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    《The Portal of Wonderland》 is the third influential work of the writer Wang Yu, following his previous novels 《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 and 《Mo Tian Ji》. 《A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality》 tells about the world of god and 《Mo Tian Ji》 presents the world of demon. This time we recommend the latest 《The Portal of Wonderland》 which centers around the world of human.

    Synopsis by xianxiaworld:

    Shi Mu, the hero of this book, is born in a fishing village. As a child, his father disappeared and his mother died, so he had to rely on himself thereafter. With indomitable will, he gained the help of Xiang Zhu by coincidence, hence began his journey to be the strongest warrior ever in the world.

    Official Description:

    A wonder falling down from heaven! A boy possessed by strange blood! Gods tremble! Demons flee! A boy from the land of Dong Zhou. A pink skull as his sworn friend until death. A story of a determined warrior struggling for power. A legend that shakes the galaxy and disturbs the worlds of god, demon and man.

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