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Fullmetal Alchemist 72

Fullmetal Alchemist 72

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jun 12, 2007 12:59 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 72

I'm done editing. enjoy!
Using the first RAW's numbering system.


Page 0:
Side: Trembling, Hawkeye walks home. A woman who once made her living in the shadows now finds herself terrified by them.

All SFX except the last panel: Step

Last panel SFX: Creeeee

Page 1:
SFX: Shing

SFX: Gasp

SFX: Click
Hawkeye: Wheeeeew
SFX: Slam

Pride: I'll be watching you...from the shadows.

Page 2:
SFX: Sniff sniff
Hawkeye: It's okay.
It's okay...

SFX: Brrrrrrrrrring
Hawkeye SFX: Twitch

SFX: Brrrrrrrrrrrring

SFX: Brrrrrrrrrrrring

SFX: Click
Hawkeye: ....Hello?

Page 3:
Mustang: Evening, Miss. This is your favorite florist
making a courtesy call.

Hawkeye: I don't HAVE a favorite florist.
Mustang: Yeah, sorry.

I got really tanked and bought a ton of flowers.

Think you could do me a favor and take some off my hands?
Small Hawkeye text: Whew...

Mustang: What's wrong?

Page 4:
Mustang: Did something happen?

Hawkeye: No.

You sure?

Hawkeye: Everything's fine, sir.
I'm sorry, though. I don't have any vases or pots here.

I appreciate your calling me,

SFX: Click

Hayate: Arf?

Page 5:
SFX: Pat Pat

Hawkeye: How does he manage to have such good timing?

Title: Negative Consequences - Positive Measures

Page 6:

Al: It's been a while, Dr. Marcoh.
Ed: Thanks for helping us out last time.

Marcoh: Don't mention it...I haven't done anything to deserve your thanks.

Did you research
the Philosopher's Stone?

Ed: Yeah.
We learned how to make it.

Page 7:
Ed: And from there, we were able to figure out a lot of things.

Something's strange about this country's origins
and its alchemy.

We thought Xing's Rentanjutsu had a lot of potential to help us, so we started looking for May.

Marcoh: Well done.
I feel more reassured now that you two are here as well.

We have these research files
and Rentanjutsu,
now all we need is Scar.

Page 8:
Al: Scar?
Ed: That's right...we need to find him.


Marcoh: What was that?
Al: Dunno...

Ed: Winry, Dr. Marcoh, May. You three stay here.
We'll go check it out.

Al: The Northern Soldiers are up here looking for Scar, too.
They may have already found him.

SFX: Crunch crunch crunch

Page 9:
Winry: Scar...


Todaie: Whoa!

SFX: Swish

Scar: Nng...
This fat lump is quick!

Page 10:
Toadie: Sssssss


SFX: Splat splat splat

Warthog: Hrrrrgh...


SFX: Swip swip swip swip swip

Page 11:
Todaie: We know all about you...your attacks only work if you can touch us directly!

SFX: Swing

SFX: Splat splat splat
Toadie: And if we alternate attacking from a distance, you won't have a chance to close the gap!

And finally!


Toadie: We're very aware of your habit of destroying the floor when a fight's not going your way.
SFX: Yank yank

Page 12:
SFX: Stab stab
Scar: Rrrrrrrgh!

Warthog: Now all I have to do is keep attacking from over here.

After I slice you up a little more, I'll drag your half-dead body to Mr. Kimblee.

SFX: Step
Ed: Hoooo boy.

We sure have good timing, don't we?

Page 13:
Warthog: Eh?
The Elric Brothers?

Ed: They caught Scar.


Blue Uniforms...
They must've come from Central...Kimblee's guys.

Al: They were Chimeras?

Warthog: You're a little late.
We've already apprehended Sca-

Ed/Al: Aaaaah! It's a monster!

Page 14:
Warthog: What the hell are you doing?! We're your allie-

Al: We're not working with any inhuman freaks!

Ed: This is scary! They're acting like our friends so they can eat us!
Al: That fatso back there has such a big mouth! He'll swallow us whole!
Small text: Look at those fangs!

Toadie: You stupid kids!
Settle down!

SFX: Pthoooie

SFX: Splat splat splat
Dash dash dash
Ed/Al: Whoooooooah!

SFX: Swish

Page 15:
Toadie: Wha-

SFX: Wham wham wham
Toadie: -t the hell!?


Toadie: This friggin' kid...
he's even faster than scar.
SFX: Crack crack

Ed: Tee

Page 16:
Ed: Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!
Al: Uhh...What's so funny, brother?

SFX: Ptheh Ptheh Ptheh Ptheh Ptheh

Toadie: What the fuck?
I can't hit him!

SFX: Ssssssss

Toadie: GHRGHL


Page 17:
Ed: It's light! It's sooooo light!
My arms and legs feel like they've turned into wings!
Frigid-weather automail is sweet!

SFX: Wobble wobble wobble

Al: The lighter metals are throwing off your balance,

Toadie: You little shit...
SFX: Step.

Ed: Ahh.
My punches must've gotten lighter, too...


Toadie: Hahaha! My mucus won't come off that easy!
SFX: Drip drip

Page 18:
Ed: But if this is snot...



Ed: then it's mostly made of water!

Toadie: Nuhuh?!
SFX: Splash

Page 19:
Toadie: It's cold...
Damn you...what'd you do?!

Ed: Eat this!
SFX: Dash

Ed: The "Wet tongue gets stuck to a frozen flagpole" attaaaaaaaaack!

Al: What the hell was that, brother?!
SFX: Tug tug
Rip rip

SFX: Stab stab stab
Ed: Ack!

Warthog: Stop getting in our way, Fullmetal Alchemist!

Page 20:
Warthog: I knew it! You were just pretending to be our allies!
Ed: Shut your mouth, you stupid pig! I've never seen you before in my life!

You're clearly not human, you caused all those huge explosions, and...you look like an enemy! If you're an ally, prove it!
SFX: And this!
and that!
Warthog: FINE, I WILL!
SFX: Tooooot

Just let me change back, then you'll-


You never lower your weapon in front of an enemy, little piggy.

Toadie: Let...me...go!
Ow ow ow-
Al: Oh yeah.

Page 21:
SFX: Crick
Toadie: Bgh-

SFX: Slump
Al: Take a nap.


Scar: More of the army's dogs have sniffed me out, eh?
Ed: Ch.
SFX: Crackle, Thud

Ed: He's recovered...

This has gone on long enough! We're taking you in!
Al: It's time to pay for your crimes, Scar!

Scar: Those in my way will be struck down.
SFX: Skrack

Page 22:
Ed: Oh yeah?

SFX: Dash, Swish

Scar: Charging straight in without even thinking.
You fool!

That steel arm of yours
is mine now!


Ed: Gotcha.

Page 23:

Hop hop



Page 24:
Ed: Fu-

SFX: Skidddd

Page 25:



Ed: You moron!! What the hell are you doing here?!

Page 26:
SFX: Grab

Miles: Stay back.
SFX: Step step

Soldier: W-what the heck?!
Ed: Major Miles...

Soldier: Major, sir. Take a look.
Miles: Huh-

Blue uniforms...These are the guys from Central.
The upper eschelons must be conducting some crazy experiments.

Page 27:
Al: They were Kimblee's bodyguards?
Ed: Well, I'll be darned!
SFX: Blink

Miles: Relax. You don't have to play dumb for me.
Major General Armstrong, myself, and everyone else in the fort are on your side.

Al: Huh?
She's not working with General Raven?

Miles: General Raven has mysteriously disappeared.
Quite a situation.

Ed: Disappeared?
Miles: Tie those things up.

Page 28:
Miles: Your time has come, Scar.

It pains me to have to arrest my kinsman, but you cannot be allowed to live.

Scar: Kinsman?

Miles: Elrics.
You have my thanks for capturing Scar.

We'll take it from here.
SFX: Step

Al: Winry!!
Ed: Get away from him, you idiot!!

Page 29:
Winry: Let me go.
It's okay.
Ed: It is NOT okay!!
Miles: Miss, step away, please!

Winry: Let me talk to him.

I've wanted to talk to him, face to face, for so long.

Why did you kill my parents?

Page 30:
Scar: ......Anything I could possibly say would just be an excuse.

I killed the Rockbells...the doctors...the husband and wife.

I have no more right to speak about my actions.

But you, young woman.
You have every right to take your revenge on me.

Page 31:
SFX: Rrrip

Winry: Your arm.
You'll bleed to death if we don't bandage it.
Ed: Winry!!

Page 32:
SFX: Tie

Winry: This is what my mom and dad would have done...
SFX: Tighten

Winry: ...If they were still alive today.

That has to count for something.

Scar: Are you...
forgiving me?

Page 33:
Winry: Get real.
I could never forgive a monster like you.

Master: You must endure.

Scar: Are you telling me to forgive the army?!
Master: Don't get the wrong idea.
"Enduring" and "Forgiving" are two very different things.

We can never forgive the atrocities committed against us.
We have every right to be angry.

But we must endure that anger.
Someone has to be the one to stand up and sever these bonds of hatred.

Page 34:
Master: If one lets his rage control him, he's no better than an animal.
Even if the world rejects Ishval and its people, we are still humans.
We must not fall to that level.

Brother: If too many people let these negative emotions take hold of them, eventually the world will become a river of hate.
But if we let them go, and hold on to positive emotions instead, the world will become a river of justice, and peace.

SFX: Tie

Soldier: Shall I contact HQ?
Miles: Yeah.

Page 35:
Winry: I'm okay.
I won't cry.

Remember? We promised that the next time I cried, it'd be because I was happy.

Ed: Hey Scar.

Page 36:
Ed: Winry is how she is.

But if it were up to us, we'd pound your face into a bunch of wet chunks, and drag your dead ass to Mr. & Mrs Rockbell's grave.

Scar: You...Miles, right?
I have a question for you.

Miles: What?

Scar: You called me your "kinsman", did you not?
Miles: I did.
I lived in Ishval during our grandfathers' time.

Too bad we had to meet like this,
my red-eyed brother. [H: He's being figurative. They're not blood related.]

Page 37:
Scar: Why is an Ishvalan conspiring with the Amestris Military?

Miles: I'm working from the inside to change this country's perception of Ishval and its people.

Scar: I think you'll find people don't change so easily.
MileS: True.
There's no telling how long it might take.

But if anyone can do something, it's a bi-racial person like me.

Page 38:
Miles: This body of mine is just a small measure of Ishval that was poured into the Amestris military.
But even adding a small measure of something quickly results in a large ripple.

And ironically, the person who showed me that it would be worth it to serve in the military
was a pure-blooded Amestrisan.

Scar: The hatred that was born in me during the war has reduced me to little more than a festering pus.
I do not pray...I do not reconsider the path I've taken.

Pus is not saved by God...pus oozes and rots...and is eventually washed down the drain.

Page 39:
Scar: I'm glad there are still people like you.

Miles: HQ?
This is Miles.
SFX: ~~~~~~~~~ (talking)

We've found Scar and are trying to delay him.
He's in a large building, section D-5.
We need backup!

Page 40:
Operator: D-5?
What's it look like?

Miles: It's the one with smoke pouring out.

Soldier: This looks bad, Mr. Kimblee.

The wind has changed.
We're in for some rough weather.

Kimblee: Then hurry!

Operator: Kimblee's Team is on its way.
Keep stalling him.
Miles: Roger that.

Regardless of our circumstances, I can't allow you to go free.
We're taking you in, and you're going to pay for your crimes.

Miss, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
We can't let Kimblee make you his captive again.

Page 41:
Marcoh: Pl-Please, wait!

Please, don't take that man away yet!

Miles: Explain yourself!


Page 42:
Soldiers: What the hell was that?!
That must be where Major Miles is!


Kimblee: Fullmetal Alchemist?
Ed: Ow...Kimblee?! You son of a bitch!

Why didn't you keep a closer eye on Winry?!

Page 43:
Text: Winry has fallen into Scar's hands!

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#1. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
Thanks HisshouBuraiKen! Can't wait for the rest!!!
#2. by Muk ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
hissou you rock
#3. by zetsu banned ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
I love you. For realz.
#4. by freaky2 ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
Thank you so much for the translation (tears of happiness streaming down my face)!
#5. by endofjulia ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
Yay! Thank you bunches for the translation:D
#6. by FullmetalFlamingo ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
Thanks so much for the trans. You ROCK!!!
#7. by hayateblitz ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!
#8. by 526663 ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
Thanks! =]
#9. by Lyfe004 ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
is this mangas translation for public use???
#10. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2007
Great trans. I like your style.
#11. by Coolnerd89 ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2007
That was awsome :D thx for the raw/translation... can't wait for the next one :)
#12. by bax ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2007
Thanx Hisshou :ossu
#13. by D00m46 ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2007
I hope you don't mind if I went and used your translation for a Scanlation of this chapter. I totally forgot to ask you before hand. This was my first time Scanlating, so I was kinda nervous and confused throughout the whole process. I realize that you seem to be ok with public usage of your translations for scanlations, as long as we credit you for the translation (which I did) so I just wanted to let you know that I used it in my scanlation.

Thanks for posting this, it really made my day, since I didn't have to wait for other people to translate and scanlate this. I really like your translating style, it makes the manga seem more natural to read in English. Reading this translation, if I didn't know better I'd have said that you wrote the actual chapter yourself.
#14. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2007
thx Hisshou for the trans :D As always :p
#15. by coby0 ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2007
thanx for the translation.
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