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    Favorite Manhua

    Feng Shen Ji

    It's not really close anymore, since the manhua adaptation of Douluo Dalu has bastardized it so badly. Before I read the light novel, I was pretty OK with the Douluo Dalu manhua, but after reading the light novel, I've just been disappointed. Feng Shen Ji is GORGEOUS and even though the story isn't all that deep, and the world isn't all that big, there is something to be said for an author/artist knowing what they want to make and just making it.

    Favorite Manhwa

    Probably Knight Run, despite the poor art. I wish it was as popular here as it is in Korea, if you look at the Korean ratings for the manhwa, they're routinely ~9.95/10. It's REALLY good, very large universe, tons of good characters and development, I really am surprised that it's not more popular than say, Noblesse, which has basically turned into the bad parts of Bleach IMO.

    Sidekicks is probably my second-favorite manhwa, it's kind of a standard superhero work, but the world is cool and I like the characters. There's a Sidekicks prequel that isn't being translated right now smh...

    I started reading Epic of Gilgamesh and it's fine too. Red Storm is decent, but random hiatuses have disrupted my rhythm with it

    Should probably throw The Breaker in there, even though I hate the hiatuses. I've enjoyed Trinity Wonder thus far, though, so I shouldn't be too mad I guess.
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