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Translations: One Piece 777 by cnet128 , Bleach 616 by cnet128 , Gintama 531 (2)

Naruto 362

Naruto 362

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jul 13, 2007 20:08 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 362

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

NEXT WEEK I WILL PROBABLY NOT BE AROUND TO TRANSLATE AS I'LL BE AT OTAKON. Come to the Fansub/Scanlation Panel in Workshop 2, Saturday Night at 6, and say hi! I'll be cosplaying as Kisame again! Scanners, if yo uuse this do me a favor and note this on the credits page :D

Page 1:
Title: Masterpiece!
Side: Those intertwined tongues give birth to a new kind of beauty...the kind that blooms and withers in an instant. And what starts as art, becomes an explosion!

Page 2:

Text: The Sharingan has seen through everything!

Dei: You could SEE where the mines were?

He wasn't trying to get a foothold in a safe spot?
But if it was just a test to see if his theory was right...

Then what the hell were you gonna do if you were wrong,
and it detonated anyway?!

Sasuke: That would've forced me
to use my "other" option...but I didn't end up needing it.

Page 3:
Dei: Even after all that...he still had something up his sleeve...

SFX: Step step

SFX: Stand-
SFX: Snap

Dei: Rrgh!
SFX: Thunk

Dei: Ch-
SFX: tremble tremble

Sasuke: Where is Itachi?
SFX: Step

Page 4:

SFX: Wrrrp


Page 5:

SFX: Snap snap

SFX: Wobble wobble

Dei: Huu

SFX: thud
SFX: Crick

Page 6:
Sasuke: Huu huu huu

DeidarA: Heh...still acting tough, eh?
You can't fool just burned up your last bit of chakra.

Hehe...I'm gonna win...
Even if I can't move, my exploding clay can still...

Sasuke: Huu haa
SFX: Glare

Dei: C'mon...
Let's see you get a little scared, mmm?

Page 7:
Dei: My art's gonna finish you this time...
no doubt about it.



Page 8:

Those eyes!! Those goddamned cocky eyes of yours! It drives me insane!

Eyes that reject...that disdain my art! I refused to be looked at by them any more!!

Page 9:
Dei: Eyes that show no appreciation...

SFX: Huu Haaa

Sasuke: I could care less about all that.
Now tell me where Itachi is!

SFX: Snap

SFX: Tremble tremble

Page 10:
Dei: Even without his Sharingan...
he still takes me lightly...

SFX: clench


Page 11:
SFX: Zrrrp


SFX: Squish

SFX: Zrrrrrrrp
Dei: Ouch!

Page 12:
Chestmouth: BLURRRGH!

Dei: Hahaha...
SFX: Shlurp shlurp

Page 13:
Dei: masterpiece!

SFX: Crick crick crick
Deidara: Self Destruction!

Sasuke: He's insane...

Dei: Death will transform me into a work of art!
An explosion unlike any of the others...
one that will leave scars in the earth like nothing else...

A creation worthy of praise unlike anything before it!

Sorry, Tobi...

Page 14:
Dei: And you...
Will DIE!

SFX: Crouch

Dei: The blast will cover more than 10 kilometers!
SFX: Stumble
Sasuke: Rrgh-

SFX: Cricrack

Page 15:
Dei: Drown yourself in the awe...
and despair!

Cry like a lost child!
SFX: crack


Dei: Because my art...

SFX: Crumble crumble

Page 16-17:
Kanji: KATSU

Text: Everything has led up to this one fleeting moment...the artist's grand finale!
Bottom: What happened to Naruto's group? Next time - Art Appreciation!

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#1. by jimeosu (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks Hissou! Fast as always ^^'
#2. by Uchiha Dany (Scanlator)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks a lot!
Keep up the great job!
#3. by クリスチャン (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks for the great translations again Hissou. Great job!
#4. by Borgenstrand (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks HisshouBuraiKen! :D
#5. by Wunderchu (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
thanx HisshouBuraiKen
#6. by lordHokage (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Once again, thank you HisshouBuraiken. :)
#7. by xxSLAVE1xx (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
wow, that was fast....thanks^^
#8. by MrJ1984 (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
is bludshock around to do the scanlating??
#9. by LotusBlade (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
The true hero's of manga's, translating for the enjoyment of others and gets nothing in return but satisfaction.
Thank you Hisshou, awesome and speedy as always.
#10. by Gold Knight (MH Senpai)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks Hisshou <3 Have fun at the Otakon.
#11. by Bonifasius (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks my bro...,, :D
#12. by mandychan00 (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007

that was a good translation nice and should put up some pic of your cosplay as kisame so we can all see!!!!
#13. by bax (MH Senpai)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanx a lot ^^
#14. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
Thank you! ^^
#15. by jaimacando (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
Thank you HisshouBuraiken for the translation. Have fun at Otakon!!
#16. by coby0 (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
thanx for the translation
#17. by theshizzle (Banned)
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
#18. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jul 15, 2007
Thx for the translation! ^^

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