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Fullmetal Alchemist 64

Fulltmetal Alchemist Chapter 64

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Oct 19, 2006 12:45 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 64

Page 1:
Al: Hmmmmmm....
Text: The more one learns about Alchemy, the more mysteries one finds...
People: Whoa...

Al: No matter where we look, there's nothing written about Rentanjutsu...
That May girl had some great long-range Alchemy skills...
I wish I could do that...
Shoul'dve asked her back at Dr. Nox's...

Lin said it had a lot of uses for healing medicine, but how?

Page 2:
Title: Briggs, the North Wall
Salem: You're the Fullmetal Alchemist's gaint armor brother!
[There's no canon romanization for his name, but Salem is the best common boy's name that matches セリム]

Page 3:
Salem: You really DO wear armor!
Al: Who the heck is he?

Salem: What are you studying?
Al: Rentanjutsu. It's what they call Alchemy in Xing.
Salem: Wow...Xing...
But I heard the Elric Brothers were both qualified to be State Alchemists,
and Amestris's Alchemy is the most advanced in the world.
How come you need to study the Alchemy from a minor country like that?
Al: Huh??
I can't say "To get my body back" or "To stop the Homonculi"...

Page 4:
Al: To bring peace to the world.
Rentanjutsu is a special type of Alchemy with great medical applications!
We're researching it to help save the lives people who can't be cured by our current methods!
Salem: WOW! I knew it! The Elric Brothers are the greatest!

Ed: Al! Alphonse!
Get ready! It's time to go!

Al: Brother, this is a library, try to be quiet.
Wait...what? Where're we going?

Ed: Away!
Get your stuff from the hotel!

Page 5:
Ed: I'll tell you everything on the way...
uhh...who the heck is he?

Salem: Are you really Armor-san's big brother? Edward Elric? The State Alchemist?
Ed: Yep.

Salem: OH MY GOD!

Ed: S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-say that again.
I'll knock you all the way to Neptune.
Salem: Wow, so you DO go crazy when someone calls you "short"!

Page 6:
MIB: Back away from Salem-sama, now.
Ed: Sa-
Salem: Don't shoot him!

Mrs. Bradley: I'm so sorry! He's a huge fan of yours, so...
Ed: A FAN?
Al: Salem-kun, are you interested in Alchemy?
Salem: Yeah! I wanna learn all about it and become a State Alchemist like Edward-san!
Ed: A fan?
Al: Good for you!

Page 7:
Salem: That way I can help my dad!
Ed: You care about your dad a lot, huh.
Al: You love the Fuhrer, don't you?
Salem: Of course!
Even though I'm not his son by blood, he raised me and takes care of me...

Page 8:
Al: He's not-
Mrs. Bradley: We weren't able to have children,
so we adopted Salem from a distant relative.

We're very lucky to have a son that cares about his parents so much.
Both my husband and I consider him a very precious gift.

Ed: How has the Fuhrer been?
He hasn't, say....changed...or felt ill at all, has he?
Mrs. Bradley: No, thankfully.
Even though he should be considering retirement,
he's still on active duty, working harder than ever.

He's always been devoted to his work, though.
Though he's a complete dunce when it comes to understanding women...

Page 9:
Mrs. Bradley: One time he was so rude, I slapped him in the face!
I guess it was fate, though, because we've been together ever since!
Why, on our first date...
Oh, would you listen to me! Never mind, never mind.

Salem: Come visit us sometime!
Mrs. Bradley: Isn't that great Salem?
You got to talk to Edward-kun!
Salem: Yeah!
When we get home I'm gonna brag about it to dad!

Al: You think they know the Fuhrer's a Homonculus?
Ed: I wonder...
It would suck either way.

Page 10:
Bubbles: People talking

Page 11:
Kimbley: Anything on Scar yet?
Soldier 1: No, sir!
We're using everyone we have available!

Soldier 2: Who's that snooty looking guy?
Soldier 3: SHH! Just shut up and do what he says!
He's some high-ranking official from Central.

He's been given full authority over the search for Scar.
Soldier 2: What? Why?
Are they saying the Northern HQ's not good enough?

Soldier 4: Kimbley-dono.
Someone matching Scar's description was spotted in the North City Station's freight terminal.
Just a moment ago.

Page 12:
Soldier 1: Deploy units to the freight terminal!
Get the cars ready!
Head for North City Station!

Kimbley: Was he with anyone?
Soldier 2: The witness confirmed there was one other person.
A middle-aged man with black hair.
The same as the report from Central stated.

Kimbley: Excellent.
Time to do my job.
Take care not to get in my way, gentlemen.

Page 13:
Soldier: There!
Scar: Move it.
????: Oww-

Commander: Surround the terminal.
Soldier 1: We can snipe him from here...
Soldier 2: We're only here for backup.
Soldier 1: Why? He's right where we want him, why can't we just take him out?

Page 14:
Soldier 2: The orders from Central were clear:
Obey Kimbley-san!

He's entered the third train.
That's a military track.

Soldier 1: So he's headed for Briggs.
The son of a bitch's trying to stow away...
Soldier 2: Kimbley-san, he's on the third train.

Page 15:
Kimbley: Doctor Marcoh, I presume?
I've come for you.
There's nowhere left to run.

Are you alone?
where did Scar go?

Give it up!
I told you there's nowhere to run,
Doctor Mar-

Page 16:
Kimbley: Who's THIS?

Page 17:
Kimbley: Heheh...
So you're the Ishvalan everyone's talking about. [i'm switching to Ishvalan since that's what everyone's used to.]

Pages 18-20: [sweet.]

Page 21:
May: Do you think Scar-san and Yoki-san are okay?
Marcoh: Yes.
The police are definitely looking for them, not us.

That's why we've been able to make it so far with no trouble.
That and taking the extra step of heading east first.

May: Marcoh-san?

Marco: My skin...
It's still recovering, so this cold wind hurts a lot.

May: I'm sorry...I should have tried to give you a nicer face...
Marcoh: Haha...don't worry. This is good enough for the likes of me.

Page 22:
Marcoh: Look over there, May.
That's the Briggs Mountain Range.

May: Wow.
Marcoh: That's the border between Amestris and Drachma.

It definitely feels like we're at the northern border...
Are we near the place Scar told us to go?

May: Umm...
Yes, it's up ahead!

Page 23:
Marcoh: That's it!
Scar's brother's research...

May: The way to combine Xing's Rentanjutsu and Amestris's Alchemy!
Do you think the secret to immportality is in there, too?
Marcoh: Who knows?

This could either bring us great hope,
or just more despair...

Winry: He's checked out already?
Clerk: Yes, he left sometime yesterday.

Page 24:
Winry: Did he leave a message or note or something?
Clerk: I'm sorry, Rockbell-sama, nothing.
Winry: Man, I just found some great polish for Al...
Did he at least say where he was going?

Clerk: He reserved a ticket for the Briggs area to the north.
Winry: The north...
That moron...

The Fruity Dude whose name I forget: Something wrong?
Winry: Ed's headed up north, with no adjustments...
Fruity: Oh dear me...
He's going to die.

Page 25:
Al: Did you catch a cold already?
Ed: Gaah, it's freezing...
Damn Briggs...

Driver: We're here, boys.
This road goes straight t' Fort Briggs.
The weather's about t' change, so you should hurry it up.
Oh, and you!
The big guy!

Page 26:
Driver: Is that automail you got there?
Al: No, it's just armor.
Ed: Uhh, I've got automail...

Driver: You'd better go,
or yer dead.

Ed/Al: Huh?
Driver: Beyond that fence's army territory.
You leave the path, yer dead.
See ya.
Ed/Al: HUH?
SFX: Wind whipping around like crazy

Page 27:
Ed: Okay, they said the weather changed quickly,
but this is NUTS!

Al: What do we do, brother?
I can't see the road at all?
Ed: Don't worry, Al!

Remember, Izumi-sensei trained out here in the winder for a month straight!
Al: No way! No FREAKING way! NO ONE could survive out here for a month!

Ed: She said she killed a bear out here, too!
Al: She had to be lying! The bears out here are supposed to be over 7 feet tall!
No one could-

Page 28:

Page 29:
Ed: No, it's not!
Al: Aaah!
Ed: Al!

Ed: That's an army uniform!
Hey you, stop!

Page 30:
Bakkanya: Heheh...You've got automail too, eh...
Too bad it's so plain...

Ed: Say what?
I wouldn't exactly call yours an improvement.
Bakkanya: How can you not appreciate this arm's craftsmanship, you pathetic excuse for a spy?!
This is M1913-A special battle automail, the "Crocodile"!

Unless you want to end up a shredded lump of meat, surrender!

Ed: A SPY?
I'm no spy, I'm-

Page 31:
Ed: Oh shit!
You stupid yeti!
Do you even understand speech? [i wanted to say English, but it just felt weird.]

Ed: Ow...
What's going on?
My automail's not working right!

Page 32:
Bakkanya: You're mine!
Ed: Whoa-


Aah, the snow's going down my back!

Page 33:
Bakkanya: Still going to resist?
Ed: What the-

Page 34:
Ed: Oh SHIT!

Bakkanya: Haha!
I'll relieve you of this worn-out arm!

Ed: Heh...
You're the one...

Page 35:
Ed: Losing his arm!
Ed (thought): Automail decomposition!

Bakkanya: You do something?

Page 36:
Al: Brother!
Ed: Thanks, Al!
Bakkanya: Hmm?

Page 37:
Ed: Waaah

Al: Brother!
Ed: Damnitall...
If I survive this moutain, Winry's gonna kill me.
Bakkanya: Not bad, kid.
You fought well for someone with normal automail.
But the battle is over.
Ed: Huh?

Page 38:
Al: Briggs soldiers?
Ed: Yeesh...
At gunpoint again...

Armstrong: What's going on here, Captain Bakkanya?
Bakkanya: Major General Armstrong! I apologize for the disturbance!
Al: Armstrong?
Ed: That's who Major Armstrong wanted to introduce us to?

Page 39:
Ed: Major General Olivia Mila Armstrong....
the Major's sister!

Al: She doesn't look anything like him!
Ed: She's not gigantic!
Armstrong: Who are you?

Ed: Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist!
Major Armstrong from Central suggested we meet with you, Major General Arms-
Aah, this is too complicated!

We came to meet with you, General!
Please take a look at this letter!

Page 40:
Armstrong: Pat them down.
Ed: Hey!
You can't still suspect us!

Armstrong: I can't?
Anyone can throw out a famous name.

Solider: It's empty?!
Ed: Knock it off!

Solider: General!

Ed: It's a letter of introduction from Major Alex Louis Armstrong!
Read it, you'll see we're not spies or instruders!

Armstrong: Hmph...

Page 41:
Armstrong: Yeah, this is from Alex.

Ed: Y-
You're not even gonna READ it??

Armstrong: I don't care about letters.
The ideas and opinions of others don't affect me.
I decide with my own eyes.

Page 42:
Armstrong: Enter, Fullmetal Alchemist.
I'll warn you, I don't play around.

This is the mountain fortress of Briggs.
Only the strong survive here.

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