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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 335

Naruto 335

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 14, 2006 13:20 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 335

EDIT: Apparently the RAW I got was missing the last page, it's been added now.

Page 1:
Text: Earth, Wind, Lightning, and now Fire!

Kakashi: He can even use Fire-element jutsu?

Page 2:
Title: The terrible secret!
Text: A fourth element...How far do Kakuzu's abilities go?!
Shikamaru: Chouji, Ino! You okay?
Ino: I'm fine!
Chouji: Me too!

Page 3: M/A

Page 4:
SFX: Jump jump jump

Page 5:
Hidan: Hoo, you're good, seriously.
Chouji: You all right, Kakashi-sensei?
Kakashi: Yeah...

[Whoa, is the mask gonna come off in this arc?]

Kakashi: Although using four Raikiri's AND the Sharingan is pushing it...
We need to finish this quickly...

Ino: Their teamwork's flawless...

Page 6:
Chouji: Your Raikiri definitely got him...how is he not dead??
Kakashi: If I'd gotten his heart,
he would be.

But what I actually hit was one of those masked monsters living inside him.

I think that IT died in his place...

Shikamaru: Same as when he escaped the Shadow Mimic Shuriken jutsu,

Page 7:
Shikamaru: There was some beating heart-thing in the middle of of the mass, acting on its own.
Chouji: What's that mean for us?

Shikamaru: This is just a guess, but I'd say each one of those monsters
has its own heart.
And all they all feed back to him.
So essentially, he's got five hearts.

Chouji: That's...nuts...
Shikamaru: Actually four, since Kakashi's Raikiri took one out.

Page 8:
Ino: So to completely finish him,
we need to destroy the hearts in those four monsters?

Shikamaru: Yep.

Kakuzu: You keep on impressing me, kid.
You're absolutely right. They all contain hearts taken from shinobi I've killed.

I'll have to stock back up...
and you guys should do nicely.

Kakashi: Now I see...he can run his own chakra through his former opponent's heart,
And use whatever kind of nature manipulation that they could...

Hidan: How's it feel to realize your opponents are immortal?

Page 9:
Kakashi: What's the plan, Shikamaru?
Shikamaru: We'd be better off separating them.

First, we neutralize their team attacks,
then we focus on killing the other guy four more times.

Kakashi: Meaning we need to incapacitate that Hidan guy on the left...

Ino: I'll do it.

Page 10:
Ino: I've got the most chakra left, and I'm not as skilled in straight fighting...
I'll use the Mind/Body Switch jutsu and-

Shikamaru: No way.
That jutsu's only usable when I hold them down with the Shadow Mimic.
If you miss, you won't return to you body for several minutes.
It's too risky.

I'll do it.
I'll bind him with the Shadow Mimic and move him myself.

Kakashi: How, though?
You need to distract him for that, too. It's no different than Ino doing it.

Chouji: I'll take care of that.

Page 11:
Shikamaru: That's risky, too.
If he draws a single drop of blood from you, you're dead.

You need to save your charka for fighting the masked guy with Kakashi-sensei.

Hidan: Enough with the yakkin' over there!
Let's do this!

Shikamaru: I'll catch him myself...
and fulfill THAT role...

Page 12:
Kakashi: I see...
We should leave this to Shikamaru.

Here, take this...

Shikamaru: Okay.

Page 13:
Hidan: This AGAIN?
Whatsamatter, you scared of my scythe?

Come fight me face to face!

Page 14:
Kakashi: You're fighting me.
Hidan: You're WAY too slow!

Shit, he picked it up AND threw it with his shadow?

Page 15: N/A

Page 16:
Ino: He can't dodge in the air!
We got him!

Hidan: Heh...pathetic...
If I concentrate on dodging the shadow, this jutsu'll NEVER catch me!

Page 17:
Hidan: What the fuck?!

Page 18:
Shikamaru: You don't scare me.

Shadow Mimic Jutsu...successful.

Side: He pursues with shadows and knocks his target right into the trap! Can the recaptured immortal escape the master of shadows?

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2006
yaaay, thankz a lot for the nice trans....... :turtle
Quote by hisshouburaiken :

[Whoa, is the mask gonna come off in this arc?]

kekekkekke i hope so.....not ^_^....
#2. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2006
Hisshou is just hilarious and great::

i am always the fan :woot
#3. by Bene214 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2006
nice ^.^ hidan is so stupid... -.-"
#4. by coby0 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2006
thanx for the sweet trans
#5. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2006
Quote by venicia777 :

Hisshou is just hilarious and great::

i am always the fan :woot

I think you're my #1 fan XD I know I can always count on you to show up :turtle
#6. by dylec ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2006
Nice translation for a nice chapter. Thanks.
#7. by Brede ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2006
Thanks so much hisshou! :)
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