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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 358

Naruto 358

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jun 15, 2007 18:15 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 358

Page 1:
Titled: Cornered by C-2!
Side: A giant dragon made of "C-2", but what IS that?

Tobi: We're using "it", right?

Deidara: Right! Get ready, Tobi!

SFX: Twitch twitch


Small side: And what is this jutsu?!

Page 2:
SFX: Chomp


Deidara: Go get 'em, Tobi!
Tobi: Yes sir!
Dragon: Chomp

Sasuke: Is that thing one gigantic explosive?
Or is he gonna use it to attack from above?
SFX: Blink

Sasuke: What a pain.

Page 3:
Tobi: He's coming!
Show him the power of your pop-art, senpai!

Deidara: Pop is dead!
My style is superflat!

SFX: Wriggle



Kanji: KATSU!

Page 4:

SFX: Skrrrrrrk
Sasuke: That one was different than the other bombs...was it being guided?


Sasuke: Where's the other one?!

Page 5:
Sasuke: Whatever, I need to get him first.
SFX: Dash




Deidara: That was Kakashi's attack! I'll give you credit, using shape manipulation to stretch and throw it is pretty creative!

He was only able to extend it about 5 meters...

Page 6:
Sasuke: He's a long-range righter...and he's probably figured out my range...

Deidara: They're gonna pack a REAL punch this time!
SFX: Squish

Deidara: I don't care HOW strong your defenses are, THIS time you're going flying, mmm!
SFX: Plop

SFX: Flap

Page 7:

Deidara: Damn, he's fast...


Squish squish

Deidara: You're mine now, mmm!

Page 8:

Deidara: Did I get him...?

Page 9:
Deidara: Orochimaru's Cursed Seal, eh...he's even got wings.
He must've dodged it by flying upwards.

SFX: Crack crack

Tobi: Senpai, I'm done laying your clay mines! Everything's all set!

Deidara: Nice work, Tobi. Get outta there.
Tobi: Yes sir!

Sasuke: Guided bombs from above and land mines in the ground...

Deidara: My C-2 can box you in with land mines and lock on for air-to-ground attacks.
That beautiful combination is what we've been setting up.

Now that we've got you surrounded,
one wrong step will blast you into the stratosphere.

Page 10:
Sasuke: So he was just making sure he could hit me with his bombs...
And now he's flying just outside my attack range.

Deidara: Think you can pull off another escape? Hmm?


SFX: Spthttt

Deidara: Here comes the big one, mmm!

SFX: Flap

Page 11:
Deidara: I'm clipping your wings right now, you little bastard!



Page 12:
Deidara: Guarding with those wings cost you...
You can't fly anywhere with just one...heheheh...

SFX: Gurgle
Deidara: Time to end this...mmm.

SFX: Twitch
SFX: Whip

Page 13:
SFX: Whizzzz

You're resorting to pathetic attacks like that?! You insult me!


Deidara: Sideways?
Hehe...Nothing to stand on there, kid! That's where the mines are!

But then again...they're everywhere else, too!

Page 14:
SFX: Tak

Deidara: On the sword...?!

SFX: Spring!

Page 15:
SFX: Bzzzrt

Deidara: He..he stuck his sword by the mines on purpose?!
He must've been trying to see where they were so he could get a foothold!

SFX: Stab

Deidara: What?!

SFX: Dash

Page 16:

Tobi: It can't balance itself!

Deidara: He did use his katana as a jumping point, and his wing for extra momentum...


I'm right above it!
Now I see! He attacked me to try and draw me towards his katana, so his chakra blade would be able to reach me!

Page 17:

Page 18:
Deidara: Son of a bitch...

Deidara: GHARGH!

I-I'm stuck!
These are the same shuriken he threw a second ago?!

Deidara: S-shit! That's where the mines are!!

Side: Sasuke's battle prowess turns the tables on Deidara! Is this fight over already?!
bottom: Sasuke's attack finds its target! Next time, "The Artist's Grand Finale!"

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#1. by laughing@you ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Excellent job man!! as always!!
#2. by exkon ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Nice, thanks for the quick translation!
#3. by Serpent ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
yey thanks
#4. by kyubisharingan ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
#5. by bax ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Thanx Hisshou :ossu
#6. by Goji ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Thanks Hisshou! :thumbs
#7. by c0nflikt ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Thanks for your hardwork
#8. by yeste ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Thanks man!
#9. by Kaborochi ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
wait to go m8 keep it up!
#10. by endofjulia ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Thank you for the trans:D
#11. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Thanks for the trans!
#12. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Tobi: He's coming!
Show him the power of your pop-art, senpai!

Deidara: Pop is dead!
My style is superflat!

HAHAHA! Great trans, thank you!
#13. by Mitchell ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
awesome as normal.
#14. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
Thanks Hisshou <3
#15. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Jun 15, 2007
excellent work hbk
#16. by Az3r ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2007
Cool. Thanks a ton, Hisshou...
#17. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2007
Thanks Hisshou.
#18. by coby0 ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2007
thanx for the translation.
#19. by BnM Manga ()
Posted on Jun 19, 2007
Hey if u wanna WATCH bleach chapter 279 click one of the links:

MQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g74v9A7T5qI

HQ: http://www.veoh.com/videos/v635197T6Z7qB6p

Thnx :D
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