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Nonbiri Scans Scanlation Group

Latest Scanlation Mar 1, 2014
Total Scanlations 0
Total Downloads 31492
Pages Viewed 325037
  • Seinen,
  • Shounen
Website http://nonbiri.animespeak.net/
We need chinese and Japanese > English translators, so we can do more series, so if you would kindly go to our website and leave a comment if you want to help out.
or visit us via irc #nonbiri@irc.rizon.net
(from: Browserboy, )

Notices and Releases

Woah, XD after a long long time, its finally here,
the <strong>FIRST CHAPTER OF VOLUME 5!</strong>

Boy was this chap long, its a whopping 40+ pages XD so enjoy it.
sorry again Queenofmuffins for taking so long, Ran into trouble, since the loss of a tl.....><

<strong>So Again, to all translators out there please help out Nonbiri.</strong>
Nonbiri is in real need of translators, cant stress that enough.

Get nplink at site >>> http://nonbiri.animespeak.net/

tiz a Joint release with Sugooi Scans, but i cant select at the moment ><
and due to licensing issue, i cannot post as release so, this is new now.
http://depositfiles.com/en/files/via34m0tc read more " "
Posted by User

yes, yes, its finally out, and yeah i have some explaining to do.
well, usually it dosen’t take this long to make a release at all, but I was doing
my one man scanlation thing for a week or so,
and as always, I burned out.

then came the real problems, I had some RL issues to deal with, so i put a hold on scanlation.
and now, I’m still getting through them, though most of the troublesome part is dealt with I hope…
but if you dont see a release of a while, you know that I have something to deal with, like everyone else
in life.

well, enough about that, time to talk about the chapter. ^^
I always enjoy reading Koibana, its a good mix of the fun, ecchi, and romance all in one.
kind of reminds me of... read more " "
Posted by User

Oh my GOD, it’s Finally the release of ch1!!!
Woah, I love AMAZUME Ryuta’s work, it’s got the spot for ecchiness, and The good love Romance side.
This chap took a lot of effort, so please give ciMpul your thanks.

and I am still looking for cleaners and translators.

and I need translations for the rest of the volume( there are 4 more chapters i think)
so someone please email me at macro_top@yahoo.com, if you can translate the rest of this great series

get it at the site
http://nonbiri.animespeak.net/ read more " "
Posted by User
just here to say. that from now on,
nonbiri will also be using non-profit links, along side the already used links

so drop by Nonbiri's site when a new release comes along.....which should be today ^^ read more " "
Posted by User

I know, what the heck is this image for, shame on you...
but this chap and many other chaps have the usual, boobs, and all.
so i just went with it.
please dont hate.

and enjoy the chap.

Seikon ch17 WOah 0o read more " "
Posted by User

yes, its chapter 15 of Seikon
just letting you know its release on nonbiri's site and Illacrimo's site
( reason why I'm not uploading here is because Illacrimo isnt a member of the site so i can make a release stating its a joint)

ah, Warning to those who are under age 16


enjoy ^^ read more " "
Posted by User
Those who didn't visit Nonbiri's homepage haven't noticed the new posts

and recently I just posted Koibana Onsen Intro pages.

so those who want them should go over to Nonbiri's website and get it

also people should check once in a while if there are new posts that I dont post on Mangahelpers. read more " "
Posted by User
thanks to all viewers Nonbiri-Scans has reached over 100000 viewes, I know its kinda dumb to write about this, but with the little group we have it's kind of a little stepping stone achievement.

Now for 100000 downloads. ^^ read more " "
Posted by User

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