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Writer looking for translator after August


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Mar 4, 2021
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I hope I'm allowed here . . . I'm old, and retiring this year in August. After they put me out to pasture, I'll be looking for a translator.

What needs translating is a book that is Anime-oriented. It's Sci-Fi, and lots of fun. Cats and aliens are involved, as are evil bad guys.

I haven't yet got a budget firmly worked out, but somewhere in the neighbourhood of $500 Canadian per month is my target. You might consider it a part-time job.

The book needs a few changes and updates. It's set in Canada, which will; be changed to Japan. Names and places will also be changed. One person will be removed altogether, as a condition of my publisher. Explanation to follow . . .

The core group of characters is a girl-group, and when the translation, facsimiles (art work) will have to be made, for the cover, etc.

I can't reply every day- I live in a very rural area and rely on a library computer. The library is open Tuesdays and Thursdays. That is, when the librarian chooses to show up . . .

If anyone is interested, willing, and able, there are five months to think about it, and put something like a plan together.