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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 392 (0 comments)
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Middle text: Now, let's finish this
Battle 392 Start of the Decisive Battle

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I'll finish him first with one blow
Side: Start of the decisive battle in the Okinawa stronghold

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But I am certain that he was killed as a human being and a fighter...
Shirahama Kenichi, how did you rise from the dead?
Unbelievable but I can tell from your eyes
Your heart and body that was destroyed have been revived
This is the first time in my experience. But, I shall take reality as it is

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Hey, Miu-chan! Don't go too far!! You're the only one who can save me if they start fighting and are about to attack this way!
Her face says "This is more important"
Well yeah, the... Read More " "
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Onihime VS 15 (0 comments)
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Wow you're an amazing singer! You're like a pro! Did you ever think about becoming one Arima-san?
No, I'm only mediocre
Here! Have this!! You should be thirsty from singing!
Oh, aren't you so considerate

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Got her!!
Huh? What's happening?... I suddenly feel hot...
-And sleepy...?
That's my drug, it takes immediate effects!
Arima-san... Are you not feeling well?
What? I feel lightheaded...

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Heh heh! Amazing results as usual! I can take down any girls with just one drink!
If you're hot then let's take off your clothes a bit
M...mmn... Not exactly...
It's useless to resist...! From the moment the drug started to take effect, you were mine...!!
Now now, I'll make you feel better

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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 391 (1 comments)
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Hah, you're so stubborn. Just get skewered already!!
It's hard to get stabbed with these slow pokes!!
Matsuena Syun
Battle 391 - Sakaki VS The Spear of the Core

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But you seem to be on the defensive side, hm?
He does have some solid movements... But my eyes are already getting used to it!
Tch, trying to get my chest!!?
I knew it, his spear's the slowest when he gets defensive!!

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I think you've got me wrong

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To me, a spear's neither a weapon nor a tool
It's a part of me, the extension of my arm!!
I can sense the slightest fault of air on the tip of my spear... Touch it and I'll strike like a venomous snake!!
Heh, a wound like this I can lick off
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