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Discussion What is your most favorite arc? SPOILER? Watch out


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May 25, 2010
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Water Tribe
I think my favourite might be the travelling to Edo arc. It has the Lenalee vs Eshi fight, which I think is the coolest fight in the series (although the Level 4 fight is close). It also has a lot of character moments I like, such as with Lenalee and Anita's friendship, Krory saving Lavi, Miranda desperately trying to save the crew, Lavi's concern for Lenalee, and Miranda asking Lavi "Aren't you our comrade too...?" after his phrasing betrayed the distance between him and everyone else.

In terms of aesthetics, I liked the first few chapters of the series best. Hoshino's art was rougher, of course, but it had a lot of charm and there was this creepy, gothic feel to it that appealed to me a lot. Other parts of the series that I especially liked were when Allen got Crown Clown, and the Ark arc, and the Level 4 arc, and the zombie arc, and...well, the list goes on. The whole series is really very good.

What I like best about DGM is the way the characters revealed their depth and grew as time went on, so that makes it extra hard to just pick one part of the story. Allen is particularly tricky as a character because of how long it took for Hoshino to get to grips with him. So I especially liked chapter 206, which showed how and why Allen put on the "mask of Mana" which is such a big deal. And another outstanding favourite for me is the currently-running flashback story arc featuring Allen and Mana at the circus, since it's adapting Lost Fragment of Snow from Reverse novel #3. I really love Lost Fragment of Snow.