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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 367

Naruto 367 translation

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Aug 24, 2007 18:50 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 367

Page 1:
Title: Itachi and Sasuke
Side: Brothers. Hatred and murderous rage. The battle commences within the darkness.

Page 2:
Text: The sudden, shocking reunion!

Itachi: Did you get a little taller?

Sasuke: You haven't changed a bit.
Especially those cold, merciless eyes.

Itachi: Aren't you going to scream out
and charge straight at me, like last time?

Sasuke: Hmph.

Page 3:
Sasuke: You know nothing about me...

SFX: Dash

SFX: Jump


Page 4:
Crow: CAWW


Page 5:
Sasuke: How much hate has filled and enveloped my heart,
how much stronger I've grown because of it...

You know NOTHING.

SFX: Stabstabstabstabstab

SFX: Splatter

Tsunade: Khugh, khack

Page 6:
Jiraiya: Sheesh, you're even worse with sake than I am.
Let's take a break.

You're dealing with someone
who's strong enough to keep AKATSUKI in line.
We have no idea of his power...
and now you're gonna waltz right onto his turf.

Jiraiya: Yep...I guess I should get moving.
SFX: Scoot

Tsunade: Come back alive...

Page 7:
Tsunade: If I lose you, too...I...

Jiraiya: Are you gonna CRY for me?! Haha, I'm honored!
I don't suppose I'll get as many tears as Dan did, though, hahahahaha!

Tsunade: Asshole...

Jiraiya: All right, how about we put your gambling skills to use?
We'll make a bet, and you have to put everything you've got on me dying.
You ALWAYS pick the losing bet.

And in return, when I come back alive and well...

Tsunade: Wh-

Page 8:
Jiraiya: WAHAHA! I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
I'm very grateful to you, you know!

Getting dumped always makes a man stronger.
And if he hasn't experienced it enough to be able to laugh and joke about it, or at least use it as material,
he can't fulfill his duties as a man.
SFX: Swip
Book: Come Come Paradise

Tsunade: So it's the MAN'S responsibility to be strong, eh?

Jiraiya: Pretty much. But then again, men aren't meant to pursue happiness.

Page 9:
Tsunade: Bah...you men are all alike.
Without women around, there'd be no one to reject your advances and toughen you up!
Jiraiya: Heheh...very true.

Tsunade: Send one of your toads if anything happens.
I'll come and back you up immediately.

Jiraiya: I don't think so. You absolutely HAVE TO remain in the village.
This place relies on you to keep it together.

Tsunade: There are plenty of other worthy candidates for Hokage.

Jiraiya: How are people supposed to be comfortable living here if their leader is constantly changing! You're the best person for the job in the village, and that's that!

Page 10:
Tsunade: We've got Kakashi.
And Naruto, eventually.

Jiraiya: Kakashi's a given.
But Naruto's a long ways off,
even if you DID see fit to give him your necklace.

Tsunade: You're one to talk, you've practically crammed him full of power.
You even taught him the Rasengan!

Jiraiya: Yeah, well...you've got me there.
It just felt like I was teaching Minato again, and...

Tsunade: Namikaze Minato...(H: Namikaze, 波風, means "wave of wind" or "dischord")
The resemblance is undeniable...

Page 11:
Jiraiya: Minato had talent you only see once a decade, at best.
He was a genius...no one like him has been born in a while.

He was such a nice kid, yet his guts and desire to succeed were the fiercest I'd ever seen.
And in the blink of an eye, he was our fourth Hokage.

I never had kids, so I don't know what it was like...
but if he'd been my son, I'd have bragged about him all the time.

Tsunade: Haha...hearing you say that
makes me think of how different they are, too.

If I had to choose, I'd say he's much more similar to his mother.

Jiraiya: A female ninja of the former Whirlpool Country...

Page 12:
Tsunade: Yeah...His personality and ninjutsu-style
are exactly like Uzumaki Kushina's.

Jiraiya: THAT was her name!
I remember with that red hair, the constant jabbering and her tomboyish demeanor,
she was just like one of the boys!

Tsunade: Kushina became so beautiful as she grew up...
but Naruto does LOOK a lot like his father.

Jiraiya: That's why I say I see him in Naruto. (H: The "him" implies the Fourth, but it's not explicit. I'm not sure what to think yet.)
I have to admit
I've come to think of him as my own grandson...

Page 13:
Jiraiya: Okay, so...I'll be off.
SFX: Grab

Jiraiya: Ah, yes! Let me give you one last word of advice.

Remain careful of "Root"!

Tsunade: I know.

Jiraiya: That's a relief!
See ya later...

Page 14:
SFX: Splat

Itachi: You've gotten...much stronger...

SFX: Flap flap

SFX: Flap flap flap

Page 15:
Itachi: Come to the Uchiha's hideout, alone.

We'll end this there.

SFX: Splash

Toad: Ribbit

Toar: Buuuuurp

SFX: Slplash

Page 16:
SFX: shluuuurp

SFX: Swoosh

SFX: Shaaaaaaaaa

Jiraiya: I'm in...
That was easier than I anticipated...

Page 17:
Jiraiya: Or it seemed like it, at least.
SFX: Shaaaaaaaa

Flower: What's wrong?
Pain: Someone has disturbed my rain's fall...
and judging from their chakra, it's someone dangerous.

Side: Sasuke and Itachi head towards their final encounter. And Jiraiya makes his way into the Hidden Rain Village, pelted by a rain of ill omen!

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#1. by lordHokage ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Once again, thanks alot. :)
#2. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Tsunade: You're one to talk, you've practically crammed him full of power.
You even taught him the Rasengan!

(she's not saying it's a bad thing, she's saying it as a "Why are you saying that? You're the one that taught him the rasengan and powered him up)

Jiraiya: Yeah, and maybe I shouldn't have.
It just felt like I was teaching Minato again, and...
(here he doesn't say he shouldn't have, just that it brought back memories)
#3. by Suricate ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
#4. by Serpent ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
tks :)
#5. by Remus ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
yosh thx again master of translations
#6. by villazeros ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Uoh! thx a lot!!
#7. by Ichigo ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
w00t w00t you are the BEST Hisshou!!
#8. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
thanks for the translation!!
#9. by kirios ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
uuu thankx a lot
#10. by ssjasper2003 ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Thank you so much.
#11. by Misury ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Thank you very much!
#12. by ensngre ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Wow. What an information dump. It felt like he just poured out all of it because Jiraiya is going to disappear. Hang in there, old man!

Thanks, Hisshou. :)
#13. by pu_rplecow ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
DDL for scan by TCIP based on this trans


#14. by nekosxe ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
awesome! such an amazing chapter!
#15. by godofthesunn (Ghosted)
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Fantastic ...
#16. by Goji ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Thanks Hisshou! Great translation! ^^
#17. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
イチャイチャ means flirting or making out. It's not quite as mature as your translation... it has no connection to 行っちゃう, as far as I know.

Thanks for the great translation.
#18. by adel123456789 ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
#19. by emtelka ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
thank you very much :D
#20. by PixelGuy ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Wow. Awesome chapter...thanks for the excellent translations, you cleared up some confusions over at NF.
#21. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Quote by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi;503675:
イチャイチャ means flirting or making out. It's not quite as mature as your translation... it has no connection to 行っちゃう, as far as I know.

Thanks for the great translation.

I'm aware of what it means. I prefer the double entendre ^^
#22. by Aterin™ ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Thanks a bunch -foresees a lot of "I told you so" coming from the Naruto's Dad was the Fourth Hokage theorist.
#23. by leejinsung ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
thanks as always.... :D
#24. by dylec ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Nice chapter & thanks for a speedy trans.
#25. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Cool chapter! Thanks for the trans!
#26. by seito ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
awesome thanks a lot
naruto getten better and better
#27. by Bling ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
yehh amazing translation hissu thnx a lot
#28. by tatsudoshi ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
A lot of information coming all at once, its getting exciting. Thanks for the translation.:D
#29. by cheekymonk3y ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
s-st-spank you!!!
#30. by HakuGaara ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
Are you sure Jiraiya says "That's why I 'say'" or is it "That's why I 'said'"

If it's 'said' than it is explicit that the 4th is Naruto's father.

Also, for Namikaze, would the word 'turbulence' also be an accurate translation?
#31. by hayateblitz ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2007
#32. by kakashi65 ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2007
#33. by xholyangel07x ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2007
Thank you so much!
#34. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2007
Yaay!! Thx u very much for the trans hisshou!! ^^
#35. by coby0 ()
Posted on Aug 26, 2007
thanx for the translation
#36. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Aug 26, 2007
Thanks for translation
#37. by jittat ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2007
Thanks a lot
#38. by Sariachan ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2007
Thanks for the translation! I would like to know the meaning of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, too, if possible. And if the lost country was named "Uzumaki" like Naruto and Kushina's surnames.
#39. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2007
^ Sariachan, Namikaze means wave-wind; Minato means, from what I've heard, a port.

Kushina is presumably a reference to a Buddhist/mythological figure. There was some talk about it in the previous week's Spoilers Discussion thread, but due to the server problems we're experiencing right now I can't search for the precise posts right now. Maybe Hisshou will know, anyway.

EDIT: Found it:

Quote by Kusachu;501689:
Kushinada was the gift to Susanoo by her parents...it's in a book i have...would take a while to type up the whole story...

Basically Susanoo (the Imetuous Male) tells her parents (who are Earth deities) that he will defeat the snake (that was coming to eat the last of their 8 daughters) if they give her hand in marriage. The agree and he turns her into a comb and puts it in his hair, then pours 8 tubs of sake and waits for the 8 forked snake. The snake gets drunk and falls asleep, susanoo kills it with his big sword. He finds the sword of heaven Murakumo-no-Tsurugi inside the snake and gives it to the Gods of Heaven...

He then turns the princess back into a woman and marries her.

Kushina apparently means "comb," as well, so...

Thanks to Kusachu.

Oh, by the way, Hisshou, I forgot to compliment you on your translation last week (shame on me!) but I loved the dialogue for both the Uchihas and Jiraiya's own, as well. Very nicely written. :)
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