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White Silver's OP Commentary Chapter 452

white silver

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I have to apologize once again for a week's delay prior to my notice 2 weeks earlier. I was "banned" for awhile since I used 2 seperate accounts and I had my computer crashed with all the saved pictures I was going to use within this commentary. It has been awhile since I last commented for One Piece and I would like to thank Sahugani for taking up the job while I was away. Once again you'll have 2 different or probably similar thoughts to the chapter. Hopefully you guys would forgive me as I have adopted Kakashi's lifestyle of being late. But don't worry, I won't give excuses like "I got lost in the way of life, etc".

Anyways, let us get back to the commentary shall we? Please take note of the captions below. If you have been reading my previous commentary then you'll be familirized with the simlar system. Any criticism or any reponses related to this chapter is openly welcome!

It seems that there has been new and interesting revelations that have appeared in this chapter. A variety of unique Zombies (funny and scary), have been more resemblance to Frankenstein's creation (yeah, we saw that last chapter). Mysterious coffins taking the strawhats at a time and God-knows-what, has happened during the kidnapping.

Colored Captions:

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One Piece Chapter 452: Gigolo of the Wind

Another "unknown" character discarded.

1. Secrets of the Moon-Men: Yes, it has been revealed in the previous chatpers that the Moon-mole's (as I call it) are just robots invented by the mysterious old guy above. Strange how the robots could shed tears of sorrow, well there's Franky, but he's still part human. Had destiny crossed Franky and him, they could probably re-create Franky as a new cyborg.

As ironic as it seems, I think the theme Oda wants to portray here is all about creating. There's the zombie faction from Dr. Hogback and we have the splash pages of the Old man creating mini robots to go to the moon. Now that the old man is dead, it seems that the robots hold dear to his life. Somehow, I highly doubt he would know that Enel is behind since the moon is just too far away. As this is One Piece (and he's probably at the Grand Line) and it was already stated that "common-sense" don't apply, we can just leave it at that.

I think Luffy got confused with the word "amour".

2. Pirate in a "Romanced" amour armor: If I have to describe Luffy, he is like a "Mr. Bean" in the anime world only much more funny and way more powerful. As soon as I turned to this page, I just don't seem to understand how or why Luffy would just pick up and wear an armor for all of a sudden. Is Oda running out of ideas? Well, as long as Luffy is happy with his situation, I'm okay with it. I mean, it really wouldn't be much of a story without an idiot to fill it up won't it?:p

Much to the "irony" nature, Franky seems to have easily understood the strangeness that is Luffy. Wherever the "Romance" Luffy got from wearing a deadbeat armor, I'm staying away from people like that for awhile.

This ship gets bigger and bigger...

3. Arena of doom: Much to the relunctant/kidnapped tour-guide *oink*, the Strawhats have just discovered a hall that resembles that of an Arena. As the Strawhats continue to venture into the ship, new and freaky things started to appear from time to time. And I have got this feeling that it would be a really long arc (hopefully not as long as the "Enies Lobby" one).

Straight ahead to the 2nd Shikibukai the Strawhats will encouter, I just wonder if this is the arena where Moria and Luffy will battle head on. Question is? Is Gecko Moria a zombified monster?

Teenage Zombie Ninja Knight

4. Forgive the expression as this has been the first thing in my mind when I viewed this picture. (Yes, I did watch TMNT, and I was the only guy above the Teen age with the rest of the viewers as kids.:notrust ) You know, Oda is getting a little too creative at this point. From the beginning, we had zombies that look as if they were going to be track runners when taunted by Ussop (One of the funny moments). Instead of the Shaun-of-the-dead type of zombies, we're probably going to see some "martial-arts" action sometime in awhile. Though it seems that some of the zombies resemble Chucky due to the scars on their faces.

This guy really has some serious issues to deal with.....

5. (OOH, A TRIPLE NUMBER) Probably a former Espada: Looks like this ain't your typical "Knight-in-shining-armor" and definitely not a "Romance" type either. And the idea of a Zombie/Knight hybrid seems a little to much. Not until the Knight moves more like a beast rather than a slow-paced Zombie. A little action here and there from Franky's hammer punch, etc. etc.

I noticed that some zombies have numbers visibly tatooed in their skin. I just wonder if this is going to be a similar reference to bleach where the top ten are categorized as the strongest and THAT would lack originality on that part. However, I doubt that would be the case.

Luffy: I'll take mental note on your comments *oink*

6. Revived Warriors from Hades: Gunslinger, Samurai, Pirate? It looks like we have the whole Zombie brigade from here. Not to mention they are the talking types that has the flexibility and mobility of Michael Jackson (you know, the Thriller movie).

If I remember correctly, it was mentioned in the earlier chapters that one of the Samurai was Zombified. Makes me think if they're going to revive Gold Roger in the same way. I mean, it is possible, and that would cause a WHOLE lot of trouble to deal with.

"Do you feel lucky, punk?"

7. Here comes the Zombie Squad: Weeeeeelllllllllll, what an interesting sight I must say? If this were a horror movie, I'd probably say all kinds of swear words and cover my eyes before the gruesome end. On the other hand, I kinda feel sorry for them as we have a 300 million bounty dude that could probably go Gear third and wipe them out from the face of Mother Nature's ground for all I know. But I must agree that the previous Ninja Zombie put of a lot of trouble.

7000? What the heck did the pirates do to piss him off?

8. Santoryuu disaster: Great, we had a Zombified Penguin that has the same moral standards and kicking strength of Sanji. Now we have another guy who can perform the 103-pound signature move by Zoro. This brings us new light to how the disappearance of the Strawhat crew and these familiarized zombies can be related. Come to think of it, Nami, Ussop and Chopper where captured in the very same way, only we got to see what happened.

It seems that during the process of the being coffinized (another relation to the splash page to the Old Man's death). Their abilities and personalities have been imbued into these types of Zombies. Although the personality bit must have gone only from the Sanji case (possibly an Ego that is just too contagious).

If this is true, than there is going to be another Zombiefied Luffy in the long run. Here's the coffinazation I was mentioning earler:

Discovery Channel: As you know, Zombies have a natural ability to extinguish fires when engulfed in flames...

9. The "who/why/what/where/when/how" zombies: The comedic nature of this story has always been maintained by Oda. Whether it's a group of pirates/robbers/sealions/mermen/Oda/, zombies don't seem to be out of the group. I like how he balances seriousness and comedy at the same time and we won't feel awkward with our feelings soon after. All in all, just another way to tell you that Oda is behind the story of this manga.

Definitely not a radioactive bitten monkey!

10. Spidermonkey: The idea is just gross, I really don't find spiders disgusting but in this case.......... well, now we have another monkey included in the story. Would be interesting to find out of this monkey/spider hybrid would face off Luffy. They'd probably be friends for the next 20 seconds (as it was before when Luffy encountered the Ship Salvaging Monkey Captain). Not much is explained here only we'll have to find out within the next chapter or so.


I wouldn't really call this a great chapter. Nevertheless, I can most definitely agree that there are some interesting aspects to this arc. The chapter's pace is good. I just hope to see more action in the next chapter as we just keep getting more and more of these zombies. Nice funny moments, a new Luffy costume and more interesting revelations ahead of us to find out. Hoped you put up with my commentary. CHEERS TO YOU ALL!

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