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J.A.C. Scanlation Group

Mr. Death
Latest Scanlation Mar 1, 2014
Total Scanlations 0
Total Downloads 50648
Pages Viewed 829535
  • Seinen,
  • Shounen
Website http://jacgroup.zetsuboushita.net/

Notices and Releases

JAC Forum is open now. We have Jump SQ Raws there.. So join us there..

http://jacgroup.zetsuboushita.net/forum/ read more " "
Posted by User
This note isn’t for all int’l scanlators of course. Just the ones who use JAC’s scans under the pretense it’s theirs.

We work hard to scanlate manga and myself in particular, work hard to redraw manga. Please don’t take JAC’s scans…erase the English and slap your translation in…then credit yourselves as if you edited the entire thing. It’s difficult for us to apply the ‘law’ to what we do, considering the legalities behind this ‘hobby’. But that does not give any of you the right to use our scans that way without even having the courtesy to say ‘Hey, I wasn’t the one who cleaned it.’

So in case it is said that JAC has never taken a stance on this, we’ll say... read more " "
Posted by User
Has now been uploaded to the J.A.C website. Enjoy!~ ^^

http://jacgroup.zetsuboushita.net/?p=824 read more " "
Posted by User
For those of you that want BM 2 , find it at the JAC Site..... read more " "
Posted by User
JAC has picked up Livingstone. Please follow us on our blog read more " "
Posted by User
This series can no longer be hosted on Mangahelpers. Please follow us on our blog read more " "
Posted by User
We have not dropped this series. For all those fans who are worried. Our translator is having computer issues and we are hoping they will have it resolved soon. Until then we just have to wait. read more " "
Posted by User
Well people we have moved from http://jacgroup.gin0va.nl/ to http://jacgroup.zetsuboushita.net/ enjoy..... read more " "
Posted by User
At the current moment we have exceeded the bandwidth limit, since it the end of the month they should be back up by tomorrow at best or next week at worst, we still plan on releasing any we finish today... read more " "
Posted by User
Will be a wait for the next chapter of Kurenai. Working on getting a trans but it will be at least a month for now. Unless a translator wants to do 17 for us. Sorry to the fans and no we haven't dropped it read more " "
Posted by User
I noticed that several releases were not uploaded to the MH online reader. This has now been fixed. read more " "
Posted by User
As you know Mel_luvz_anime has got this translated. Unfortunately both the cleaner and typesetterhave been snowed under with real-life issues. With any luck they'll start work within the next 24 hours. read more " "
Posted by User
Quick update:

Kurenai 12 is already cleaned (since quite a while actually), but the release is delayed because the TS'er had to deal with the annoyance of 'real life' (damn you reality). TSing is complete and the chapter is being QC'd for release tomorrow. ^_^

Kurenai 13 will be out by mid-December because school has forced me to delay it's cleaning. But no worries...mid December is only two or so weeks away. :D

Oh and I just got to say .... love to Mel_Luvz_Anime for the quick translations.

- Arhazivory read more " "
Posted by User

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