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Chapter Tower of God Chapter 358 Discussion / 359 Predictions

Discussion in 'The Tower's Vault' started by Jammin, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Brian Taboada

    Brian Taboada Registered User

    中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member

    Apr 27, 2017
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    United States
    I love how Koon is scared to meet his Father. Likely in light of all Koon's mischief and being expelled from the family.

    The YHS promise to Eduan should be interesting. In light of what YHS knows about V and Baam in particular, I am willing to bet the one sided promise was to bring Baam to Eduan. But then the question is how regular Eduan would know about future Baam. I think the family head made significant changes to the hidden floor after the whole Arlene/V rebellion and at that time, certain data was erased and other data was manipulated with future knowledge. Why else have this quarantine area.

    The more I read this arc, the more interesting it becomes.
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  2. kkck

    kkck MH Senpai

    神のごとし / Kami no Gotoshi / Godlike

    Sep 3, 2007
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    Fire Nation
    The information we had about him suggested that as an adult he was basically a horny fratboy. Now we see that guy as a teenager. Basically a horny teenager fratboy that will never age. He is more of a biohazard than a husbando as far as I can tell.