Mashima didn´t intend to make this story as lighthearted as it has become today initially and intended to involve more drama when he started writing. Simply killing both men Erza loved, making her into a grieving maiden. But he left all options open for himself. That´s why we saw no graves for either ones.
He maybe changed his mind because he came up with some better/friendlier ideas, similar to how and why he brought Lissana back.Or it actually was planned and couldn´t come up with a better idea of how to excuse Jella not being dead.
Lissannas death for example at least to me is way more excuseable.

Anyway with that comeback he set the basis for every likeable character to come back when Hiro pleases, as well as the tone of the manga, but we´re drifting away. "Fairy Tail trolling!"
Poor Lahar no one likes or cares about him, so he´s definetely dead, even in Hiros mind.

Now to the theory let´s go!
(Which supports that Hiro actually plans his comebacks.)

Why I personally think, Simon will come back to the story and why he isn´t actually dead. Simon presumably died in chapter 97 sacrificing himself for the one he loved. But why did he love her? Because a 10 year old thinks another 10 year old looks hot? Unlikely!

No Simon get´s revisited out of nowhere in chapter 314 where Kagura explains that he was her brother. Explaining to us her hate for Jellal which was only mentioned a few chapters earlier and explained to Lahar through the existance of Mystogun which was kinda true. Somehow pointless to involve that plot at this point if Hiro doesn´t wanna do anything with it.

Later in chapter 315 we see within a flashback, that Erza behaves like a mother/big sis towards Kagura, who was probably an orphan and living happily just with her Nee-san in the same village as Erza. Erza saves her life and get´s caught in her stead. Ironically Kagura didn´t knew Erza at this point in time, or at least that´s safe to assume since she doesn´t call her by name or seem to recoginze her, which is why she´s later so thankful to her.

So why should Simon know her/fall in love with her, even if they lived within the same village, she was just a neighborhood girl at this point of the story.Because it was never romantic love, it was admiration he felt for her. He saw that she saved his little sister, which made him fall in love with Erza. A stranger sacrificing their freedom for his family? That´s some admirable trait, that´s a woman you wanna marry!
That´s why he was capable to sacrifice his life for Erza, not because he loved her romantically, but because he witnessed that deed and was happy as a Nee-san, he admired her for her strength and kindness. That´s why he´s the only one not believing in Jellals lies that Erza would betray him and her friends, it makes no sense to him.

This further get´s supported through the flashbacks in the tower of heaven.
In chapter 78 they try to escape and Erza tries to sacrifice herself for the group so that they do not get tortured, but Jellal steps in.
We see Simon shocked unable to open his mouth (probably cursing his own weakness) while Jellal is cursing the wardens.
This again get´s supported through his "seemingly" last words in chapter 97

He was finally able to pay her back for her kindness, not the kindness she displayed during their time in captivity alone but for his sister too. Mindblow!
But how could we could learn about the events of Rosemarie village if there are no witnesses? Only through Simon himself, how will we get this explained? He´s dead!
He´s not! that´s why his body wasn´t obliterated and neither do we see Erza trying to reanimate him or setup a grave, yes it´s a dangerous situation and the tower blew up, but well, Happy Afro, do I have to say more?

Also he was a big muscular dude, Natsu was taking several attacks from Jellal and still walking afterwards. Simone took one hit, probably the strongest attack, yes but still just one hit.
They assumed he was dead because of the scale of the attack Jellal fired, which will get revealed that he somehow survived (whatever).
Hiro has brought back people in the same fashion several times.
Shuda just to name one example from Rave, Lissana, Jellal, Racer and Oda does it all the time too sho who cares.

Natsu and Erza survived this shit too, so why not?

Some may ask now, why doesn´t he try to find his sister? He´s free now and it´s been 15 years by now,Erza met Kagura, why doesn´t he clarify towards Erza or his old friends that he´s not dead?
He lost his mind, he got hit by a huge scale attack and fall down the ocean(conveniently out of sight). He is suffering from amnesia which will probably fixed through a reunion with his sister for some heartwarming panels because she´s sure he´s dead currently.
This will finally allow Jellal to calm down a little, although he intended to kill Erza, he didn´t suceed and Simon is also alive, some of his sins will get lifted of his shoulder. Probably Simon will be the one to forgive him first, after all they went through.
Erza and Jellal can become a couple and Simon will be happy to have won a sister and a brother by his side, because all he wanted for himself and his sister was a family.
Everyone lives happily ever after.


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