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JS Scans Scanlation Group

Latest Scanlation Mar 1, 2014
Total Scanlations 0
Total Downloads 157821
Pages Viewed 969227
  • Shounen
Website http://js-scans.blogspot.com

Notices and Releases

The scanlation is now available in our new release homepage!!
Check out this blog again.
Also older chapters starting from 194 until the latest is available too.
And we will start working on the latest 221 after taking some little break^^ read more " "
Posted by User
JS Scans is moving!

We have relocated to :


Spikey will be uploading a cache of chapters from 194 onwards, and after those releases 220 should also be ready.

The page is currently in the prelim stages. read more " "
Posted by User
Due to the change in procedures on Mangahelpers, we will no longer be able to post releases here. Because of this we are looking for ideas and solutions both short and long term on how and where to post releases.

We will be able to release the coming chapters and get them out there regardless, but we are looking for ideas on a long term solution.

Edit : don't bother setting things up for us, we are just looking for ideas currently. read more " "
Posted by User
Okay ladies and gentlemen!! LETS PARTY!!! <---HEY!!!!


It almost reached 200th chapter and I think we can do something to burn the spirit and increase the tension. So I made this poll for everyone to vote on your favourite character for this Zettai Karen Children.


Though this one don't have any expire date setting... But I can set the expiry date myself manually. I decided to called out the result on Christmas Eve. So made your vote now~~~ Who will become No.1 On Chrismas Eve!?

Edit: I had create another poll from other website.
Though this is the same... read more " "
Posted by User
After quite a bit of thought, I am completely stuck on what Manga series to take up as my next personal project. I am looking for something that is a Shounen, with action, and comedy as the main points. I would prefer that it not be licensed, and if a translator has a favorite series they would like to do, let me know, and I can see about working on it as a joint project.

I am using this post, to make it easier to talk about it, other than alternating with the releases :D read more " "
Posted by User
This is Spikey2173. Though that js06 had done the translation for 171-177. I would like to need help to proofread the translation that I redo on my ownself. Though I corrected most of the transations I did based on js06's translaions, I will need someone to have a quick look on it before I moved on to scanlations. (Of course I'll let Kioras check the scanlation)
Please visit this page:
http://mangahelpers.com/t/spikey2713 read more " "
Posted by User
This is js06.

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I've started working ahead on the translations and am posting them on MangaHelpers. You can find them on my translator's page here.
read more " "
Posted by User
I went ahead and temporarily removed the previous releases. Spikey is a new member, and a new translator and scanalator, so I would appreciate if no one insults him over this.

We will review the releases, and bring them out at a later date. Please do not mirror them at other sites also. read more " "
Posted by User
Welcome to JS scans, hopefully with a bit of luck, we can continue to bring you ZKC updates, enough to actually move the story a bit towards the animae. read more " "
Posted by User

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