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GrrDraxin Indusries, Nec. Scanlation Group

Latest Scanlation Feb 15, 2019
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Total Downloads 453
Pages Viewed 13219
  • Shounen

Notices and Releases

Due to a request, I'm taking requests in the form of a petition to scan the rest of the Rosario + Vampire Guide Book, from which my first came and eventual second release will come from.

This is in hopes of getting a translator(s) with lots of time and patience to translate the large amount of text info the guide book contains. The book contains, at least from what I could tell, a bestiary of monsters, character info and stats, character Q&As and comments, an item guide, and a guide on the school and some locations around and some locations visited.

Also for any fans of Claymore, there is what I suspect is either a fanfic written by Akihisa Ikeda, or it's an interview with Claymore's... read more " "
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Well, now that my first solo and so far ONLY chapter is out, I see it's at least got a small audience. Maybe once I get some energy back, I'll start work on the chapter that started it all of Rosario+Vampire. Following the trend of bringing series pilot chapters to the English speaking world, I may bring the one for this out sometime soon.

Look forward to it. read more " "
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