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Level [C] Translator

Hi, this is Gottheim.
Which you probably know since you're reading my page, which implies you've been looking for it. But let's see you think of something intelligent to start your profile page with eh?
Those who are familiar with the Naruto Databooks might have heard of me.

About me.
What can I say? I started translating manga because of Naruto. I wasn't satisfied with how some of the chapters had been handled by some groups, so I thought I might as well start my own. This way if it went wrong, I only had myself to blame and at least I could do something about it.

Then came the Databooks. I didn't mean to do such an extensive work on them at first. I was just a n00b at the time, and I thought I'd lend a hand until the really big guns pitched in and took care of it.
The rest is history.

Later I got drafted by the group Gantz Waiting Room, and I've been working with them for almost a year, now. They also release Shounen stuff under the Enxame label, and sometimes they do some of their Seinen stuff under Offtopia instead of GWR, for a reason that escapes me to this day.

The genres I like best are comedy and fantasy. I'm not against horror and ecchi either, but it ultimately depends on what the manga's look like. The demographics are Shounen, Seinen, and the occasional Josei. PM me with any request, and I'll let you know if I'm interested and/or available.
Sorry folks, but I think I'm gonna be concentrating on the handful of series I'm currently working with. That means no more requests, at least not for the moment.

Release codes
Every line is explicitly assigned to a speaker. Bubbles from the same character in the same panel will be separated by a single /. Bubbles from different panels will use a double / instead, like this //.

Some bubbles are actually comprised of several bubbles merged into one. To account for this, a | symbol will be used to make it plain what is meant to go where. Please note that I won't be doing this systematically, only when I think it's not safe to rely on the typesetters' better judgment.

Whenever the speaker changes, it will be specified by adding their name at the beginning of the sentence.

Thoughts are put between parenthesis (...), and onomatopoeia will be enclosed with * symbols, as follows : *kaboom*.
Small text within a bubble will is signaled by >...<.

Translations, international translations
A "This is a <insert group name here> translation" message means the translation is reserved, and no scanlation is to be made until that group is done with it. And even then, it would be wise and courteous to approach that group directly before you start anything. If your scanlation is not going to bring anything new (better quality or whatever), don't bother. I don't mind editing, but you have to make it clear somewhere (in the credits for example) you altered the original text.
Assume my works are free for international translations unless stated otherwise.
Either way, I spend lots of time and effort in doing those translations, so I appreciate it when the editors do the same, i.e for the love of God, no low quality speedscans please.
Well, I guess that's it.

PS: I almost forgot: I've started my own thread, so feel free to drop by any time!
Note that I haven't bothered to keep it up to date, but that's because so far I haven't had much incentive to do so.

Gottheim's Latest Releases

Date Manga Ch Lang
Sep 13, 2011 Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 5 en
Sep 13, 2011 Sakuranbo... Volume 5 en
Aug 3, 2011 Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 4 en
Jul 18, 2011 Wolfsmund 2 en
Jul 3, 2011 I Am A Hero Volume 4 en
May 15, 2011 Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 3 en
Mar 18, 2011 Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 2 en
Feb 17, 2011 Red Eyes Volume 9 en
Feb 12, 2011 Wolfsmund 1 en
Jan 17, 2011 Dance in the... 45 en

Latest Translations

Date Manga Ch Lang Translator
Aug 12, 2021 D.Gray-Man 241 fr Erinyes
Jun 26, 2021 D.Gray-Man 240 fr Erinyes
Apr 25, 2021 Bleach 686 tr McMaster68
Apr 20, 2021 D.Gray-Man 239 fr Erinyes
Apr 13, 2021 Bleach 685 tr McMaster68
Apr 5, 2021 Bleach 684 tr McMaster68
Feb 6, 2021 A-Rank Boukensha... 15 br Striter...
Feb 1, 2021 A-Rank Boukensha... 14 br Striter...
Jan 17, 2021 Chaos;Child... 11 en Dowolf
Jan 14, 2021 Chaos;Child... 10 en Dowolf