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CXC Scans Scanlation Group

Latest Scanlation Mar 1, 2014
Total Scanlations 0
Total Downloads 32690
Pages Viewed 703474
  • Seinen,
  • Shoujo,
  • Shounen
Website http://www.cxcscans.co.cc
Yohohoho~ welcome to the domain of CXC Scans, tread lightly or suffering being biten to death. (or possibly glomped)

Notices and Releases

Long story short, here's our new site: http://cxcblog.wordpress.com/ read more " "
Posted by User
In case you haven't noticed, the group's been under two week's hiatus to focus on the anime series GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class and due to a complete laptop failure, I haven't been able to work under the new conditions that I've had under me so Medaka Box and Ane-Doki will take the toll for this week and next week, until I receive my new laptop next Sunday. Until then, wait up for our releases! read more " "
Posted by User
What the title says, our site is now fully functional for all browsers. It also has a fresh new look, so come on in: www.cxcscans.co.cc read more " "
Posted by User
Long story short, we are dropping Kuroko no Basket. Why? Because I find that having three releases of similar quality is pointless if they are all within one hour of another. (refer to last week)

I also believe that this would be a waste of our resources, because having more than one translation for Kuroko is also rather redundant. That being said, I now introduce a new project of ours...
Hoop Men! Expect a release soon. read more " "
Posted by User
CXC Scan's Banchou here, since we want to expand into new projects, a larger staff will be needed, so we have decided to begin recruiting.

Positions that are needed:

Experience needed: Any

For the following projects:

Kuroko no Basket
Akikan! (TL only so far...)

The only solid requirement is that you need to be readily available and generally contactable.

PM me if you are interested, Or apply on our forum at http://cxcscans.zone-anime.com/forum/index.php?topic=85.0

We are now also looking for proofreaders and scanners. Based on what manga could be provided by the scanner, we could take it up as a project. read more " "
Posted by User
Since we want to expand into new projects, a larger staff will be needed, so we have decided to begin recruiting.

Positions that are needed:
J>E Translator

Experience needed: Any

PM me if you are interested, and I will fill you in on the details. Afterwards, you can decide if you want to join or not.

Or send an email to: cxcscans@live.com read more " "
Posted by User
CXC Scans has decided to take up Meister as a project, I've always wanted to do a sports manga, so this will be really fun XD. read more " "
Posted by User
For matters outside of my control, we won't be releasing anything this week. But fret not, for we will be releasing next week as expected. read more " "
Posted by User
For those that might not have noticed, the domain www.cxcscans.co.cc will now redirect you to our new host! Stop by and join whenever you feel like it, now that we have a forum established, hopefully activity in the forum will increase. Also, the forum space is being shared by Higure-Subs, of whom I'm friends with (their leader that is) So stop on by! read more " "
Posted by User

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