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Assorted The End recruiting freelancers to finish dropped manga ♥

Discussion in 'Staff and Project Resources' started by Ixis, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Ixis

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    United States
    Hello, friend! し(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*) J
    The End finishes partially scanlated, dropped manga with less than 2 volumes to completion. We have amassed Japanese raws for over 450 titles that fit our criteria, so we're recruiting freelance Japanese translators and editors (or cleaners and typesetters) to pick any of those you want to finish. We're also giving out these raws to groups that want to complete any of the titles (no joint required).

    Please see our FAQ for more in depth information regarding how the group works and freelancing, but tl;dr you can either queue yourself to clean, typeset, or edit a project, or start translating any of the 450+!! dropped titles of every genre and demographic you could ever hope to choose from on The List! There aren't any deadlines, so you don't have to worry about that, either!!
    Or if you want to do one of these by yourself or with your own group, come take our raws!! There are also a few titles we have some translations for (from the previous groups) as well. Finally, if you know of anybody doing any of the titles on The List, or have any other questions or interest in joining in the insanity, please contact me here or e-mail hahahawhat [at] gmail.com.

    The following titles are translated with editors needed
    Happy Honey Life by KAJIMOTO Jun -- BL -- ~90 pages remain

    The following titles have editors waiting (So all they need is a translator and they're good as finished! Σ(゜ロ゜; ))
    17 by SAKURAI Machiko -- Shoujo -- 1 volume (189 pages) remain
    7th Dragon by DENNOU Ouwadan -- Shounen -- 164 pages remain
    Abareru Inu by SAKURA Haiji -- BL -- 90 pages remain
    Ai ga Kami wo Korosu Toki by HONMA Akira -- BL -- 32 pages remain
    Akatsuki no Fumi by INUI Miku -- Josei -- 127 pages remain
    Akazukin-chan ga Fushigi no Kuni ni Mayoikonda you desu by GOGATSUBYOU Mario -- Seinen -- 30 pages remain
    Akazukin-chan ga Zukin wo Nuida you desu by GOGATSUBYOU Mario -- Seinen -- 120 pages remain
    Ame to Muchi by UCHIDA Kaoru -- BL -- 119 pages remain
    Azanael: The Case-Book of ENA by MURASAKI Hisato -- Shounen -- 1v (214 pgs) + 133pgs remain
    Blue Wars by NAKAMURA Yoshiki -- Shoujo -- 1 volume (203 pages) remain
    Boushiya Ellipsis by KINUTA Nana -- Shoujo -- 2 volumes (236 pages) remain
    Chichi no Koyomi by TANIGUCHI Jiro -- Seinen -- 250 pages remain
    Chiheisen no Hoshi by KONAMI Shouko -- Shounen-Ai -- 100 pages remain
    Ciao, my Darling by KAWAI Hideki -- Shounen-Ai -- 81 pages remain
    Corsair - Eigetsu by MISONO Erii -- BL -- 39 pages remain
    Daiikkyuu Junaizai by ENOMOTO Tsubaki -- BL -- 1v (184pgs) + 45pgs remain
    Eien no Tameiki by UCHIDA Kaoru -- BL -- 204 pages remain
    Fancy Bed by KIRIMI Yuya -- BL -- 80 pages remain
    Fool For You by FUJISAKI Ichiya -- BL -- 40 pages remain
    Fredward-Shi no Ahiru by USHIJIMA Keiko -- Shoujo -- 140 pages remain
    Fun Fun Koubou by WATANABE Yoshitomo -- Shoujo -- 64 pages remain
    Furue Tsumore Shiawase no Hana by KOUSAKA Akiho -- BL -- 15 pages remain
    Genkansaki de by CJ Michalski -- BL -- 159 pages remain
    Get the Moon by TAKAGI Ryo -- Shounen-Ai -- 50 pages remain
    Getsuyoubi no Yakusoku by KAWAI Hideki -- BL -- 224 pages remain
    Gokusen Kanketsuhen by MORIMOTO Kozueko -- Josei -- 45 pages remain
    Hachimitsu Kousen Daisakusen by MINAMINO Mashiro -- BL -- 158 pages remain
    Hakudatsu no Masquerade by TSUBAKI Kawori -- Shoujo -- 1v (175pgs) + 150pgs remain
    Halcyon Lunch by SAMURA Hiroaki -- Seinen -- 1v (210pgs) + 115pgs remain
    Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi by KOJIMA Lalako -- BL -- 94 pages remain
    Haru jo On by SUZUHARA Shino -- BL -- 139 pages remain
    Haru no Ame ni Nurete Yuke by HINODE Heim -- BL -- 158 pages remain
    Harukoi Sakura by WATANABE Asia -- BL -- 110 pages remain
    Hi no Kagutsuchi by SARACHI Yomi -- Seinen -- 2 volumes (387 pages) remain
    Himitsu ga Hanazono by AKIBA Touko -- Shounen-Ai -- 164 pages remain
    Ichizu na Shikamettsura by SAGAMI Waka -- BL -- 162 pages remain
    In Portrait by HIRAMA Mitsunaga -- BL -- 96 pages remain
    inGrid by SAKAMAKI Yukisato -- Josei -- 1v (191pgs) + 92pgs remain
    Itsumo Miteiru Mono Dakara by UCHIDA Kaoru -- BL -- 141 pages remain
    Itsutsu no Hako no Monogatari by IMA Ichiko -- Josei -- 128 pages remain
    Iya yo Yamete yo by KOJIMA Lalako -- BL -- 140 pages remain
    Jinsei wa Bara Iro da by HONMA Akira -- BL -- 139 pages remain
    JOKE:ЯR'S by KURAGE Ichi -- Josei -- 1v (194pgs) + 115pgs remain
    Jounetsu no English Rose by FUKAI Youki -- BL -- 44 pages remain
    Kakikake to Keshiin by Tashi -- Josei -- 100 pages remain
    Kangoku 69 by ANIYA Yuiji -- BL -- 130 pages remain
    Kiiroi Kaigan by TONO -- Josei -- 110 pages remain
    Kimama ni Tanteigyou by ASOU Mizuho -- Shounen-Ai -- 60 pages remain
    Kimi ga Naita Kara by INOUE Nawo -- BL -- 173 pages remain
    Kimi Nashi ja Irarenai by Katsuragi -- BL -- 79 pages remain
    Kimi no Soba de Yamikumo na Yume wo Miru by MITA Homuro -- BL -- 158 pages remain
    Kiss kara Hajimaru by OBAYASHI Miyuki -- Shoujo -- 60 pages remain
    Koi ni Ochite Kudasai by HANAMORI Mito -- Shounen-Ai -- 122 pages remain
    Koko ni Kiss Shite by YAMADA Sakurako -- BL -- 113 pages remain
    Kutsuzure Sensen - Majo Vasenka no Sensou by HAYAMI Rasenjin -- Seinen -- 130 pages remain
    Lamento - Beyond the Void by CHAYAMACHI Suguro -- Shounen-Ai -- 1v (109pgs) + 6pgs remain
    Luna Lunatic by IISAKA Yukako -- Shoujo -- 105 pages remain
    Magarikado no Bokura by NAKAMURA Asumiko -- Shoujo -- 131 pages remain
    Mahou Shounen Majorian by ISHIDA Atsuko -- Seinen -- 2 volumes (380 pages)remain
    Momoiro Dogubako by WATANABE Asia -- BL -- 1v (192pgs) + 174pgs remain
    Mossore by NANGOKU Banana -- Shounen-Ai -- 1v (200pgs) + 126pgs remain
    Mune no Kodou by KUNIEDA Saika -- BL -- 94 pages remain
    Natsukoi by KANO Shiuko -- BL -- 26 pages remain
    Nawa ga Nakutemo Daijoubu by SHOOWA -- BL -- 136 pages remain
    Nejimaki no Niwa by KAYASE Shiki -- Josei -- 1 volume (176 pages) remain
    Neko no Yomeiri by ASA Kusuko -- BL -- 100 pages remain
    Noritama by OTSUKA Mahiro -- Shounen -- 1 volume (188 pages) remain
    Ouji-sama wa Inai by ACHI Harufumi -- BL -- 140 pages remain
    Pretty in Blue by YOSHIHARA Yuki -- Josei Smut -- 85 pages remain
    Pupipo! by OSHIKIRI Rensuke -- Shounen -- 1v (164pgs) + 120pgs remain
    Rakuen no Izumi by INARIYA Fusanosuke -- Shounen-Ai -- 178 pages remain
    Saboten by SOURYO Fuyumi -- Shoujo -- 140 pages remain
    Sanjuuichiya by Homerun Ken -- BL -- 90 pages remain
    Seishun Catharsis by Katsuragi -- BL -- 110 pages remain
    Senichiya Drop by IGARASHI Ran -- Josei -- 188 pages remain
    Shiiku Gakari Rika by MOTONI Modoru -- BL -- 51 pages remain
    Soredemo Yappari Kimi ga Suki by FUJIMOTO Haruki -- BL -- 95 pages remain
    Sousoukyoku Nightmare by AKI Arata -- Shoujo -- 68 pages remain
    Sukitte Iwarenai by KOIWAZURAI Shibito -- Shounen-Ai -- 149 pages remain
    Tenshi no Agent by SHIMA Asahi -- BL -- 150 pages remain
    Tsubaki Biyori by ISINO Aya -- Shounen-Ai -- 120 pages remain
    Tsubaki Dayori by ISINO Aya -- Shounen-Ai -- 244 pages remain
    Usagi no Ouji-sama by MIZUKI Kana -- Shounen-Ai -- 104 pages remain
    Ushiro no Shoumen Darling by KANO Shiuko -- BL -- 100 pages remain

    Meanwhile, the following have either cleaners or typesetters waiting. Although they will either need a typesetter or cleaner respectively to finish it off, generally we are able to find someone!

    The following titles have cleaners waiting
    Anata no Tsubomi wo Osewa Shimasu!
    by MINAMI Haruka -- BL -- 111 pages remain
    Bull to Arukeba... by KANO Shiuko -- BL -- 85 pages remain
    Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata by MINAMI Haruka -- BL -- 39 pages remain
    Negai Kanaeba by MIIKE Romuco -- BL -- 177 pages remain
    Nijou na Koi no Kakehiki by MINAMI Haruka -- BL -- 175 pages remain
    Ningen Tokei by TOKUNAN Seiichirou -- Alternative -- 150 pages remain
    Skin Cream de Nurashite by MINAMI Haruka -- BL -- 26 pages remain
    Toushu-sama wa Itazura ga Osuki by MINAMI Haruka -- BL -- 144 pages remain

    The following titles have typesetters waiting
    Beauty Honey
    by MATSUMOTO Tomo -- Shoujo -- 1v (193pgs) + 65pgs remain
    Osuteki Darling by FUJISAKI Mao -- Shoujo Smut -- 40 pages remain
    Sekai wa Kimi wo Sukuu! by MAKI Youko -- Shoujo -- 72 pages remain
    Tomodachi Ijou by OKAZAKI Mari -- Josei -- 45 pages remain

    Finally, here are some that don't have much left at all! (Not including some of the above!)
    Banana wa Oyatsu ni Irimasen by TAKAHASHI Mako -- Shounen-Ai -- 29 pages remain
    Chijou wa Pocket no Naka no Niwa by TANAKA Ai -- Josei -- 25 pages remain
    Hey! Doctor by UCHIDA Kaoru -- BL -- 27 pages remain
    Honey Baby by YAMAGATA Satomi -- BL -- 20 pages remain
    Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru by TAKANAGA Hinako -- BL -- 22 pages remain
    Kyou Otoko to Isourou by Ishiko -- Shoujo -- 21 pages remain
    Not Ready!? Sensei by KODAKA Kazuma -- BL -- 10 pages remain (8 page Non-BL short about the author's birds. Two page BL atogaki.)
    Sekai wa Bokura no Tame ni! by ENJOUJI Maki -- Josei Smut -- 10 pages remain
    V - Egao no Tameni by TAKASE Yuka -- Shoujo -- 9 pages remain

    Or you can just give The List a look! キタ━ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)人(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━!!

    Thanks for your time! And please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested!

    P.S.: We're not "claiming" these titles, simply willing to finish any of them off should willing freelancers appear. Let's get some more forgotten manga completed! (✌゚∀゚)☞
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  2. Ixis

    Ixis Registered User

    初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner

    Jan 28, 2014
    Likes Received:
    United States
    It seems that whatever the forum's default font is makes ~ (aka, a tilde) look like - (aka, a minus-sign). I was too lazy to fix it before but I finally did it, so hopefully it doesn't read like -100 pages remain, which is in fact unhelpful if you don't know how long the book is, and not to mention incorrect. The tildes were there to indicate it was an approximate amount -- some pages might not have text, some might be title pages or blank pages which are counted in the overall book length. So it may not be exact, but it shouldn't be too far off, either!
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 3, 2017, Original Post Date: May 11, 2017 ---
    The following title is now out of translation and could use an editor!
    Happy Honey Life by KAJIMOTO Jun -- BL -- ~90 pages remain

    Or you can offer to do something else. That's good too!!

    We could also use a proofreader or two (keep in mind we work on all genres, but if you only want to stick to a certain genre that's fine); in this case from the English translation for grammar, flow, and all around tidiness. So a very good grasp of the English language, as well as a respect for it, maybe even bordering on insanity would be great. This would be more of a full time position, however, rather than by title, so please only apply if you think you'll be able to do it for a while. What's a while? Umm... a while.

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