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Info Welcome to Happy and Natsu's House

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Mar 12, 2008
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Welcome to Happy and Natsu's House; a Fairy Tail playground to play games, relax, unwind, and have fun. Here are the discussions that can be found within the playground:
  1. Game Threads: Word games and fun threads similar to the Fun Forum but with a Fairy Tail theme.
  2. Favorites: Any discussion of favourites more expansive than allowed on the main board or Tree of Knowledge. Favourite page, favourite art, favourite chapters, or anything similar.
  3. What-If: Any discussion that focuses on what might have changed if things happened differently. Bear in mind we have the Domus Flau for all battle-related threads.
  4. Design: Any verbal or graphical design related to the Fairy Tail world. New Fairy Tail characters, new abilities or new styles for new and existing characters, new places, or anything similar.
  5. Discussion: Any discussion that takes liberties with or expands on the Fairy Tail world.
  • Games: For FT themed game threads.
  • Favorites: For lists and favorites topics.
  • What-If: For alternative scenarios.
  • Design: For new character, ability/magics, environment designs etc.
  • Discussion: For threads which don't fit into any of the above.

Due to the nature of the discussion in Happy and Natsu's House, posts will not count towards postcount and as always, forum rules still applies.
Not open for further replies.