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The Story -- Volume 01 -- Complete

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This will be the Thread for the whole story in one thread,
there will be no other posts in this thread, to keep this clean - i will lock it for that purpose.
New Chapter will be posted as seperate threads and added to this compilation as soon as a moderator gets to it :)

So, here we go!

The Index:
The Prologue - by DeathShadow
Chapter 01 - by DJmewmew
Chapter 02 - by koenosaki
Chapter 03 - by SchwindelMagier
Chapter 04 - by snoogen
Chapter 05 - by DeathShadow
Chapter 06 - by AthrunZala
Chapter 07 - by Djmewmew
Chapter 08 - by SchwindelMagier
Chapter 09 - by AthrunZala
Chapter 10 - by DeathShadow
Chapter 11 - by koenosaki
Chapter 12 - by snoogen
Chapter 13 - by Raijatsu
Chapter 14 - by SchwindelMagier
Chapter 15 - by DJmewmew
Chapter 16 - by Koenosaki
Chapter 17 - by DeathShadow
Chapter 18 - by AthrunZala
Chapter 19 - by Snoogen
Chapter 20 - by Raijatsu

The Prologue

Prologue Part One:

The Black Order has opened a new chapter in North America due to over exertion in Europe and Asia. The Black Order has also been getting news of Akuma from the finders deployed there. They sent 70 finders and 2 exorcists only 1 exorcist returned. The exorcist that returned was Lione he came back alone but he and the other exorcist had successfully destroyed over 1000 Akuma. The Black Order took action immediatly sending 20 exorcists, 100 finders and 5 researchers to North America with Lione as the head of the North American Chapter. The Order pulled some strings and had a mansion built for lodging of the exorcists in Jamestown a settlement in the Colonies.

Location- North America (newly established Black Order)

Lione- Exorcists today we will begin our pre-emptive strike against the Akuma and the Noah!

Prologue Part Two:

We got a lead from a church in a town in South America or Mexico 3 exorcists are sent to investigate. We arrive in Opalo there we talk to the priest in the church and asks us if we are exorcists. We look at each other and nod. He takes us into a small wooden house and inside is a woman. The Priest tells us he's been experiencing extreme regret. One of the exorcists go to the woman and puts her hand on the forehead. The woman grabs the hand and of the exorcist and squeezes it. The woman gets up and throws the exorcist into the priest and says something really Noah-like.

Chapter 01

Tree. Bush. Fence. Another Tree. Hey! A cow! Oh. ItÂ’s gone.
IÂ’m really, really bored. Wow, I think IÂ’m going to die of boredom! I poke Rinvak again, wondering if she knows anything to do, but unfortunately sheÂ’s still asleep. I glance out the window again, hoping for something, anything!
Damn. Nothing. I pick up the mission information book, and idly flip through. I’ve already read it so many times; I could probably recite it from memory. “The town of Opalo reports of a strange woman………blah blah blah……………appearance of akuma………blah blah blah…………..high probability of being a Noah………blah blah blah.
Eh? What just fell out of the book? ‘Good luck, Come home safely. Love, Ed.’ Heh, figures my brother would put a cheesy note in here. He’s so overprotective when is he gonna learn? ‘P.S – Please, no sugar or poking people, your annoying enough already’?!?!?! Hmph! I am not that annoying!


Okay. So maybe I am.

“Estación de lavanda. Próxima parada, el Opalo!” Calls a conductor from the next car over. Did I just hear Opalo? YUSH! Almost there~!

Chapter 02

Djmewmew - Opalo, yatta. Finally we are at our destination. Bye, bye train...

Rivnak - Oy, where is snoogen. Our third excorsist...

Djmewmew - Third excorsist?

Rivnak - Did you pay attention on readin that mission infromation book. Idiot. You knew we were with three excorsist on the train.

Djmewmew - euhm, I was so bored I was so excited jumping off the train without looking behind me (thinking how beautifull snoogen was sleeping). Weren't you the second walking off the train?

Rivnak - You?... Being with you on a mission always takes little problems with us

Djmewmew - Sugoi, they are riding on bulls here

Rivnak - You, I was talking to you... Okay let's go to Opalo. Snoogen0120 will get there by his own.

Meanwhile on the train...

Snoogen0120 - euhm, I must have fallen in sleep. But where are Rivnak and Djmewmew?
Sir: "when do we arrive in opalo"

Conductor - No le entiendo

Snoogen0120 not understanding

unknown woman - he says he doesn't understand you sir. But you said opalo. We passed it by.

Snoogen0120 - ... *those bastards forgot to wake me up and take me with them*

unknown woman - but the train stops in el toro, only 4 miles of Opalo. it's the only way to reach Opalo fast

Snoogen 0120 - thank you miss

Train arriving in el toro. Snoogen 0120 walking off, headed towards Opalo thanks to a mysterious woman.

Chapter 03

Snoogen headed towards Opalo and the mysterious woman stared at her for a long time until she disappeared in a cloud of dust. She didn't know what would waiting for him.

Schwindelmagier (aka mysterious woman):" Bye, bye...Miss exorcists. Unfortunately I have something to do, so I can't watch you dieing."

The woman turned around staring at some strange Akuma faces. A smile appeared on her face that slowly turns into a greyish-brown colour.

Schwindelmagier:"Kill her!"

With laughter, the Akuma are heading towards the exorcist who was trying to find it's way to Opalo, not knowing of the trap she's going to step in. The woman drove off the hood of her black coat, releasing her short yet curly black hair and some crosses that were slowly appearing on her forehead.

Schwindelmagier:"Maybe I.Amaterasu already arrived here. Argh, don't he dare bar my way when I want to kill those exorcists. There are enough for both of us."

With this she moved in the opposite direction, about to prepare everything for a attack that will definitely destroy the mansion of those annoying exorcists.

Schwindelmagier:"There are certainly some exorcists at the church I was in. Where I killed this damned weak exorcist. That was no fun at all. Maybe I should pay a visit. Just for a little bit random fun. I guess I will change my plans."

Changing her original plan, the Noah was heading towards the church near Opalo.

Chapter 04 "And the Night grows darker"

"Excuse me, could you please tell me where the Franciscan monastary is?" the exorcist asked to any bystander that walked by. Unfortunately, they could not understand what she was asking nor could she comprehend their responses. Snoogen let out a deep sigh in frustration. It was bad enough that her companions abandoned her in the train but this language barrier was making the situation worse.

How on earth would she be able to find the home of Black Order's supporters who were letting the visiting exorcists stay with them? Grrrrrrr... if she ever got a hold of Tabitha (Djmewmew) and Rivnak, she would personally kill them for leaving her on the train like that. However, she didn't want them to know about her misadventure in Opalo; they would never let her hear the end of it.

As she wandered through the alleys of Opalo, she glared angrily at her useless golem. The Asian and European branches had all sorts of amazing technology namely the golems. Theirs could translate languages and could locate any buildings within seconds. The North American kinds were lacking. "Damn, 2.0 golems!" muttered snoogen. "Why couldn't I have a 5.0?"

"Excuse me, miss. Do you need help?" Snoogen turned around only to come face to face with a kindly looking old woman. "I beg, your pardon?" the exorcist replied. The old lady was moving towards her slowly; she didn't appear dangerous and reminded the girl of her mother. Still, she gave snoogen a feeling of unease like that one time...

"Well, I don't recognize you from anywhere and you look like a tourist by the way you dress. I've never seen any young woman from Opalo dressed like that before or even look like you before. Are you lost?" the old woman said. She was carrying a fat cat and stroking it, making it purr.

Even though she didn't completely trust her, snoogen knew that wandering the city for the rest of the night wouldn't be helpful at all; getting help from a clearly lonely cat lady was better than nothing at all. After a few seconds of examining the woman, she answered, "Yes, I'm looking for an old monastary. My work requires me to go there for a task and I need to get there ASAP, Ms...?"

"Call me Maria. The monastary is not near here, silly. A young lady like you shouldn't be walking in these types of alleys; they're far from the main street. You could get hurt; you don't know what kind of dangerous people live around here." The cat Maria was holding kept purring as if it was agreeing with everything the old woman had said. She was still approaching the exorcist even though it was clear that the exorcist was not comfortable.

Snoogen brushed her hair aside and responded, "I have my own reasons for choicing my paths. Just point me to the direction of the monastary please and I'll be on my way." Maria shook her head vehemently and started tsk, tsk-ing. She placed the cat down and spoke sinisterly, "Young girls should accept help when offerred. They never know when trouble will strike."

SLAM! It occurred so fast it took the girl a while to register what had just happened. One second ago, an old, harmless lady was in front of her and a second later, she went through two buildings. "Damnit! I let my guard down," cursed snoogen.

"Ho ho ho! I got you, Miss Exorcist!" the Akuma formerly known as Maria (a Prince pun => haha) declared. No longer human, the Akuma had grown two feet taller and its hands formed a claw. Its eyes were blood red and snoogen knew that she had to act quickly to prevent any more damage. But before she could act, something hit her leg, causing her to fall under the rubble.

Maria giggled, "I hope you don't mind if I invited some friends. Killing an exorcist is much better if one shares with her friends." Snoogen slowly got up and observed her situation. Five Akuma against one exorcist - the condition looked grim and she definitely didn't like the looks of it. "I'm not going to die here like this. Definitely not here or now. I have to destroy my mother's sin," thought snoogen.

Looking at the mess around her, she noticed that her golem was still fluttering around her. "Golem, prove your usefulness! Find the others and bring them here! I need help!" the exorcist commanded. The black golem nodded and flew around quickly before the Akuma could catch it.

"Oh, bringing reinforcements? That will be useless because that means we'll kill more of you by the end of the day," mocked one of the new Akuma. Snoogen smirked. She knew that she was lacking endurance but she would have to try her best until the others arrive.

Limping towards her enemies, she whispered, "INNOCENCE, ACTIVATE!"

Chapter 05

-----------------------------Back at the Mansion

Lione: Flames can I speak with you for a moment.

Flames nods his head and begins to follow Lione

Lione : I should have you put on a mission soon but with your Innocence....well I just don't trust it you might lose control but I do have something that you can do, only you can do in actuality. Our Chapter of the Order is the only one that doesn't have magical protection. In other words we need it so we aren't bombarded with Akuma attacks everyday.

Flames: So you want me to awaken that

Lione: Will you need an escort?

Flames: In my tribe it is forbidden that anyone trods those grounds but tribal members, but since I am the only one I must make this journey......alone .

Lione: I see but you must not let what happened to your tribe, affect was-

Flames: Do not continue. I see you have looked at my personal file I was told that it was.....private.

Lione: as the Head of Operations here in North America It is required of me to know everything.


Flames : I .....I can't control th-this.....f--f-feeling anyMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(flashes of blood and screams)

[End Flashback]

Flames: My road is arduous, and mine alone. This cross I bear not as an Exorcist but as member of the forgotton Tribe Powhaten is what keeps me alive.


Flames: I must head to the Burial Ground of the Ancients

Chapter 06 Arrival

"The Earl of Millenium has even spread his forces out to north America huh?" a silent shadow spoke. He walked carefully out into the dim light during the middle of the night. Dressed in full Exorcist wear, he scanned the surrounding areas.
"There's too many weak exorcists around here," he scoffed. "Lione as leader? The North American branch won't last long if things stay this way. Ah well, I don't particularly care about what happens if the North American branch falls. I still have that score to settle with you... Kanda Yuu."
The short black haired, 17-year old exorcist remembered his first arrival upon the European branch of the Black Order. And his first meeting with that long blakc haired Japanese bast*rd

"Hi..." a 16-year old Zeran stuttered. "I'm... the new recruit..."
"Get lost, midget," said the 17 year old Kanda. "I'm not here to play with kids."
"What's with that attitude?????" Zeran shouted, very ticked off.
"Nothing, wimp," Kanda sneered.
"Grrr..." Zeran growled. "What's your problem?
"You can't even bring yourself to my level right now," Kanda scoffed and started walking away. He paused and looked back. "I'll be looking forward ot the day you can beat me and Mugen."

I hate that bast*rd Zeran thought bitterly. Ah well the past is the past
An army of Lv 1 and 2 AKumas suddenly surrounded him. There were no less than twenty of them on an empty street. Since it was the middle of the night, nobody could really see them.
"END OF THE LINE EXORCIST!!!!!!!!!!" a buffed up lvl 2 Akuma yelled. "Get him!!!!!!!!!!!"
The Akumas all opened fire consecutively. Zeran jumped over using Tengoku(Heaven) and leapt to the leader's head.
"You're the leader huh?" Zeran smirked and drew his blades. "Good bye then... INNOCENCE HATSUDOU! Tengoku(Heaven) Tenkai no Uta (Heaven's song)!" The white blade floated up in the air and began to shimmer and play a loud screeching note defeaning to all those who were comprised of Dark Matter.
"Damn you exorcist!" Another lvl 2 Akuma (a fire one) sprayed flames. Zeran jumped and the flames destroyed the leader Akuma.
"Pitiful," Zeran snickered. "Jigoku (Hell)! Makai no En (Hell's flames)!" the black blade floated as well and scorched all the akumas remaining. "THAT is a real fire." The akumas had been defeated yet Zeran clutched his heart painfully. Let these pitiful souls be cleansed from this world he thought and prayed for a few seconds.

Now how do I get to the North American branch office? he wondered. ah well, I'm in no rush. Just you wait Kanda Yuu. I'll be the one to defeat you. Count on it.

Chapter 07 From Exorcists with Love Pain


Only a couple yards from where Stephanie was battling the akuma, Rinvak was looking for her. Incidentally, she was looking for Tabby too. The damn brat had run off, muttering something about tacos and sombreros with a crazy grin on her face. Rinvak, being sane, had decided not to follow her. ItÂ’d been a good two hours since then, and she was beginning to worry if Tabby had managed to insult someone and gotten thrown out of town. It wasnÂ’t like it hadnÂ’t happened before. She idly wondered whether finding the brat was worth it at all; why not just leave her here and-BOOM! There was a huge explosion in an alley father down the street. Rinvak activated her innocence and headed off in that direction.

In the alley, Stephanie had used her ribbons like a whip to slam one akuma into the alley wall. Shaping the ribbon into a sword, she took a fighting stance and waited for the akuma to charge, gauging their appearance and abilities. ‘They don’t look too bad’ she thought, ‘pretty standard.’

“Watch out!!!” Stephanie turned around in time to see the Akuma positioned on one of the alley’s walls be filled with razor sharp feathers. ((A/N: Haven’t posted a profile yet, but Rinvak’s Innocence takes the form of wings))
“You really should watch your back more carefully.” Rinvak said as she landed next to Stephanie.
“Meh. I would have been fine anyway.”
“Not from the way your leg looks.” Rinvak noted. The blood was staring to soak through her pants.
“It will be fine for now, these guys don’t look to tough”
“Oh, we’ll show you tough!” One akuma yelled, as all 4 charged forward. With a strong flap from her wings, Rinvak created a huge gust of wind, sending the akuma fling backwards into various walls. Stephanie then picked them up with her ribbon and tossed them aside like rag dolls. Easy as pie~ Just then Stephanie’s golem reappeared in the alley, followed by Tabby, who was munching on a taco.
“Are you sure there’re here this time? ‘Cause that last place defiantly wasn’t right.” She took a bite of her taco. “But it was tasty” Tabby laughed.
“Where the hell have you been!!!!!!!” Rinvak yelled, putting Tabby in a headlock.
“Hey, no fair! I was just following the golem; it’s not my fault it's such a crappy model! It led me to a taco stand.” Tabby whined.
“So while I was busy fighting akuma, you were EATING TACOS??” Rinvak yelled.
“Um yeah. Pretty much. Want one?”
“And you Stephy?”
“…..Sure?” Stephanie ventured.
“Here you go~!” Tabby smiled as she tossing a wrapped up taco to Steph.
And all the while, on a nearby roof, a gray skinned woman watched them.

Chapter 08 a song of temptation and desire

"Tse, such useless Akuma. Even can't beat those vermins", Magier groused. "Lucky you I have other plans, otherwise you would already be dead."
She turned around and the exorcists disappeared out of her sight. The place she was going to go to now, would have enough exorcists to kill, to have fun with. Soon, the town lay far behind her.
The shadow of the girl became longer the more the sun sank. The coat she had worn before annoyed her, so she took it off. Now she wore a black skirt, black knee socks paired with black boots, a dark jacket over a white chemise. Her hands she had engulfed behind her back reposed in black fingerless glove. Her whole appearance seemed to merged together with the shadow. And then, she began to whistle:

"Exorcists, the trash of humanity...I love to strangle, to kill, to tear them.
Exorcists, the vermins of all living beings...aren't even worth to be pitied.
Kill them, tear them, strangle them, viscerate them, play with them.
Send them to hell, let them betray.
God, those cowards...their time keeps running away.
Like the blood that flows out of their dead bodies.
Exorcists, the trash of humanity...I love to strangle, to kill, to tear them.
Exorcists, the vermins of all living beings...aren't even worth to be pitied..."

She stopped. The church was nearer than she thought. On the top of a hill, there it stood. The building made of pure white stones was covered with dark red splots that nearly were of epic proportions. Blood.
Magier smiled.
"Maybe I exaggerated it a little bit", she said, laughing in her sleeve. "I can't wait to beautify the church with some dead exorcists."

"Do you want me to kill you?"
"I...I won't let you pass."
"Do you really think a vermin like you can stop me."
"Innocence hatsu- arrrgh..."
"Sleep well, little exorcist"

"Haha, exorcists are really well as all the other humans", said Magier while the church came closer and closer. Suddenly her face turned seriously. "I hate humans."
She closed her eyes.

..."Kill her!"
"With pleasure"
"W-wait, what are you two talking about?"

Magier instinctively touched her forehead. An annoyed yet regretful face stared at the dirty ground. Then she began to laugh.
"After all, you got a just punishment", she said, then watching at the church.
"I guess it's time to pray."

Chapter 09 - Dark Chaos

Zeran took a sip of the cool river water. I'm lost... Damn it... He looked around the area. This area is so desolate there isn't even any Akuma He glanced at his two swords. I could try and fly on them. But I might get lost even more. Why didn't I ask for directions when I had the chance?
Zeran sighed and continued walking through the woods. As the hours passed the sky began to dim. After a few more steps, Zeran noticed an opening. At LAST! I'm out!
When Zeran walked out there was a vast green plain and a black tower in the far distance. Yes! I'm nearly there! Zerna drew Tengoku and Jigoku and set them gently on the ground. HE stood on top of them and the blades began to levitate along with him on top. I'll be able ot get there in no time. Then the surrounding area began to turn completly black. What the hell happened?
"I've got ya now Exorcist," a maniacal voice giggled. "How does my illusion taste?
"It could be better," Zeran said cooly. He began to descend and picked up his swords when he was safely on the ground.
"Acting tough won't help you," the Akuma snickered. "Let's see how you like THIS!"
The darkness began to slowly take color and it showed a little boy walking with his parents down the street.
"You took that form my memories didn't you?" Zeran clutched his heart painfully.
"So these are your parents?" The AKuma snickered. "Let the pain begin!"
The scenes fast forwarded to all the happy moments the couple and their son had.
"STOP THIS!" Zeran growled. "Why don't you fight me?"
The Akuma laughed. "I'm a Level 3 Akuma!!! YOu'd die for sure if you fought me!!!! I'm an illusion master, so I like to drive my prey to a state of cold shivering idiots because I've preyed upon thier greatest weaknesses!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!"
the scene quickly changed to the couple being killed by Level two Akumas. The boy was visible underneath the table watching his parents get killed off slowly. Their screams of agony echoed in his ears.
"STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!" Zeran yelled.
"Of course I won't stop there," The Akuma laughed gleefully. "There's another person who died because of you right?"
"LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS" Zeran yelled.
The scene changed to show the same boy only a little bit older. A girl was nearby and she smiled brightly and ocntinuously talked to the boy. The boy completely ignored her. But as the scens progressed it showed the boy beginning toopen up an dtalk to the girl more and more. But one scene showed a group of finders talking about Akumas and how they were created. The boy and girl both heard this and understood what Akumas were. The boy told the girl not to worry.
The scene changed again and the boy was facing the girl who was now an AKuma.
"WHY??? I TOLD YOU IT WAS ALRIGHT! I TOLD YOU IT WAS FINE MY PARENTS WERE DEAD!" The boy sobbed uncontrollably on the floor. "why didn't you listen to me? why did you want to bring them back for me? I've always.... lov- The Lv-1 AKuma's cannons were now locked onto the crying boy.
Zeran couldn't watch this anymore and fainted on the spot.

A loud explosion knocked back the Level 1-Akuma and a man wearing a black and gold outfit came forward towards a young Zeran.
"Can you stand?" the man asked. Zeran nodded.
"Did that Akuma use ot be your friend?" the man asked. Zeran nodded again.
The Akuma got back up and began to take aim again.
"Take these," the man held out two katanas. "these are what's called Innocence. THey are the only things that can destroy Akumas."
Zeran unsheathed one and blocked a shot that came at him just in time.
"You have to kill it eventually," the man said. "It doesn't matter if that used to be your friend or not. All it is now is a killing machine. If you want to save her soul and the soul inside her, then you have to destroy her with innocence." Zeran gripped the white katana tightly.
"INNOCENCE HATSUDOU!" Zeran charged and sliced through the Level-1 Akuma. "Thank you..." 3 different voices said at once. The voices from deep within his memory. Zeran continued ot cry as he remembered.
"Who did that girl want to bring back?" said the man.
"She wanted to bring back my parents." Zeran said quietly
"That's odd. Usually they do it for their own sake, never for another's." the man said. "She must've been a really pure girl." Zeran could only nod slowly.
"I see you already know about Innocence and Akumas, from a finder I suppose," the man mused. "But you have to know one thing. There are plenty of Akumas in the world. Many of them wind up like your friend. You have to know that the only way to save their souls and the souls they try to bring back isto destroy them with innocence. You can't hesitate any longer."
"Who are you?" Zeran managed to croak out.
"I'm an apostle of God, an Exorcist," the man said as he began to leave. A boy with white hair and a gloved left hand and a golden flying thing appeared in front of him.
"Are you done here master?" said the boy. The boy appeared to be aorund his age.
"Almost," the man turned and looked at Zeran once more. "You have a tragic past, but just because you have a tragic past it doens't make you any different or special than any others. DOn't look down on other people just because you think they won't be able to understand what youve been through. Becuase, how can they understand if oyu never say anything to them?"

Zeran slowly came to.
"Now what scenes should Imake oyu witness next?" The Akuma laughed gleefully.
"I've had enough," Zeran whispered.
"I decide when you've had enough little exorcist," the akuma laughed.
Zeran yelled, "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" He picked up his dropped swords and shouted, "INNOCENCE HATSUDOU! Futari no Ken (The Two Swords)! Tengoku(Heaven)! Jigoku(hell)! OUGI (Final attack) Tenshi no Gekido (Angel's wrath)!" A giant ball of golden light encircled Zeran and then locked onto the invisible Akuma trapping him in golden rings.
"HEY LET ME GO!" the illusion disappeared and the plains reappeared. The Lv-3 AKuma was ugly.
"Because of what you made me see," Zeran said angrily. "There will be no mercy for you!"
"F**K YOU EXORCIST!" the Akuma screamed.
"Oni no Jizen (Demon's benevolence)!" Zeran said.
The golden rings tightened around the AKuma until...
"GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" an ear-piercing scream was let out into the night.
Zeran sheathed his swords.

After looking for some flowers, Zeran dug a hole and made a small grave for the Akuma's soul Let this pitiful Akuma's soul be cleansed. he silently prayed. He got up and took a long look at the tower far ahead of him. There is a difference between you and me Kanda. We may act like each other, and we may both even have similar tragic pasts, but... I won't look down on people because I think they're stupid and don't understand me. I know that there will always be people who understand me. Like the man who gave me these blades and also... Zeran looked up at the sky The person who taught me to love and to smile.The person who understood me and brought my smile back Zeran took out a locket and opened it. Thank you... 紫亞(Shia)... I've always... loved you... and I always will He closed the locket and headed towards the North American branch of the Black Order.
The man's words echoed in Zeran's ears. I am an apostle of God, an exorcist. Zeran smirked. I'm an exorcist too. For the sake of saving people's souls

Chapter 10 Memories Awoken

The trotting of footsteps stops at the front of a cave. Flames stands tall as his form returns to normal. next to the cave is a crevice where Flames then sticks his hand into. It has to be here If it isn't this mission is impossible,"Here it is..." Flames pulled out a dagger that had blood crusted on its edges that was wrapped in a what appeared to be a headdress.

He removed his coat and then Flames picked up the dagger and dragged its edge along his forearm. He used his blood to form designs on his body the way his tribe used to when preparing for war


"Be careful Flames, If you die I will never forgive you!" whispered a woman with a face of an angel her raven colored hair fell across her Face. "Poloma, Poloma...." Flames brushed her hair behind her ear "Poloma do you really think I will die?, That is impossible I am the born the Wolf Spirit anyone who comes before me will regret their misfortune" He holds Poloma tight as he strokes her long black hair. "Flames I must ask you something"

Poloma removed herself from Flames embrace " My brother has just come of age so will you make sure he survives as well?"

"Of Course Mukki will not even be touched" Poloma then takes War paint and then helps Flames put it on

[End Flashback]

Flames puts the headress on and then lights a torch and enters the cave.

As soon as he makes his first step in Darkness surrounds him, and then his torch goes out.

"So the last of the Powhatan has arrived" Flames turns his head and sees nothing all is darkness. His fear is surrounding him on all sides instinctively he turns it to anger. "Flames which Burns Eternally, Powhatten that embodies the wolf spirit, You have come here to pay for your crimes have you? and what are you doing standing?" Flames is forced to his knees from behind, he looks behind him bewildered because nobody is there. "Flames you will not find any corporeal being here, this is the burial grounds of the ancients I'm sure you are aware of that!"

"I have come here for your protection the same protection with which you had given to our village" Flames feels a gripping on his throat "PROTECTION!!!!!! FOR WHAT!!!!! YOUR LIFE WILL BE TAKEN BY THE ANCIENTS!!!!!!" Flames is lifted in midair and Another voice comes from the darkness "STOP! MATCHITISIW" Flames drops to the floor. "You must not forget we are 3 and while you are the executioner you must let him be judged first" Flames rubs his throats and rises to his feet"

"Howahkan ! do you not realize that he massacred our legacy?!"

"Enough Matchitsiw ! We only know what the spirit of the wind brings to us, Now Pivane take form"

The room turns into multiple hues and shades they then all begin to converge forming objects and scenery, It's Flames Village.

"This is...."

"Yes it is the village, Pivane has used your thoughts to create this, to show us what had happened to show us why you killed your brothers of the tribe"

At the entrance of the village Flames walks through, blood dripping from his face, a vacant expression on his face. Poloma comes running to Flames,"Where is Mukki and the others?!" Flames doesn't even look at her he just keeps walking to his hut, "Why don't you answer me ! Answer me! Tell me what happened to Mukki and the rest of the men!" Flames just keeps walking his vacant expression unceasing. Poloma is in tears now, and she slaps Flames. He looks into her eyes, wells of water, and he tries to mouth the words but his throat dry can only make sounds. More women in the village surround Flames asking questions they all know the answers to. Flames collapses on the ground


"So what is going on ?! why were all the men dead?!?!"

"Patience Matchitsiw, We will see more but we must calm him down The Wolf Spirit inside him is losing control!"

"No......N-no.....Akuma......" Flames whispers as his Innocence activates.Just then torchs light up in the cavern all burning a blue flame and a figure comes out of the shadows. Flames stares out in disbelief

"Poloma ?!"

Chapter 11


Scwindelmagier - well shall I continue going after them to...

I. Amaretasu - to kill them magier? Isn't that our duty? or not?

Magier -I.A You? and what do you mean by or not? What do you wanna say I.A? What are you here for?

I. Amaretasu - do you like to read books magier?

Magier - What does books has to do with it?

I. Amaretasu (smiling) - Let me explain to you magier. A book begins mostly with a prologue. The prologue is the beginning of the real story, known as the chapters in the book. The earl...

Magier interrupting - I.A cut the image talking and get the point of the story where you wanna go to.

I. Amaretasu - Okay the point where I wanna go to, is that the earl doesn't want to use us in Opalo. Opalo is just a distraction of the real job were getting to...

Magier interested and smiling - and that is...

I. Amaretasu - Hold on. What do you know of the black order...

Magier - Stupid finders, stupid excorsists, stupid science department, stupid generals,... all worth to kill as revenge for what they did to us.

I. Amaretasu - Didn't you forget a part.

Magier - Stupid bookmen

I. Amaretasu - Indeed bookmen, bookmen...

Magier - Stop it. I see the whole plan. All knowledge about the earl, about us, about akuma, etc... are the doings of bookmen. So killing them...
Hah, hah, hah, hah

I. Amaretasu - Indeed,as thought of someone who can see the situations well. Bookmen are the key of this plan of the earl.

Magier - and the earl's plan is killing bookmen

I. Amaretasu - indeed so let's go home to our family. Euhm why are you dissapointed?

Magier - Though I like the idea of killing bookmen, I would have liked to kill those trash excorsist.

I. Amaretasu - We can go watch for a short time.

Magier - Watching as they are going to kill akuma without difficulties. You or I can kill them easily

I. Amaretasu - Let's go watch the suprise waiting om them. Watching no more, then going back. Suprise

Magier - I.A I love suprises, I love suprises,... Indeed let's go watch

Meanwhile our excorsists arrive at the church of Opalo. They can't believe their eyes...

Chapter 12 The Suffering of Rivnak - An Omake

Earlier in the night...

For a limp girl, she sure can walk fast, thought Rivnak as she and Taby watched Stephanie sprinting ahead of them. Earlier, the exoricst was grateful that they had come to help her with the akuma. Unfortunately, that Tabitha had to remind her about their leaving her on the train, resulting in an 180 in Stephanie's attitude towards them.

"Hey, wait up! Don't go walking in front of us!" screamed Tabitha. She was skipping along acting like nothing had happened. Rivnak growled and followed behind; it was because of that girl, Stephanie refused to walk or talk to them. She recalled the rumors circling the Asian and North American branches.

Two years ago, Tabitha had decided to play an April Fools joke on Stephanie. Unfortunately, the prank was a success. And most unfortunately, Zeran was at the wrong place at the wrong time, leading the victim to believe that he was the one responsible. Despite his protests and his constant apologies for a "crime" he did not commit, Stephanie hasn't spoken to him since.

Rivnak sighed; the last thing she needed was an angry and uncooperative exorcist especially on such a dangerous mission like this. She needed to come up with something fast in order to quell the anger of this Asian exorcist. But what would be able to assuage her wrath?

Rivnak's thinking was interrupted by a sudden childish voice, causing her to jump about 3 feet. "Steeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Why are you walking away from us? Don't you know that you're going the wrong way? We missed the turn to the monastary 5 blocks ago!" Tabitha was now attracting attention from the street vendors with her crazy antics of jumping and waving her arms. How embarrassing! No members of the Black Order should tarnish the name of this organization by such childish behavior! Besides, no mature exorcist like snooge would respond to this kind of behavior.

Stephanie abruptly stopped and turned around. She briskly walked by the two and gave them a dirty look. Rivnak shuddered; even though it was 70 degree Fahrenheit, she suddenly felt cold when the girl walked by her. Damn, at this rate, the mission will be a failure. How frustrating and disappointing!

"Ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr" Stephanie stopped and clutched her stomach. She hadn't eaten a complete meal since the train ride. And the pain from her leg injuries had been bothering her since the end of the battle. However, she mustn't let her companions know about her discomforts; she was still pissed off about getting lost in Opalo and the train incident. She commanded her body to keep walking despite the pain.

"OMG! How could I be so inconsiderate?" gasped Tabitha. Could it be? Rivnak pondered. Is Tabitha going to admit her wrongdoing concerning the prank and the train incident? Has she finally matured?

Tabitha ran and grabbed Stephanie's hand. "That taco is definitely not enough to sustain you! For all of your troubles in Opalo so far, let us treat you to dinner!" Rivnak's head fell in disappointment and defeat; she will never learn.

"I'll pick the restuarant and Rivnak will pay for your meal! How does that sound?" Tabitha smiled and gave that innocent look that worked on almost everyone. Stephanie stopped and turned around to face them. Rivnak saw her smirk and felt a sense of dread coming over her.

The Asian brushed her hair back and replied, "So you say that you'll pay for all of it?" Tabitha shooked her head and corrected snooge, "Rivnak's paying for it, not me! She's filthy rich! I pick the restuarant!" Rivnak frantically shook her head and hands. What was this girl thinking?

"Is alcohol included?" ventured Stephanie cautiously. Tabitha nodded with too much enthusiasm for Rivnak's taste.

"Well then, let's go eat, my new friends!" chirped a devlish Stephanie. She clasped her arms around both of the exorcists' shoulders and walked happily.

"I heard that there's a really good restaurant nearby the monastary and it serves high quality food. Too bad it's expensive..." chattered Tabitha. Stephanie shook her head and exclaimed, "Nonsense! Only the best for us exorcists!"

"Wait, wait! What about the mission? What about your leg? You need medical treatment!" protested Rivnak.

"Nonsense! We can't continue our mission on empty stomachs. Besides, my leg is perfectly fine!" snapped Stephanie who was clearly leaning on her companions for support.

"Yay! That's the spirit! Now let's come up with a list of what you wanted to eat!" Tabitha said as she clasped her hands. As the two exorcists listed all the food and drinks they wanted, Rivnak resigned to her fate as they walked by a small cafe. She vowed that one of these days, she will kill Tabitha.

Inside the cafe, a man was busy reading newspaper. Every so often, he would drop his paper and looked annoyingly at his pocket watch. At 9:15, he glared and muttered. "Damn those two brats! They were supposed to meet me here for dinner!"

Chapter 13 The Darkness draws closer


"Yes! rero! Magier-tama and Ameratsu-tama are already on their way! You are suppossed to meet them in three days."
Jaques puts down the bible he was studying before Rero and the akumas appeared. "then I should hurry. Me and my children will need some time to get there. Tell them I may come a bit later. Please go but leave this akuma here." Rero vanishes. "So you are an lv. 1 Akuma", Jaques says in a quiet tone," not smarter than a brick, no emotions, no hope. Who do you wanted to revive? Your husband? Brother? Maybe your lover? Your existence is a sin." Jaques takes a step closer to the akuma. "Well, if you get killed by an excorcist your soul will be saved. I cannot allow that to happen! In my eyes there is no salvation for someone so hopeless." With a single punch Jaques smashes the akuma which blows up in a blue flame. "But I am shure. God loves even you." Folding his hands he goes to his followers.

"Now shall we go?"

Three days later in a cafe.
"Well, now they are too late. I should have thought about this Magier is just too playful." He looks over the Headlines of the Newspaper.

"Slaughter in a church near the Mexican border"
"Mass Insanity caused by strange Virus?"
"Women gave birth to two headed baby"

Suddenly three people dressed in black enter the Cafe.
Jaques smiles and says: "Well, this should get interesting!" He nods to several people inside the cafe and they stand up going behind him.He slowly goes to our three exocists.

"Well, should I introduce myself? Jaques," his skin turns grey," and you are?"

Chapter 14 A sudden encounter

The three exorcists entered the restaurant they had chosen to fill their empty stomaches, not knowing of the danger they would meet within the lively restaurant full of innocent people. The exorcists even didn't take seat as a tall and thin, black haired guy approached them, followed by some other strange looking guys who definitely didn't belong to this area.

"Well, should I introduce myself? Jaques", the man said and the exorcists were staring at him with a surpried face. Just at that moment, his face colour turned greyish and a chain of crosses pictured on his forehead.
Rinvak, Tabby and Stephanie shrinked back. They hadn't expected a Noah appearing in front of them so suddenly and in public. On the other hand, Noah didn't care about human lifes. So, if some of them might die, who cared. They were all lowlifes anyway.

"Wha, Noah!", Tabby screamed and pointed at Jaques whose face decorated an evil smile.
"I'm sorry to interrupt your intention to take a peaceful meal now but I can't control myself when seeing some false apostles of God", Jaques said politely. The clueless people in the restaurant kept watching at the strange acting persons in the middle of the happenings.
"This fact really makes me indignant!", he shouted and the table the exorcists were standing around just a moment ago, splittered into thousand pieces. Their Innocence activating, they were able to avoid the flying fragments of wood, so that no innocent got hurt.

"Your bastard", Rinvak let hissing through the corner of the mouth. But just before she could release her Innocence, one of the guardians called Michael headed towards her and pushed the female exorcist away with his sword.

"Don't dare to touch him!", he snapped at her. Rinvak, beset with the sword of Michael, looked for her two comrades but both had some problems with their opponents too who unnoticedly approached them. Unfortunately Rinvak wasn't able to release her Innocence in such a narrow and full room, the tables and chairs just blocked her way, furthermore innocent people were still in the restaurant, appearently not able to move. Either they were shocked or fascinated by the show they were about to see. Why don't they try to run away, Rinvak thought. Then, she could release her Innocence without hurting anyone. But when she would not do so, someone would get hurt though. The Noah and his guardians were just too dangerous. What to do?

"Say your last prayer", Michael shouted but he was suddenly interrupted in his action by the open cracking door. Two shapes were standing in the door frame.

"Hey, what's this show here? You're going to have fun with some vermins without us, Jaques?!", a girl complained.
"I've said it to you thousand times, Exorcists aren't vermins. Stop talking like that! They're just pitiful human beings that were betrayed by their absurd thinking of being an apostle of God, not knowing the line between commiting a sin and acting in the sake of God. What a shame for them", Jaques explained.
"Nevertheless you hate them", the other person commented.
"Of course. They are befouling the name of God."

The two persons entered the restaurant. The girl was still complaining about the fun she could have missed if they haven't arrived at the restaurant just in time.
"What are you talking about! You were too late, good girl", Jaques said.
"Ey, it is just too early, yeah? And in this stupid train, I couldn't sleep properly, then I had to walk to the church, there I met some annoying people who wanted to hurt me, then I.Amaterasu appeared, even nearly stealing the whole fun. And now I can't complain?"

When the girl stepped into the light, Stephanie recognized her, pointing with the finger.
"I-I know this girl. This voice, she...she helped me to find the way to Opalo."
Magier turned around staring at the surprised face of the exorcist.
"Oh shit. I am identified. Well, well... at least, I will have some fun now. Keep me occupied, little exorcist", the female Noah responsed.
She draw her katana and stepped towards Stephanie. Her face turned into the same colour as the one of Jaques afor and crosses appeared on her forehead.
"It's killing-time!"

Chapter 15 – Point Blank

(Author Note: When --- shows up, that signals changing view points)

‘Ironic, isn’t it?’ Stephanie thought as she readied herself to do battle with the Noah. The Noah didn’t look like much, but her sadistic grin told her that this girl was dangerous. Suddenly, the Noah wasn’t there. “Huh……?”
“Over here~” Came a sickly sweet voice from behind her. Stephanie felt cold metal be pressed to her neck. “Come now, can’t you do better than this? If not, I’ll just kill you now~”
‘She’s fast, really fast’ Stephanie thought frantically, ‘I’ve got tosome distance between us!’
“Well, can you better or not?”
“Watch me.” The ribbon grabbed hold of the sword and tossed it and the Noah holding on into a wall. Unfazed, the Noah girl stood up, brushing some debris from her shoulder.
“This might be fun after all~” She giggled
Across the restaurant, Rinvak was now double-teamed by the two men who had came in with the first Noah. ‘Hardly fair.’ She mused, glancing over to where Tabitha had ducked behind a table while the women with the shotgun took aim. Tabby’s attention though, was directed to the people still in the restaurant. She seemed to be speaking, but Rinvak heard nothing. The people seemed to though, seemed to staring at the young exorcist in semi-shock. ‘Ah, she’s speaking directly to them. Good, they’ll be out of here soon.’ Rinvak thought with relief.
“Hey, hey! Don’t forget about us!” The said one with an axe, with a swing that Rinvak dodged by inches.
‘Damnit Tabby, hurry up!’ She thought as she flipped herself over a table which was promptly cleaved in two by sword-man. ‘I can’t hold out much longer!’ Finally, one person ran out, and that seemed to reawake the others, who soon followed suit. As soon as they were all out, Tabby launched herself from behind her cover, bobbing and weaving around the women’s bullets, her mouth moving all the time, probably sending her voice at the women from all directions, disguising her true location.
“I’d better get on with it too” Rinvak smiled. “Innocence, activate!” With a bright flash of light her wings burst into life. Now that they were out, these two wouldn’t stand a chance. A couple of well placed feathers and a gust of wind, and both were pinned to a wall. Tabby quickly finished her opponent to, with a mini sonic boom that sent the woman flying over the bar. ‘Now its just us and those Noah.’ A gasp sounded from Tabby, but Rinvak didn’t react. ‘She probably broke a nail or something stupid.’ ((Tabby’s not that childish, nor is she that sort of person for the record ><))
“STEPHY!!!!” Now Rinvak reacted. She spun around to where Tabby was looking.
“Oh shit.” Stephanie was bleeding against a wall, while the girl Noah held her Katana to her neck.
“Thank you Ms.Exorcist, that was the most fun I’ve had in a while. But I still wished you could have done better than that~” The girl smiled, then continued “Oh well, time to die~”

Chapter 16 - Beyond the Voice

Stephanie - Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Rinvak and tabby tried to get to Stefanie. But jacques was in their way.

Jacques - And you are...

Rinvak and tabby both attacking jacques tried to make the way free to help out Stephanie.

Jacques - These stupid attacks won't get me out of your way. Requisat in Pace (rest in peace)

- A bit before at the restaurant -

Stephanie - This pain...

Magier - Well it seemed I missed. Missing is maybe a bad word. It seems I am playing would be much better.
Do you like to play?

Stephanie - Why? Why are you humans fighting for the earl. The earl means the end of humans, of noah

Magier - Don't you dare talking with that filthy mouth of you about my family.
You excorsist with your innoncence are evil. You are evil to get rid of

Stephanie - That's what I call IRONI

Magier - hahahhahahahahahahaha
This fun, this is fun
Fake apostels must die

Magier looking behind her back - Just like my Jacques is going to kill your friendies....

Stephanie - Rinvaaaaaaakkkkk, Tabbbbbyyyyyyy

- Outside across the restaurant -

Jacques - You excrosists are weak
They were ready to die

I.A - Talking in the past wouldn't be placed
My beloved Jacques

- As the smoke is fading away -

X - is everything fine?

Tabby and Rinvak together - Youuuuuu....

Jacques - This is really starting to be funny

I.A smiling - I agree, time to drink some coffee

Chapter 17 - NIghtmares come true too

"Poloma!" The figure that stood before Flames was indeed the woman he held close in all of his dreams and memories. She walked with the same poise and grace like she used to when she would walk into the village after a day playing with children out in the forest.

"P--Pol-Poloma!" Flames face was streaming with tears now his innocence activating causing anger to boil up in him. His nose and mouth began to elongate and his body was becoming more muscular and a pelt of fur was forming on his bare chest. Poloma moved closer and closer to Flames and then with one step she dissapeared. The dissapearance of Poloma startled Flames and he looked for her with his sharpened senses. His ears perked he didn't hear a the sound of her footsteps. He scanned the whole cave but didn't see shadow, he sniffed the air and thier was...something!!!!! To the left of Flames came a stron gust of air that slapped him against the cave wall.

"EXORCIST !!" The akuma appeared it wasn't anything like the akuma Flames has seen before, it had a humanoid shape and it could talk."You look startled, but I can't say I wasn't surprised to see an Exorcist who was a Savage."

The words of the akuma made Flames anger boil

"You look angry, did I make you mad ? Poor you, I'm a level 3 akuma if you didn't know. I've used this cave as my base for quite some time killing the Indians who come here looking for help from their precious gods, HOW PATHETIC!"

Flames anger was almost unbearable he was beginning to feel his sanity crack under his conciousness

"It would seem that no matter what you believe in you humans take some kind of pleasure asking for help from an entity that doesn't exist. I should have just killed you when you were talking to yourself." The akuma's face changed back into Polomas "This woman Poloma was her name? I was able to create her from an Image I recieved from your conciousness. How would you feel to die by your lovers hands?"

The Akuma was running towards Flames and then he dissapeared into darkness

No he didn't, I've lost control again, The wolf spirit has taken over....

The Akuma charged forward " Are you going to make this easy for me Exorcist? or would you like to put up a fight like so many of your kind?

Flames body stood up and Howled a ferocious howl that stopped the akuma right in it's tracks

"Trying to scare me? Sorry but I've heard better stuff from kittens anyway Will you be able to kill your precious Poloma?

The akuma used it's mind to slap Flames body into the wall. "HOW PATHETIC! you exorcists really are trash"

Flames body dissappeared.

"Where did you go?" the akuma said as it looked frantically around the cave, then he saw it the blur on the walls it was the wolf-man running along the walls

"How did you -" The akuma was punched into the ground creating a small crater he caught a glimpse of the wolf-man

"You are no normal exor-" Flames then stuck his claw into the akuma's chest and pulled out the akuma skeleton that lied within

Chapter 18 - Black Reinforcements

The smoke cleared and Lione's figure was visible.
"Well well what do we have here? 2 Noahs?" Lione walked to Tabby and Rinvak's side.
"Lione! Don't worry about us!" Tabby shouted.
"Yea! You have to help Stephanie!!! She's being massacred!" Rinvak said.
"I see..." Lione said camly. "What about you guys?"
"We... can still fight..." Rinvak said. "We're parasite types. So we can fight until our bodies are destroyed!"
"Good answer," Lione said. "But you can't fight anyone for too longin your condition especially not immortals."
"Then who else will fight???" Tabby shouted in anger.
"He will," Lione pointed to behind him

*A few hours earlier*
"Ah you've finally made it Zeran," Lione clapped his hands.
"I got lost," Zeran mumbled.
"PFFFFFFFFFFF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," Lione laughed his ass off. "How can you get lost???? The Tower is HUGE!"
Zeran drew Tengoku and stuck it under Lione's throat. "Wanna laugh again?"
"Just a joke sheesh," Lione cleared his throat. "Anyways..."
"THIS IS BAD!" a finder ran inside the room.
"What's wrong?" Lione asked.
"Some of my fellow finders have watched 3 exorcists enter a cafe and then encountered with three dark skinned people with crosses on their foreheads.
"Ara Ara," Lione sighed. "It must be the "Noah" clan I've recieved information about."
"What are they?" Zeran asked queitly.
"Well, we'll head out and I'll tell you along the way," Lione smiled brightly.

*Present time*

"Ah, I wondered who the three retarded exorcists were who got caught in a Noah's trap," Zeran said coldly. "Turns out it's you guys."
"Are you still sore about that prank 2 years ago?" Rivnak smirked and winced in pain.
"Damaru (Shut up), I'm here to do my job," Zeran drew his swords while Lione went over to take care of the Noah known as Magier.
*cough* Stephanie spat out some more blood. Magier dropped her to the ground.

"Seems like I found an interesting new toy," Magier chuckled.
"Sorry to disappoint," Lione grinned.

"Just when I think my life couldn't get worse," Zeran walked forward. "Hey you two," Zeran looked at the two exorcists on the ground. "Can you take on that Noah on the left?" Zeran pointed to I.Amateratsu
"ooooooooo," I.Amateratsu squealed. "Seems like this boy is a little stronger than the other two.'
"A little is not enough to decide this battle," Jacques countered.

"Let the games begin," Zeran grinned.
"INNOCENCE HATSUDOU!" The four remaining Exorcists shouted in unison.

*Zeran's fight*
"So you're a Noah huh?" Zeran jumped to the rooftop using Tengoku.
"Yes I believe I am," Jacques jumped to the roof opposite.
"I don't know what you believe in," Zeran said. "This apostle of God business. Personally I'm an athiest, so I don't believe in God. I'm only here to save the souls of Akumas. I will destroy your naive belief that God even exists."
"Interesting," Jacques mused. "You don't believe you're an apostle of God?"
"I don't believe in God period." Zeran said. "So I'll end it all.... RIGHT NOW!"
"COME AT ME BOY!!!!!" Jacques charged at a speed that was considered near demonic.
Zeran jumped backwards continuously manipulating his swords as a landing if there wasn't one to evade Jacques onslaught.
"Tengoku! OUGI!" Zeran jumped as Jacques destroyed the ground he was standing on a second ago.
"TENKAI NO RAIONKEI NO RYUU! (Heaven's Blessed Lightning Dragon)" A giant Lightning Dragon appeared froom Tengoku and rose in the sky.
Jacques paused and stared at the awesome sight.
"Even if you are immortal," Zeran yelled. "IF I DESTROY YOUR ENTIRE BODY THERE'S NO WAY YOU CAN STILL BE ALIVE!

Chapter 19 - Family Bonds

Opalo was usually a quiet town; nothing exciting usually happens. The farmers brought their crops to the market daily. Families went out to the marketplace to buy said crops and went to church on the Sabbath. The restuarants were moderately busy throughout the week. The most extraordinary event that had ever occurred in such a peaceful place would be the scandelous affair between the mayor's daughter and a priest adorned in a golden uniform.

Yes, Opalo was the place to be for people to start families and to continue living a simple, uneventful life. That was until today...

"Run for your lives! There are monsters and freaks fighting out here!" Screams of terror like these had engulfed the quiet town. Innocent townpeople, who had never heard of Innocences or the Earl of the Millenium, stampede the ground, causing the earth to quake. As a dark figure watched from the sky, she noted that the Duke would be pleased to see such chaos disrupting these fools' lives.
"Stop playing hide-and-go-seek, pretty ladies! Face your deaths like the proud infidels that you are!" taunted I.A. as he charged at Rivnak and Tabitha at full speed. Fortunately, the two exorcists jumped out of the way but unfortunately, the cat that had followed them since the Maria's incident felt the full blow of the attack.

"Me-owwwwwwww!" screeched the cat as it slowly and painfully turned to dust. Tabitha and Rivnak watched in horror upon seeing such a dreadful sight. Damnit! How could they battle someone with such a power?

Tabitha looked over at Rivnak and noticed the exorcist slightly nodding at her. She smiled slightly and nodded back.

"INNOCENCE, ACTIVATE!" screamed Rivnak as she flew towards the Noah. I.A. smirked; it looked like someone was actually going to entertain him for the night.

Sharp feathers filled the room and one managed to brush the Noah's cheek. As he wiped the blood falling from the cut, he laughed widely. This sensation, this pain; what a wonderful feeling.

Rivnak cautiously approached her enemy; if she finished him off now, she could help the others with their ongoing battle. She backed away quickly as she noticed the Noah jerked suddenly and began clapping.

"Congratulation, Miss Exorcist! It's been a while since I have felt this feeling of ecstasy! I haven't felt alive in such a long time so please do your best to amuse me," said I.A. happily. With a quick movement, he grabbed some of the cat's dust and threw it into his opponent's eyes. Hearing her scream, he reached his right hand for the girl's wings. Goodbye, pretty girl...

Suddenly, a melody reached his ears and before he knew it, he was hitting the wall. "It's about time, you little brat!" screamed Rivnak as she rubbed her eyes. Tabitha ran from her hiding place to her comrade.

"Sorry about that! I didn't want to do it too early or it'll ruin the plan, " she apologized. "Did we get him?" Rivnak shook her head and directed her head to the Noah's direction. Though his body was crushed against the wall, he stood there, giggling like the Mad Hatter. It looked like a long night...

Talk about luck! Two toys to play with in one night and that's not including all of the exorcists she had killed earlier. She looked at her ragdoll who was leaning against the wall. The exorcist was fun but like any child, an old favorite could be easily replaced with a brand new one. As explosions surrounded her, she giggled. It won't take her long to break this one down.

"Yo! Are you going to stop giggling and fight me?" questioned Lione. Though he was usually a laidback person, when it came to fighting, something triggered a change in his behavior. He was serious, calculating, and easily annoyed. This Noah was mocking him and treating this battle like some sort of game. He'll show her...

"Of course, but shouldn't you be more careful? Your attack almost hit that girl here and that wouldn't be nice now would it?" pointed Magier at the injured Stephanie. Lione stood in shock; killing any innocent bystander was bad, but killing an exorcist would place the Black Order at a disadvantage.

:lash:: The exorcist barely missed the blade of a swinging katana and touched his ripped sleeve. He glared at the Noah standing a few feet from him. She grinned and spoke in a sickeningly sweet voice, "Silly exorcist! Getting distracted by such a simple statement! Holding such emotions towards each other! No wonder humans are so weak! Don't you know? Everyone dies."

Removing his coat and looking at his unconscious comrade, Lione studied his enemy contemplatively and muttered, "It's true that everyone dies at one point; however, not everyone lives."

Tsk, tsk, tsk! The dark figure had no problem tracking down her targets; those Noahs sure knew how to make a big mess. However, they did seem to be enjoying themselves and as long as they were happy, the Earl would be happy. Unfortunately, she would have to end it.

::whack:: Rivnak and Tabitha felt the air knocked out of their lungs. A long, green ribbon from the sky had hit them straight on the chest, causing them to hit the ground. Oddly enough, their opponent was also hit and held against the wall, struggling. A yelp was heard inside the cafe where Lione was battling as well as on the rooftop. It seemed that the exorcists were being separated from their opponents. What was going on and who or what was causing this?

"Good evening, Lady Magier, Lord Jacques, and Lord I.A." sang a figure as she moved gracefully closer to the struggling Noahs. Tabitha gasped as she finally got a clear view of the person. It couldn't be...?

"Stephanie? But the ribbons' color is green while yours is red. And you're..." trailed the exorcist as she noticed her unconscious friend on the cafe floor. The figure looked exactly like her friend but she gave a cold, murderous aura.

"Stephanie" glanced coldly at the girl and huffed, "Why do everyone confuse me with THAT girl? I am nothing like her. Don't ever call me that again."

Something in Jacque's mind clicked and he roguishly grinned, "Oh, you're that special Akuma! The one that the Duke allowed to have her own body back! I heard that you level up quickly by killing unsuspecting Finders through your disguise of an exorcist. How amusing that you'll ruin our fun."

Muffling the cuss words of Zeran from her mind, the Akuma smiled and replied, "My purpose was not to disrupt your game but to deliver a message straight from the Duke's mouth. 'Come back, my siblings! It's been a while since we had a family dinner. Come home; there will be plenty of opportunities to rid the world of these false apostles.'"

The message was quickly absorbed into the Noah's minds and they immediately stopped resisting.

"I see. Well then, I guess we have no choice but to leave," contemplated I.A. "Goodbye, pretty ladies. Till next time, " he said haughtily as he blew kisses towards Rivnak and Tabitha. They felt sick to their stomachs.

A giant door appeared right before the Noah clan; its checkerboard design shone against the moonlight.

"Ah! It looks like Road is giving us a shortcut; how sweet of her," noted Magier.

"My lady, I have a favor to ask you," spoke the Akuma. Magier turned and gave her a questioningly look. "Do not kill my sister. Ying cannot exist without yang." Magier looked at the figure for a while and shrugged. "Do whatever you like."

As their enemies entered the door, the ribbons holding the exorcists down were released. As they rushed towards it, Magier spoke, her back facing them, "Are you seriously thinking about coming after us in such weak states? Shouldn't you invest your time saving the people in the cafe, considering the structure can't stand much longer? Which is more important, their pathetic lives or your slaughter?"

Watching the door closing, Zeran looked back at the devastation of the fight. Damn...

Chapter 20 - Prelude to a new Symphony

The dinner was a delightful for Jaques, Ameratsu and Magier. Seeing Skin crush an Akuma isn't something you see all day.
"So it's going to begin soon?" asked Tikki.
"Indeed", replied the earl, "so everyone of you has to behave and keep away from the excorcists! My scenarion musn't be disturbed by anyone. You now what happened the last time?"
Yes, they knew what happened because it was the first time a Noah was killed by the earl. And our three friends new this was against them and their recent fights against excorcists.
"But let's talk about something different. Jaques, Ameratsu, Magier do you like the new world? The promised land America?"
"Yes it's fun! There are so many strong people to kill!" Magier said smiling. "Oh yes and I gained a lot followers because of their strange idea of religion. And there are many greedy men we could convince to be brokers." answerd Juaques politely, he knew what the Earl wanted to hear and kicked Magier against her leg.
The dinner continued as usual and the Earl gave the new missions.
"Juaques, Magier, Ameratsu for now you'll act as a three-men cell. Your mission is to find some Bookmen. You'll get the list later. They have information about the innocence hidden in America, there might be the Heart. Rhode-chan please open a door for them" The Door appeares in front of them and as they enter the Rhode says to them:
"Goodbye Magier-chan! Have some fun for me! And don't forget to bring a present!"

The sun rises behind the marvelous rocky mountains dying the land in a deep blood-red.

"So who's the first?" Juaques askes.
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