Discussion What race, backstory, set of spells(only allowed up to 4) and innate magic would you have?


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Aug 29, 2018
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:tata3:tocSo as the title says...

● what is the race of your insert, or self insert character?

●what spells (only 4 cause i said so)

●what hidden innate ability does your guy/gal/cheese wedge have and how would you go about them or you unlocking it?

■which weapon from the real world would you (or fanmade char) like to convert into sacred treasures and lore behind such legendary weaponry

●last but not LeAsT, PL and the progression of such...

•bos pl listing (example: 1000 magic/578 strength/1400 spirit= total 2,978)

•Mos pl listing (same as above but improved)

•and eos pl listing (go crazy if ya want)

Interested in what ya'll think of yourselves (or fanmades) in the NNT universe!


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Aug 1, 2015
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Arc Angel - Just for the infinite healing, strength + vitality restoration benefits & resistance against demon curses

Sunshine - To fodderize everyone duh

Infinity - So I can stay in the One Mode indefinitely to fodderize everyone or spam magic

Divine Axe Rhitta - Store all my sun for nighttime so not only can I fodderize everyone in the morning but at night too ^_^


Magic: 1,000,000
Strength: 1,000,000
Spirit: 1,000,000

Who’s gonna stop me :3c


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Apr 8, 2018
Name: Heruviel
Race: Goddess
Gender: Female
  • Taurus: Transforms Heruviel into a giant earthen bull with massive defensive capability and earth-element attacks
  • Aquila: Transforms Heruviel into a giant eagle made of light with massive speed capability and wind-element attacks
  • Leo: Transforms Heruviel into a giant flaming lion with massive physical attack capability and fire-element attacks
  • Vir: Heruviel's base form, where her magic and spirit stats are most powerful.
Innate Ability
  • Chimera: Heruviel full transforms into a full eagle-lion-bull-goddess hybrid.
  • Lasts for only 1 hour (The Power Hour)
  • Depletes Heruviel down to 10 PL 1 hour after (The Cower Hour) and puts her under forced sleep.
  • Heruviel recovers back to 100000 PL after the Cower Hour.
  • Heruviel achieves this by accepting her fear of dying in her sleep.
  • Heruviel also has a dumb weakness: When she sleeps, her power level drops to 10 (sucks to be her, right?) so she learned to not sleep and be resistant (not immune) to sleep-inducing spells, even as powerful as Gowther's.
  • none
Power Level
  • First Appearance: 100,000
    • STR: 10000
    • MGC: 60000
    • SPT: 30000
  • Chimera Form: 200,000
    • STR: 80,000
    • MGC: 80,000
    • SPT: 40,000
  • She is one of the Triumvirate, the predecessor of four Archangels. She is called Heruviel the Quartet. The other two are Serafiel the Serpent and Ofaniel the Sphere.
  • She has no Grace but has an innate power of her own, Chimaera.
  • The Supreme Deity took notice of her and put her on top of the angelic host of the Goddesses.
  • However, the Supreme Deity realized that Goddesses that reach her PL naturally can potentially challenge her reign as ruler.
  • Thus she imprisoned the Triumvirate in the Periphery (the dimensional gap between the Celestial Realm and the Britannian Realm) and tortured them.
  • Heruviel will only be freed if she gives the Supreme Deity her consent to turn her Innate Ability into a Grace, giving the Supreme Deity total control over her and teh ability to strip her of her powoer-turned-Grace on a whim.
  • One day, Heruviel escaped imprisonment, but mentally broken, and managed to reach Britannia, where she destroys everything on her path, recovering from the torture she went through.
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Nov 25, 2018
Name: Mike Stoklasa

Race: VCR Repairman (Former Human, somewhat equivalent to Ban's immortality)

Deus Ex Machina:
A ability that gives him access to a single elemental power at any time assigned by the higher entity (God of VCRs, a figure he worships as a VCR Repairman) to fit any situation he's in. For example, if he is in a situation in which he is freezing to death, the God of VCRs can assign fire magic to him for that instance, and he cannot use any other form of magic during that time. The power is proportional to his Power Level, so his use isn't unlimited. He cannot use any of his other magic abilities as long as this is activated.
Big Guy: Allows him to seal the magic of anyone smaller than him in physical stature or weight (Mike weighs a glorious 200 lbs and stands at a dashing 6 foot 2)
Hierarchy: Gives him a temporary 5 second boost in Power Level, and automatically raises his Power to be two times higher than the highest power level around him within a 6 foot radius. Can only be used once a day.
No Survivors: Summons various VCR repairmen to blow the enemy up with kamikaze attacks fueled by the energy of explosive VCRs. Can summon 5 every hour, and each has a time limit of 10 seconds before exploding.

Innate Ability:
Crippling Alcoholism: He becomes more powerful the drunker he gets. 1 gallon of 5% alcohol is enough to double his total Power Level for as long as he is drunk. There is no cap to the amount in which he can be boosted by this power, but it's bad for both his liver and addiction(only in the long run). Also drastically boosts spirit temporarily.
Sacred Treasure: VCR Trolley: Used for long distance travel. Summons a familiar in the form of a simple trolley cart, but it refuses to hold anyone but Mike himself. Is capable of travelling at mach speeds when Mike is sober, but travels at 5 mph when Mike is drunk.

First Appearance (Base Form):
Strength: 15,000
Magic: 50,000
Spirit: 1

Kamikaze VCR Repairmen:
Strength: 5
Magic: 5,000
Spirit: 5

Boosted (with 50% alcohol)to the point of bladder bursting via innate ability:
Strength: 150,000
Magic: 500,000
Spirit: 100,000

-Raised in the land of Milwaukee, a foriegn land that Brittania has had little to no contact with
-Milwaukee has already progessed fairly far in terms of technology, reaching the equivalent of the mid 80s in our world
-His favourite movie is Stuart Little
-Is pansexual, his taste in men is very refined, aiming only for attractive bearded amish men named Jay
-His main source of money is from a VCR repair shop that he runs, but a large majority of his funds come from a weird creepy obese man who insists that Jesus is a sexy black girl
-Found Brittania after wandering the land due his his exile from Milwaukee after the weird obese man found out that Mike was running a scam
-Made plans to conquer Camelot and to subjugate it in the name of the God of VCR
-Never got around to it, and before he could gain the motivation, it had already been conquered by some weird midget demon and his 9 friends
-Ran a pawnshop in the meantime because nobody in Camelot has any use for VCRs
-Laid dormant in his perpetual phase of self-loathing and alcoholism until his supply of beer ran out
-All his remaining alcohol has been taken by demons
-Mike awakens craving for alcohol and the destruction of the demon clan due to their treachery


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Oct 31, 2015
Name- Arjuna

Race- Half Demon Half Goddess

Gender- Male


King of Flames- The Absolute Flame Magic which can burn literally "anything".It can burn magic itself and even 'concepts'.

Even time and space can be burned by this spell. It's AOE is effect can be as big as a country (thereby a literal country bursting attack) though it is believed that it's true AOE is even higher.
Current Status on the true potential of this magic: Unknown

King of Thunder-Basically the same as King of Flames and it's features are completely same.The only difference is that it electrocutes instead of burning.

Current Status on the true potential of this magic: Unknown

Non-Corporeal- This ability allows one to exist in another dimension. Though they may have physical avatars or bodies in real world, but their true essence exists non-physically, in another dimension (possibly due to high power of the real body).

I created a body(weaker to exist in the real world but I can come to the real world in my true power for a short period of time.

Current Status on the true potential of this magic: To defeat the true body one needs to either get into the said dimension or defeat the real body if it chooses to come into the real world.

Other than that His real world body is completely immortal unless and until his true self is defeated.That means hypothetically even if his body is atomised it will regenerate with full strength and completely healed.

Complete control over both Light and Darkness- Due to the nature of being both Goddess and Demon,I have complete control over both light and dark elements and is completely immune to both.

Current Status on the true potential of this magic: Considered to be the best user of light and darkness in the world.In addition has regular Goddess and Demon abilities like enhanced healing and ark and darkness manipulation.

Innate Ability-

Spatial Manipulation

My ability is to completely control Time and Space

Through this I can

i)Stop Time for everyone except for me.If necessary I can allow specific people to move in my stopped time.

ii)Rewind Time

I can rewind time to a specific point in the past

III)Distort Time and Space to prevent any physical or magic attacks to reach me.

iv) Existence erasure- By manipulating time and space I can make anything vanish from the existence.

Sacred Weapon

Machine Gun

A Machine Gun that continuously fire magical attacks.No known person has survived a hit from this attack.Even if not hit directly exposure to it by standing close to it can cause severe poisoning in the body and death.


Real World Body

Total Power level-550000

Magic - 300000


Physical Power-50000

Real Body

Total Power Level-2 Billion

Magic- Unknown

Spirit- Unknown

Physical- Unknown


I Arjuna became the king of the kingdom Soma at a young age.A handsome person with huge charisma led the kingdom to become the strongest kingdom in the shortest possible time.By the time in Britannia when the 10C got released in Britannia every known world outside Britannia has been conquered by Soma.I strive to create an utopia where every race can live in harmony and strive for development.Arjuna also soloed the DK and SD(not Britannia's but outside Britannia,there are quite a few DK and SD outside Britannia) alone.

Soma Armed Forces are the strongest,largest and most technologically advanced in the entire world.They have huge flying vessels for those soldiers who don't have the capacity to fly and also has number of warships and underwater vessels.

Soma Navy has become quite active around Britannia.The warships have become quite daring in their postures and even made quite a few intrusions in the Britannia's territorial water.Due to the war currently going on in Britannia between Stigma and the 7 Deadly Sins Vs Demon Clan led by Meliodas and Zeldris no one noticed that all Britannia's Merchant vessels have disappeared in the high seas.All these have effectively been either captured or sunk by the Soma Navy thereby effectively enforcing a blockade around Britannia.

The soldiers are highly motivated and highly trained and can deploy anywhere in the world.It is not limited to Humans but other races can join too.There are millions of Holy Knight level warriors in the army some even stronger than that.The army has tamed dangerous beasts like Dragons,Megalodon sharks and Dinosaurs.

But the real strength of the Soma forces is in its

"18 Generals of Soma Empire"
18 Individuals with legendary power.All these individuals have been personally picked by me from different parts of the world ranging from Americas to East Asia to Africa to continental Europe.They are from different races like Goddesses to Demons to Vampires to Werewolves to Fairies to Giants to Humans.They are exceptionally strong and has different abilities.Even the weakest General has a power level of 145000.All them have been personally trained by me.

Rumor us that one General has the ability of "Infinity" one of the few infinity users that only appears in a few millennium.

All them are fiercely are loyal towards me and will die for me.

The strongest among them is Eskiramova-the leader of the 18 Generals.She is nicknamed as "Queen of Absoluteness".A beautiful Amazon warrior.Her race and abilities are unknown to the public domain but there is a rumour in the Soma Empire that she once went to Britannia 3000 years ago and had a confrontation with Meliodas who was still the Leader of the 10C.The details of the battle is sketchy but it is reported both sides retreated with heavy injuries but both earned respect for the other person.She is loyal like other 18 towards me with her loyalty on borderline infatuation.

The main duty of the 18 Generals is to lead the Soma Armed Forces in the war.

I have taken a deep interest in the events in Britannia.I am waiting for the war to end to swoop down upon the Victor and conquer Britannia.

For this purposes I have stationed heavy forces around Britannia.One squadron has been sent to the icy glaciers hundreds of kilometres north of Britannia under the "Ice General" of the 18 thereby encircling Britannia.
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Name: Artichoke

Race: White

1) Blink - anyone with a dumb ass PL of above 100,000 loses their magic if they blink within a 40,000 km diameter with Artichoke in the center.
2) Move - anyone with a stupid ass PL of above 150,000 that moves loses all their limb synaptic transmission when standing within 40,100 km diameter with Artichoke in the center.
3) Breathe - anyone with a retarded ass PL of over 200,000 loses their ability to breathe in lack of aided mechanical respiration when seen by Artichoke.
4) Perfect Cube Armour that cannot be cancelled or some shit; cannot be broken by non-living beings.

Innate ability:
Metabolise - anyone with a dumb ass PL of above 300,000 dies as soon as one metabolic process occurs in their body.

The Dumbass Slayer - a pair of drumsticks that have no purpose but look cool.

Magic: 50,000
Strength: 45,000
Spirit: 4,999

Coolest drum player in the world responsible for cleansing stupid ass overpowered characters.
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Mar 12, 2018
Name:Leeroy Jenkins
Race-U man

Innate magic-Cheatcode.
Cheatcode allows me to manipulate reality however I please.

Spells-I can pretty much do whatever I can imagine with Cheatcode.But my 4 staple spells are:

Pimp hand-Anyone who harbours any ill-will towards me will be automatically slapped by an invisible hand.

No U-Any effect I deem negative that's directed towards me will be sent back to it's caster.

Talk no jutsu-This is self explanatory.

Splash-I transform into a Magikarp and flop around on the ground.

Sacred treasure-Pimp cane.
A legendary cane that was forged directly from the Big bang.It's sole purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing.

Powerlevulz-It fluctuates to whatever I want it to be.


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Name: Donald Trump
Race: American
Innate Magic: Executive Order- Can veto any magic or sign anything into effect

Wall- builds a giant wall that no offense can prevail against
Nuclear button- press this for bigger fireworks
Mike Pence- grants access to lightning magic
Fake News- any one who lies loses their powers

Story: There was a saying that once you go black you never go back. However, there was also a saying that Orange is the new Black. So the prophecy came true and Trump defeated Hillary, deleter of e-mails.

Part One: 2016
Part Two: 2020
Part Three: 69420

Mael the strongest

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Name_Rener oslo
Race _ human
powers_ one punch man saitama's strength and yhwach's all shrifts powers.
Power level_ its OVER 9000000

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