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Naruto 323

Naruto Chapter 323 Translation

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Sep 14, 2006 23:54 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 323

Man, I was late catching this today...too much following the Wii news flow...

Page 1:
Text: A man who can't be killed...the Leaf ninja witness firsthand the terrifying powers of Akatsuki!
Title: God's Punishment!

Kotetsu: H-how...can...
We hit your vital spots...


Izumo: ...are you immortal?
Hidan: Are you retarded?
Can't you tell?

Page 2:
Hidan: God damnit...
Don't tell me I have to go back into that shithole again...

Asuma: Chiriku...

Page 3:
Asuma: We're Leaf Village Ninja.
Our orders are to capture, or at least kill the Akatsuki that have entered the Fire Country.
Since you move in teams of two, we planned to take you out one at a time...
but you've got some serious powers... I should have expected as much...

Shikamaru: So this is what the Akatsuki are like...
It's almost ridiculous...
even the Shadow Threads couldn't...

Hidan: Well, you guys fucked up the order.
Asuma: Where's your partner?

Page 4:

Page 5:
Hidan: He let it go!

Asuma: Kotetsu, Izumo!
Fall back!!

PAge 6:
Kakuzu: I knew it.
Deep down, you want money too, don't you Hidan?

Hidan: Back off, Kakuzu.
I'm gonna use these guys for the sacrifice.
You can have the money.

Kakuzu: Works for me.
Just don't underestimate them and get yourself killed.

Hidan: Seriously...

Page 7:
Hidan: Why do you keep saying that?
If someone COULD kill me, I'd let 'em.

But that's not the case, is it??

Asuma: I'll take the lead.
As soon as you see an opening, immobilize the unkillable guy with the Shadow Thread.
If you can just give me a couple seconds, I'll cut his head off and hopefully keep him from interfering.

Shikamaru: Are you serious?
You never take huge risks like that.

Kotetsu: I'll back you up.

Page 8:
Asuma: Don't you get it?!
We just hit them with our best attack!
They're a hell of a lot stronger than me!

The two of you need to focus on guarding Shikamaru!

Izumo: We know what they're capable of now....
shouldn't we try to retreat and come up with another plan?

Asuma: They're not just gonna let us run away.

If we run without putting up a fight, we'll be obliterated,
AND the danger to the Leaf will increase.

It's like sending in a single group to break through enemy lines...
Sometimes, that's the only option you have.

Page 9:
Hidan: Owowowowowow.
It freakin' HURTS to get stabbed that hard, damn you...

God shall punish those
who don't understand the suffering of others.

Shikamaru: "Bou-Gin" (it's a Shougi move/technique/strategy)
really doesn't fit your playing style...

Asuma: Hehe...relax. With you behind me,
I won't end up a sacrificed pawn.

Page 10:

Page 11: Action

Page 12:
Izumo: Captain Asuma!!

PAge 13:
Shikamaru: Shit!

Asuma: If precision attacks won't work...

Page 14:
Asuma: Katon - Haisekishou! (Fire Element - Searing Ash!)
Hidan: Hmph.

Page 15:
Hidan: Hurts...
don't it?

Page 16:
Hidan: God has judged you.
Asuma: Aaaah....

Izumo: W...what happened?
Hidan: Do you get it now?
Do you understand what it means to suffer?

Asuma: How did he get my arm, too?
It must have been a jutsu or something...

Page 17:
Hidan: Now that you've received my curse,
the sacrifice can begin.

We'll suffer the unfathomable pain, together!

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#1. by njt ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2006
damn, no comments in this yet... :ossu!!!

great job man :)
#2. by dylec ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2006
Heh, I like your spunky version.
"Searing Ash" sounds nice too!
#3. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2006
Much appreciated :ossu
#4. by Blazin_Cha0s ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2006
:crying I thought you didn't make a translation for this chapter since it's not in the R/T/S thread. Glad to see you actually did. Nice work.
#5. by destinator ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2006
Thanks a lot for the translation HisshouBuraiKen!
#6. by Ayah ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2006
Quote by Blazin_Cha0s :

:crying I thought you didn't make a translation for this chapter since it's not in the R/T/S thread. Glad to see you actually did. Nice work.

*Wonders where the other globals/admin were at the time*

It's in RTS now. Thank you for the wonderful translation :amuse
#7. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2006
super chapter :eyeroll awesome witch doctor Hidan :pwned subarashii translation- arigato Hisshou :turtle :loool
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