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Sep 5, 2006
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Welcome to the Bleach Theater!

Welcome to our brand-new forum for all anime, movie and game fans of the ever popular world of Bleach!

Here's what you can discuss here:

Anime Discussion

1) The latest Bleach episodes!

If you want to create Discussion threads based on the latest episodes, go right ahead and have fun! Feel free to post about where to download them as well.

And of course, General Discussion is fine here too, as long as it's based on the anime...

REMEMBER: No manga spoilers allowed here. That is, any manga discussion past the latest episodes, please be considerate and don't spoil anime-only fans. Please discuss those over in the Bleach Biblioteca. That's why it's there. ;) So if you spoil, you may also want to plan for an instanteous vacation from the forums.

2) The Bleach Movies and OVAs

You can also talk about the Bleach movies, if you want to.

3) Bleach Soundtracks, Voice Actors, Bleach Beat Collection, Bleach B Station & Bleach Games

Basically any and all media that stems from the Bleach anime and discussion/reviews/where to find them of these are welcome here.

4) Bleach Anime English Dubs

Now that the Bleach English Dub has premiered, if you would like to discuss these too, that's fine. Just a warning to all English Dub-only watchers though - you're very liable to get spoiled here. Also, include (DUB) in your thread titles to avoid confusion.

5) Bleach Characters

Want to talk about your favorite character or to discuss any character's potential or failings? What about their individual design? Then you're in the right place. Create or find a discussion thread about a character and have fun. Don't look to make trouble, though. If you're going to start a thread about a character, it's always best if you LIKE the character, and make the initial post a good, detailed one of why you like the character. If you dislike the character, you can comment later in the thread. But random character-bashing are frowned on here so if you do that, be prepared to see your posts deleted, and to receive a PM from me asking you not to do that.

6) Bleach Zanpakutous and Kidou Arts

Have an opinoin on who's zanpakutou is the coolest? Or what kidou spell is the best? Then start a thread here.

7) Bleach Pairings

All the possible pairings and so on can be discussed here. Yes, even crack pairings and fan art associated with them can be discussed. But please remember absolutely NO nudity pics or links to those types of pics are allowed.

8) Bleach Battles

Talk about your favorite battles, or dream up possible battles between Bleach characters here. If it's a Bleach character match-up with a character from another manga, though, please post it in the Mangaverse forum instead.

9) Bleach Theories

If you have an interesting theory about any of the characters, powers, events, or so on, that may be TRUE according to your reasoning, and you have an essay-like post in mind that you'd like to do, go ahead and make a thread about it. Just remember that you'd better be ready to handle some possible criticism. Also - if we don't think your theory had a lot of thought put into it - as far as defending it and the like - and you're just looking for a little attention, don't expect it to last long.


1. Be Smart. Remember to make your posts thoughtful and always try to invite good discussion, and have respect for other people's opinions. If we feel that you are deliberately looking to start trouble or to annoy people, don't expect either your thread or posts to last very long.

If you want to make jokes, that's fine, but do it within an already existing thread. Don't start threads just to be a comedian - it tends to lead to spamming since people won't have much to talk about except react to your joke. So please don't make threads dedicated to "joke theories" here.

As long as your post is related to the topic of the thread, it won't be considered spamming or off-topicism. Have fun.

2. Be Neat. Don't make a mess.

Look to see if a thread about your interest already exists: If you are making a series of comments related to Episode 68, and there's already a Episode 68 Comments thread created here, go there instead of creating a separate thread. If you are looking to discuss the Mangekyou Sharingan, then look for the correct Discussion thread about MS. Don't clutter the Toshokan up with threads all about the same subject.

Make your titles very clear: if you are creating the thread, please make sure that the topic is sufficiently self-explanatory in the title instead of making it something like 'OMG What the heck happened here?' Please, please, don't do that - if you make vague titles, even if you have an excellent first post, be prepared to see the title changed by the moderators here to better reflect the subject of the thread.

3. Be Considerate. We have a nice community here. Let's keep it that way. If you make a lot of offensive posts - anything sexual in nature, for example - they'll be deleted. If you include a lot of vulgarity in your posts, that won't be tolerated too often either.

And most of all, don't spoil others. That'll be the fastest way to get banned here, so don't do it. So don't be immature and silly, and you'll be just fine.

Most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself in the company of other Bleach lovers.

If you've ever visited the Naruto Theater & Arcade and this welcome message looks rather similar to the one posted there by GK, it's because I "borrowed" a lot of it from there, since most of the rules that apply there, apply here as well. :D


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