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CINOSS Scanlation Group

Latest Scanlation Mar 1, 2014
Total Scanlations 0
Total Downloads 11164
Pages Viewed 231043
  • Seinen,
  • Shounen
We do our best to provide you with great translations, and great releases. Hope you enjoy.

We now have an IRC channel: #cinoss on irc.rizon.net

The staff is usually hanging out in there, at least me and drakk. Come by sometime and give us a shout, or yell at us for being slow, either works.

Current Active Projects:
Aria the Scarlet Ammo (Joint with Wangan Scans)
Cellphone Girl Heaven
Ladies versus Butlers!
NEET Princess Terrass
Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

Notices and Releases

Well, we just pulled off a triple release and we aren't done yet. Its time to announce some stuff.

First and official welcome to Wiode as our 3rd TL and FES-sama (a good friend from our Anime fansub group) has joined as a cleaner.
Second, we are announcing we are picking up 4 new series.

Ladies vs Butlers!: As you can see, we already released Chapter 1, chapter 2 is already translated and 3 might be TLed real soon.

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo: This one will be translated by me, and we will be catching up on it aswell, Im already well into translating it, it just has 60 pages on the first chapter, so give me a bit more time.

NEET Princes Terrass: This is the continuation that spawned... read more " "
Posted by User
Anyone who happens to be wondering if we're going to do Shinigami 5, YES WE ARE. I will make Daegalus translate it as soon as possible. He is not allowed to not translate it. I will punch him through the internet if it doesn't get done. So expect that sometime in the next few days.

However, our other projects...well, lets say RL happened to Daeg. My other friend said he might translate Cellphone for me, so we'll see. Hime is pretty much dead in the water though, which is a shame since Fes and I did some epic cleaning on it...

[Daegalus Edit] Hime isn't 100% dead, its flailing on the ground grasping for the last bit of life. It will get done. Eventually, just don't expect it anytime soon, nor... read more " "
Posted by User
Shit hit the fan and a lot of things happened, so I fell behind on everything, things for my sub groups that I do stuff for, and also Hime. I have like the first 7 pages done. I will honestly try to get Hime out real soon its my priority after I do Asura Cryin Episode 7 which I'll finish tomorrow. I will then do the rest of Cellphone. No clue when I will get to HIme 2 or if I will even do it.

It doesn't seem like there is a Shinigami Trilogy in this months issue of Dragon Age. So there won't be a release, but I am still monitoring all raw sources just incase I fail, which I often do. read more " "
Posted by User
Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that we do plan on picking up Amanoiwato Hime. I'll start work on it on Saturday, so expect a release sometime mon/tues if all goes well for Ch.1. Chapter 2 I will probably get started soon after. Maybe I'll do ch2 of Cellphone Girl inbetween, we'll see. Im thinking of getting Amanoiwato Hime caught up before I continue Cellphone Girl since the Cellphone Girl chapters are so short, they get done quickly.

Just wanted to fill you guys in for those that follow our releases. Hopefully by the time the next Shinigami Trilogy comes out, we'll be caught up on all the other manga.

[Edit] Sorry for the delay on Amanoiwato Hime, I had some RL stuff to take care of... read more " "
Posted by User
We plan on doing Shinigami Trilogy chapter 3 too. And any chapters that happen to come out after as well, unless a different group picks it up. Daeg said it's monthly though, so that won't be very often.

[Daeg Edit] It is monthly, it is published in Dragon Age which is a monthly magazine. and I'm pretty sure no one is gonna do ch3 within the next few days, so you will most definitely see ch3 from us, hell even if by some chance someone else does it. then we might pick up something else.

[Daeg Edit 2] Scratch that, we won't be dropping it unless something major happens. At first we did this just to get it known, but we got kinda into it, so full speed ahead on future chapters. read more " "
Posted by User

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