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Aug 27, 2016
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Now that the "Elf Arc" finally finished in the manga, i think we reached a pretty good point for a thread like this. So ....

@eefrit @Belserion since we are too few for something like an award event, would doing something like this be ok. If some categories are repeating themselves from other threads where they are individually discussed i can easily change that and add other categories. I am open to suggestions.


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Dec 23, 2015
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1. Favorite male characters : Zora , Finral , Kirsch
2. Favorite females : Noelle , Charlotte , Witch Queen
3. favorite designs : the Demon, Noelle's Valkyrie form , Salamander familiar

4. Overall favorite character: either Noelle ( crazy character development) or Zora ( he's just awesome )

5. Favorite arc : Elf- reincarnation arc , Royal Knights exam arc and the dungeon Asta,Noelle&Luck went early in the series
6. Elf-rein. arc : getting to see people go out
RKE : the teamwork people came up with
The dungeon: it really set the bar for the series. Even tho Asta was the main character ,it nice to see how he needed and worked with others to grow stronger

7. Favorite fights
Asta&co vs Vetto
Asta&co vs Fana
Noelle vs the Compass girl

8. Favorite magics:
Charlotte's briar magic. Really hope we get to see more of it , the possibilities are endless and it has potential to be pretty broken.
Vanessa's fate magic. Hax, enough said
Necromancy magic. I know it feels taboo, but reviving death teammates or enemies the change the tide of battle would be pretty cool to see.

9. Favorite spells:
Water magic-create : Sea Dragon's Roar
Ash magic: Joyful Destructive Ash
Briar magic: Scarlet -Braided Beautiful Battle Spear

10. Dorothy, literally sleeper- OP
11. Yami , Sis-leon or Fuego, Charlotte's Squad or Dorothy


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Feb 26, 2017
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1. Favorite Male Characters:


2. Favorite Female Characters:

3. Favorite Character Designs:
>Noelle using Valkyrie Armor
>Yuno using Spirit Dive

4. Overall favorite character of the series:
>Noelle currently, due to her incredible development over the most recent arc.

5. My 3 Favorite Arcs:
>Elf Reincarnation Arc
>Seabed Temple Arc
>Witches Forest Arc

6. Favorite 3 Moments of the mentioned arcs:
>Finral beating/saving Langris
>Asta awakening Black Form for the first time
>Flashback to 500 years ago where Lumiere fought Licht

7. My 3 Favorite fights:
>Julius vs Patri
>The Black Bulls vs Vetto
>Everyone vs The Demon

8. Favorite Magic Abilities:
>Yami's Dark Magic
>Julius Time Magic
>Nozel's Mercury Magic

9. Favorite 3 Spells:
>Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox!
>Mercury Magic: Silver Star of Execution!
>Mana Zone Full Release: Fire Magic: Calidus Brachium Purgatory!

10. Favorite Magic Knight Captain?
>Fuegoleon Vermillion.

11. What Magic Knight Squad would i join?
>The Crimson Lion.
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Aug 27, 2016
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Nice :verily
Mine would be this:

1. Favorite male characters:

2. Favorite females:

3. Favorite character designs:
Zora (straight out of Tokyo Ghoul)
Word Devil (a pretty menacing design)
Vanessa (i dig the sexy witch look)

4. Overall favorite character: Yami

5. Favorite arc:
Elf arc
Royal Capital Arc (Zombie arc)
Dungeon Exploration Arc

6. Favorite moments:
  • Elf arc: the chapters about the elves and their past and the revelation that Patry was behind the EMS organization was pretty dope, Battle at the Silva Household, and i might be one of the few but the battle against the devil was one of the highlights of the arc as well, at least for me.
  • Royal Capital Arc: Asta giving a sweet lecture to other magic knights during the banquet, Fuegoleon's fate, Magic Emperor coming to the save and showing his power
  • Dungeon Exploration Arc: When BC was still like around 25 chapters in, i think i've reread the Dungeon Arc several times just cuz it was pretty fun to reread BC so the arc stayed with me till today. It was an ok arc, but pretty fun to read. Best moments would probably be: Asta wrecking Mars, Yuno saving Asta with Sylph, and i loved that in the end everyone worked together to get out

7. Favorite fights --> this is probably the hardest thing to choose cuz BC has some really awesome fights. As a battle shonen i think BC always brings its A game and is at the top of its game:
Black Bulls vs Vetto
Yami vs "Licht"
Everyone vs The Word Devil

8. Favorite magic:
Yami's Dark Magic
Zora's Ash + Trap Magic
Nozel's Mercury Magic

9. Favorite spells: ---> this one is also pretty hard
Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash
Water Creation Magic: Sea Dragon's Roar
Fire Spirit Magic: Salamander's Breath

10. Favorite Magic Knight Captain: Fuegoleon.

11. If i passed the Magic Knight Exam with flying colors and were allowed to choose whichever squad i want, (ignoring and not counting the Black Bulls) I would probably go with the Crimson Lions.


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Jul 8, 2009
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Really appreciate the effort you put into making the first post. Good stuff.

Favorite 3 Male Characters:
  1. Patry: This past arc has made me appreciate him much more. From his fight with Julius to his turn to a Dark Elf, I really enjoyed his actions and progress.
  2. Kirsh Vermillion: I always gravitate to characters such as himself.
  3. Fuegoleon: More on him later.

Favorite 3 Female Characters:
  1. Mimosa Vermillion: She promised to get stronger to help Asta and straight up kept it. She was doing fantastic in the past few arcs as his teammate, all the while not gushing over him even though she likes him. She's great.
  2. Sally: Love weird scientist characters like her.
  3. Nebra Silva: ...I like haughty girls...Mist magic is cool too.

Favorite 3 Character Designs:

  1. Royal Guard Zora: Cool design with his mask and the long cloak.
  2. Rades: Edgy can be cool.
  3. Valkyrie Dress Noelle: Armor looks great.

Overall Favorite Character:

Favorite overall is probably Patry for the reasons I've already stated. Can't wait to see what he and his crew do in the future.

Favorite 3 Arcs:

  1. Hot Spring Training; For the Comedy
  2. Royal Guard Tourney: For the Action
  3. Elf Invasion: For the Story

Favorite 3 Moments:

  1. Yuno: "I'm not supposed to be this kind of character": One of two times Yuno was hilarious to me.
  2. Mereoleona's Introduction: Amazing intro to an amazing character. She stole that whole arc.
  3. Zora's backstory: Tragic, yet cathartic.

Favorite 3 Fights:

  1. Team Asta vs. Team Langris: Mainly for Zora's reflection technique.
  2. Charmy vs. Rill: Her magic reveal was great and finally showed why she's a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Mereoleona vs. Rhya's group: Took on 5 Captain Class or above Elves and almost won.

Favorite 3 Magics:

  1. Zora's Trap Magic: I love ritual magics or magics that take some thought, prep, and need to be written down.
  2. David's Luck Magic: Conceptual magic or abilities like this are always fun.
  3. Rades' Necromancy Magic: Potentially overpowered, but always fun.

Favorite 3 Spells:

  1. The Trap Magic Zora cast on himself to reflect Langris' magic: Visuals just looked cool.
  2. Langris' Archangel's Crash: Visuals just looked cool.
  3. Charmy's Glutton's Banquet: Visuals just looked cool and it reminded me of Toriko.

Favorite Magic Knight:

My favorite magic Knight in the series is Fuegoleon. It's funny, while he's been missing in action for the majority of the series up to this point, he's still the Captain who left the strongest impression on me. Nevermind that his hype of being the ME candidate made me go back to assess his power before he was taken out of commission. Those subsequent rereads just made me like and appreciate him more. For those who read Kimetsu no Yaiba, I'd like to note I do the same thing with Rengoku.

Squad of Choice:

This is a hard one. It's most likely be between the Azure Deer or Silver Eagles. Azure Deer because Julius was the former Captain and I'd feel if it was good enough for him, it'd be good enough for me. Silver Eagles because, being 15 years old and going through puberty, I'd probably choose it in a poorly planned attempt to meet Nebra.