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This is My first Story ever that was derived from actual research. I'm really reluctant to speak of the story in itself because it's not quite thought out thouroughly but it's enticing to bring out the characters of whom seem plenty considering i'm only at chapter one for the moment. I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.

Chapter 1: Age of War

Shakaku was a blade that shone with unspeakable brilliance that to speak of such a sword would only be ompensed to generations decades ahead of its time. Shakaku's Glorious light, that seemed revered by even the mightiest of the Quarte Squad Swordsmen, had meaningful reason to glisten effulgentlyfor it was no normal Blade. The Splendor of the Shakaku and it's place in history contributes to its longevity for it was formally in the possesion of Karaage Kayu who would later be known as "The Draco" told of legend to be a Descendant of Draco himself, and it was he and only he that would be capable of weilding the blade that was once a treasured article of the Mighty Ryuujin. Born into a world of turmoil and chaos and casted into a world with only one road that leads to nowhere, Kayu learns to overcome his anxiety and rebuild what is lost by standing out as a product of true grit and ambition. The story that made legend is his life, the life of the living Draco.

My bed was always the safest place to me. In The world I could only be Karaage Kayu, son of Karaage Kanchi, sibling to Karaage Kyoshin. My Name was unoticed. Even though it seemed my presence wasnotable it felt as thought it was simply my place that had gained reverence. Although I was a mere object in the world that did not knowme, the world inside my mind was even more enticing than reality. In the comfort of my bed I was God. Nothing could penetrate my innocence and I felt untouchable. My heart was free to gaze at the sun and smile because inside it felt isolated and hidden from the benevolence the enriched earth had to offer. Yes, how I loved my bed, but I loved father more.

Scene: A Valley at the far east side of Mugane Lake.

My form is steadfast, gripping my blade I would slightly narrow my eyes emitting a deranged killing intent.

[Kenchi] Kayu.....remember.......

I Could feel Father's warm embrace as gentley placed his hand atop my own, directing my every move.

[Kenchi] The maneuver is 170 degrees starting left to right and then again inwards at a 30 centimeter radius. The placement of the sword is rotation counter clockwise for more agility.

Father's smile was orgasmic, his face was a pure vision of kindness on an extended level. I never felt such security when with him. His eyes gleamed with a luminous glory, to me he was God. Father suddenly looked towards Kyo with a graceful smile.

[Kyo] ..............

Kyo's face remained pale and dark. My brother's expressions were always suspiciously blank, his face bore no indication of remorse, sorrow, joyfulness, or anger. Calm and composed he would be no matter the situation. Sometimes i even uestion if his heart is still there. Kyo's inert personality never bothered me. I loved him all the same for it was he who taught me the basics of battle and how to properly wield a sword. Even times when father's not around Kyo and I would flee to a special place where the waterfall sings a sweet harmony and the fish dance in precision. It was there he'd tell me stories of his past and father's past and even----of mother long since passed.

[Kenchi] I want you to aim for Kayu's heart.

I winced. Kyo gave father a malignant stare whereas father smiled warmly as though signing to Kyo that he too could smile. Kyo then responded.

[Kyo] If it's all the same to you Father, I would train with Kayu mysellf. It's bbest if he was introduced to some newer forms of ability.

Father's smile became a grimmace. The face of a happy person retained its jokingly humble status.

[Kenchi] Gettin' Tired of your old man eh? You'll become Court Guard Captain of Quarte Squad #7 tomorrow which is a big pill to swallow.

Kyo then lowered his head. I slowly turned my head towards his to catch a glimpse of his typical expression. Kyo sometimes made me sad. I was just a boy of 10 who knew nothing of simple emotions like love, hatred of love and love of fear. these feelings never occured to me. Reasonably I could feel Kyo's sadness just for being Kyo. I knew Father only had good intentions but it seemed they both lived a false existance.

[Kenchi] It should be my priority to see to it that Kayu is exalted on the same level as you when he is your age.

A Sudden case of thought befell my father's face. I have seen him this way before, he always tilted his head and looked to the ground allowing the full moon's glow to shade the side of him that bore the slightest feel of glee. I often thought he would recollect mother's face. I had never known her, she died in the war that took the lives of most the noblemen. Though I've never seen my mother, she can help but pop up in my mind often. I can never tell if it was just my imagination playing tricks on me----or my memories flashing pictures of that once elegant figure. Maybe it was just the moon's effect that appealed to us all.

[Kenchi] Kiera would have wanted me to.

[Kyo] Enough!

I jumped, directing my attention to Kyo.

[Kyo] If you have time to reminisce upon a dead woman, you could be at the meeting of the the Quarte elite Squad Captains.

Such an exclamatory remark left me blind to reality. Kyo had Been Holding his contempt towards father a long time, but i was blind to the truth given my innocents was plenty. Father respected Kyo in spite of his contempt. My Brother never feared anyone so it seemed, though the passing days that grew harder to bear were no more than experiments on the human heart. I believe Kyo understood that well.

Scene: The Land of the silent Waterfall nearest Mugane lake NW the city.

"TIIIINNNG!!!!!" Went the clashing of the blades of fueding brothers. Kyo's Guard was weak which left an opening. I slashed at him with full force, aiming for his chest but his quickness with exponetially increased agility aloowed a quick negate to my assault. The force of each blade pushed us both back but it was I who would come back to attack. Just then Kyo came back with a fierce bruning attack that tore open my vest and still I came. I leaped with the blade of my sword in each hand trying for a kill. Kyo countered with his sword pushing me far back to a hollow tree with extreme brute force. struggling to get up I found myself cornered as my brother's sword found its way to my face.

[Kyo] I've got you now.

I trembled thinking I was really going to die. Solemnly trying to keep from begging for mercy I drew my head back. Kyo Then sheathed his weapon.

[Kyo] Time to call it a day Kayu.

I was alarmed, wondering why Kyo had made this decision. Despite my weariness I maintained my cool, hoping i would soon get an answer. Kyo lifted me from the ground and put me on his back. He carried me to the lake to wash away my blood then he would pick me up once more and carry me to the edge of a cliff. The veiw was amazing. I felt as though the world was small as it could be seen for miles. the city was visible, small narrow streets and lights that lit the sky. The birds of majesty flew influentually as one could feel thier seldom grace only a select few can ever imagine to witness.

[Kayu] This is AWESOME!!!

[Kyo] You like this Kayu-chan?

[Kayu] Yeah. It's all so great! I can't believe I'm apart of this beauty.

[Kyo] This world we live in is an amazing on indeed KAyu. The beauty each day offers is a sign of the ugliness of men. The very things we hold dear, the enlightened Earth we share is someone's prize. I nevere understood how easily something so beautiful can be taken away so quickly-----but it happens.

I was Dazzeld by my brother's poetic words. The soulfulness of a person I Had always considered dull and fatigued. These words I never expected to come from my brother----His face that bore an unparalleled enigma that i fear would probably never cease to be.

To Be Continued......

Next Chapter---Born and Lost
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