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Twilight Dreams Scans Scanlation Group

Latest Scanlation Mar 1, 2014
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Website http://www.freewebs.com/twilightdreamsscans/index.html

Notices and Releases

Alright, since many staff members have gone missing and other issues the group has been pretty much killed off. With our staff being dwindled near the point of no return we simply can't do anymore at least until most of the staff returns or is replaced. So to restore the group's functionality we are going to Drop some projects among other things:

*Zero In: Geisha's back and we don't have the manpower (or Translator) to do it anymore

*Alive: Kono Bansho has raws and is doing a fine job, while it was fun to bring the series from vol.10 to vol.17, we simply don't have any means or method of continuing it

*Trigrams 8: Well......Lack of staff, motivation and interest within the group

Some other ... read more " "
Posted by User
Due to school starting up, We have regretfully had several staff members leave, this will end in more releases being slowed down and unfortunately we had to transfer Trigrams 8 to another group. As the active staff consist of so few of us now, we will also have to prioritize certain series over others.

Zombie Loan, is our top priority ATM, Ar Tonelico will be done very soon so it'll be released soon as well. Chaosic Rune will be taking a break so that I can focus on Zero In as the series needs to be updated.

If you wish to help please apply at our forums today.

read more " "
Posted by User
We've finally hit our 100th release~
As the leader of my group this warms my heart and it thanks to my staff and you the fans, so to thank everyone I'm releasing a mini-magazine for my group holding
our project list as well as future releases


Please read it read more " "
Posted by User
We are currently lacking in Staff due to various circumstances.
As sad as it is to say, our releases on many series have slowed down drastically and after only a year of the group being established, we have had to drop two of our flagship titles, Mirai Nikki & 07-Ghost. While it pains me greatly to do so since they were our first two projects, at least I can take comfort that Hox and morelia are scanning them. We still plan on doing Mirai Nikki Paradox since it's quarterly, but as of right now we are in a dire state. We need staff in all positions, especially translators and cleaners. If you are willing to help on any series we currently work on please PM me or apply at our forums. I... read more " "
Posted by User
Okay as you know according to mangaupdates:
"Mirai nikki Mosaic" has been completed, our group did the last 3 chapters in a joint project, the first two were done by Lucifer and 4chan.

Now then as we are on a roll here we are planning to release Mirai nikki: Paradox
fairly soon. We already have the chapters Tl'd and are being cleaned and Typesetted as we speak.

On the other side of the news, I've added several new post/ sections to the forums and I'm looking for more participation on the forums since even though we have over 140 members, less than 20 actually do anything.

For those who don't know our Forum:
http://t... read more " "
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