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Fullmetal Alchemist 76

Fullmetal Alchemist 76

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Oct 11, 2007 13:42 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 76

DONE! Be sure to keep an eye out for TMI's scan!

Page 1:
Ed: "The Philosopher's Stone".
"Heaven's Rock."
"The Great Elixir"
"The Red Tincture."
"The Fifth Element."

Though it has many names, the Philosopher's Stone doesn't necessarily take the form of an actual stone.

Ed: It could be liquid, or powder...
The one Dr. Marcoh once had was in a gelatinous state.

Kimblee's looks like a lump of coal - it's about this big.
He actually keeps the stone itself inside his body, along with its enormous energy, giving him the ability to transmute things without a circle.

Soldier: If we could just steal it...
Miles: Things would be a bit easier.

Page 2:
Solider: With the way everyone talks about how it gives you "ultimate power," I thought it'd be bigger.
But it's actually really small.
Ed: Yep.
I've never seen one bigger than a rock.
Small text: Even Envy's was only about this big.

Ed: If you were to try and make a really huge one, you'd need to sacrifice an unfathomable number of lives.
That's a legendary "treasure" you never want to see.

Izumi: Mr. Hoenheim...you're...
You, yourself, are...

A Philosopher's Stone?!

Page 3:
Title: Chapter 76 - The form of a Man...the form of a Stone.

Page 4:
Miles: Looks like the snowstorm's cleared.

Get everyone ready.
Soldier: Aye, sir.

Are we using snipers?
Miles: Yes.

We're bringing down Kimbley and the two guys from Central.
Them, and only them. I want complete success, in complete secrecy.

Soldiers: Yessir!
Roger that!

Miles: Inform the guys we're "borrowing" from HQ.
Ed: Major Miles...

By "bring down," you mean "kill," don't you?
Miles: Of course I do.

Page 5:
Ed: I don't think we should kill him right away.
Why can't we restrain him so he can't use alchemy and interrogate him, like we talked about earlier?

Miles: You think that...THING would tell the truth?
Letting him live poses too much risk to us.
Ed: Then what about his men?

Ed: They may only be obeying his orders because they've been turned into Chimeras.
Miles: That's possible.
Unfortunately, "possible" is not good enough.

Remember the laws of Briggs.
Let your guard down, and you're dead.

It's very "possible" that your soft-heartedness will get you killed someday.
SFX: Gulp

Miles: As General Armstrong said, we have no need for careless fools up here.
If Kimblee or his two men give us an opening, we're bringing them down.

Page 6:
Guard: He IS still a kid, after all.
Miles: Indeed.
Anyone who thinks they can live in a world without killing is being unreasonable.
SFX: Step step

Guard: I used to think it was possible too, when I was his age.
Miles: Same here.
Small text: Haha

Miles: But at our age, after being in so many battles...
It becomes harder to let someone live than to kill them.

The Elric Brothers chose the harder path.
Guard: Hahaha,
They tend do do that a lot, don't they?

Miles: Yeah.
But I have to admit, I envy them a bit for it.

Page 7:
Marcoh: This word, "Rasaayana..."
Scar: It's an herb that rejuvinates the body, increasing longevity.

Marcoh: Perhaps it's referring to the Philosopher's Stone?
Hmm..."Can turn base metals to gold and restore an old man's youth..."
What's "Aurelian?"
Scar: It means "gold."

Marcoh: Which makes this sentence, "Gold forms the foundation for eternally extending the body's life..."
This whole thing is about nothing but immortality and gold.

May: That's because Scar-san's brother learned all about Xing's Rentanjutsu.

In Xing, we call an immortal a "Shin-hito."

"Shin" is Xingese for "true", and "hito" means "person". A "true" person is a "perfect" person. Likewise, gold is called the "perfect metal."
In our language, the word for gold is "kin," and we have a saying - "A shin-hito is a kin-hito!"

In Xing, we call an immortal a "true person."

In our language, the word for "true" can also mean "perfect." Likewise, gold is called the "perfect metal."
And we have a saying, "He who does not grow old, surely must be made of gold!"
Marcoh Small text: Ooh! Aah!

Page 8:
May: Some say the man who taught Xing about Alchemy had golden hair and golden eyes, that's why people thought he was immortal!
Winry: Huh!
Golden hair and eyes, just like Ed and Al!

Yoki: Hey, everybody!

I found the exit.
We made it through the mountain!

Winry: Aah!
Too bright!

Toad: Whew...the weather's much better now.
Tankee: We gotta get to Briggs, quick.

Page 9:
Yoki: Okay, everyone! Follow meWAUGH!
Toad: The snow's a lot deeper than it looks.
Tankee: Hop on my back, young lady.
Small text: You're half-buried down there!

Toad: It might be best if we walk over the snow to pack it down into a path, and proceed slowly.
Marcoh: Thank you.
Bubble: Heeeeeeey-

Winry: Hm?
BubblE: Over heeeeeeeere-

Bubbles: Heeeeey!
Help meeeeee!

Winry: A-AL?!


I'm alive!!

Page 10:
Al: I tripped on something and got buried.
Winry: What the heck are you doing out here?!

Al: I had trudged over the mountain in the middle of that raging blizzard to warn you. [H: This line has to sound cheesily heroic...look at May!]
Winry: Warn us?

Al: Soldiers from Central have infiltrated Briggs.
And General Armstrong's been summoned to Central HQ.
Winry: Huh?! B-but then-

Al: Yeah.
Going to Briggs now is much too risky.
Winry: Then we have to hide somewhere else...
Scar: Somewhere ELSE?

Where exactly do you see somehwhere else to go?

Page 11:
Al: Oh.

Well anyways, why don't you guys eat first?
I brought lots of emergency rations and snow gear for everyone!
Guys: Woohoo!
Food, food, food!

Winry: Is this really a good idea?
Al: Huh?

Winry: Won't Mr. Kimblee get suspicious if you're not there?
Al: Oh, don't worry about THAT.

Brother will think of something.
SFX: Clank

Page 12:
Soldiers: 3rd Squadron, 5 men.
4th Squdron, 8 men.

Miles: All men in my squad have been accounted for.
Soldier: Roger that.

Miles: Everyone get to your designated areas and begin the search.
Small bubbles: Yessir!

Miles: Let's roll.
Fake Al: Aye, sir.
SFX: Clank

Ed: Hey, uh..."Alphonse."
That should've been an "Okay!"
Fake Al: Urk!
Ed SFX: Psst

Fake Al: Sorry...it's so hard to move in this thing, Edward!
Small text: Struggle struggle
SFX: Clank clank
Ed: Yeah, well, I apprecate you dealing with it.

Page 13:
Fake Al: Wait, brotherrrr!
Small text: High voice.
Ed: Move it.
SFX: Wobble wobble

Miles: Hey, you.
What are Kimblee and his guys investigating?

Soldier: See that big tower in the center of town?
They're gonna enter the mines from there and search the tunnels.

He doesn't trust soldiers from Briggs, so he's only bringing his guys from Central.

Miles: Damn him, he noticed.

Miles: Stall him.

Have the snipers secure positions surrounding the tower.


Page 14:
Kimblee: Search for the entrance tunnel.
There should be plenty of footprints around it.
Monkey: Sir.

Kimblee: Now then...

You're here too, aren't you?
Fullmetal Alchemist.

Ed: You want something?

Kimblee: I was correct in assuming you'd be here.
Ed: What's that supposed to mean?

Page 15:
Ed: I'm here because you promised me a Philosopher's Stone if I helped you catch Scar.
Kimblee: Don't play the fool with me.

You're stalling me so the snipers have time to get in position, correct?

Ed: ...What tipped you off?

Kimblee: There are several people with the intent to kill surrounding this area...I can feel it.
It's quite a pleasant sensation.

It's no accident that I survived the Ishval war, after all.

Page 16:
Miles: Do you have a shot?
Soldier: Yes.
At this distance, I-


Soldier: ...Son of a bitch!
SFX: SHaaaaaaaaa

Soldier: He's hiding himself with the snow!

Page 17:
Ed: Bhagh-
SFX: Badumdumdumdum

Ed: Dhurgh?!

Ed: Nngh!

SFX: Dahshaaaaa

SFX: Sniff sniiiiiiiif

Page 18:
SFX: Sniff sniff sniff

Ed: Figures.


Monkey: Whoa there, not so fast!
SFX: Slash
Ed: Ack!

Page 19:
Ed: Damn him...
I can't see shit with all this snow and smoke...

But they can't see me either, so at least we're on equal footing...
SFX: badumdumdum


Lion: Stand down, Fullmetal Alchemist.
SFX: Squeeze

Lion: With the visibility here so poor, us Chimeras and our noses have the advantage.
SFX: sniff sniff

Ed: Shut...your mouth!
SFX: Bzzzzzrt

Page 20:
Lion: AAAGH!


Miles: Fullmetal!
Soldier: Cough

Miles: What happened?
Where are you?! Respons!

SFX: Bam thud thud thud thud

Ed: Major Miles!
They're chimeras! And they've been trained to fight in places with low visibility!

Page 21:
Ed: Stay out of the smokAAAGH
SFX: Slip, Thunk

Monkey: Wha?
SFX: Crummmble

SFX: crash crach crach crash
Kimblee bubbles: Step step step step

SFX: Crush

SFX: Twitch twitch

Page 22: Arrgh...I think I got squished even shorter...

Ed: Oh ho!
I guess this IS a mine, after all!


Ed: Eeeeeeasy, boys!
You know what this is, right?

Lion: You stupid punk!
SFX: Sniff sniff
Monkey: That stuff is soaked, there's no way it'll ignite.

Ed: Pop quiz, gramps. What's dynamite made of?
Lion: Eh?

Uhh...Nitroglycerin, right?
Nitroglycerin is the main ingredient...
Monkey: And ammonium nitrate, or something?

Page 23:
Ed: And why do they use ammonium nitrate?
Lion: OBVIOUSLY ammo...

Ed SFX: Tee hee
Black bubble: Clap


Page 24:
Kimblee: Urk.
What is that stench?

Ed: Ammonia!
SFX: Sniff
Noseplug SFX: Pthoo
Ed: Having a super-powered nose can backfire on you.

These guys are toast.
Monkey: Ghaaaaahaahaaaaa...
Lion: T-the smell...

Kimblee: The second you think the hostage is safe, this is what happens?
Ed: Hostage?
I dunno what you're talking about.

I think it's about time you spilled your guts, Kimblee.
SFX: Wipe wipe

Kimblee: Oh, dear...
You're so excitable.

Fighting with a younger man would probably result in a lot of extra grief and broken bones.
And I don't have time to play with you, anyway.

Page 25:
Kimblee: I suppose
it's time to use this.

Ed: Sweet.
He just saved me the trouble of searching for it!

SFX: Dash

SFX: Jab

Kimble: That's right, he changed to a lighter automail!
He's too fast-
SFX: Tatap

Page 26:

SFX: Whoooosh
Tink tink

Kimblee: Rrgh-

SFX: Slash
Ed: Too slow!

Page 27:
Ed: No Philosopher's Stone!
No transmutation circles!


Kimblee: "I got him!"
That's what you're thinking, right?

The "courage to not kill" is a respectable policy...
But actually following it on the battlefield is just handing your opponent an opening.

Lucky for me, you didn't take your chance to finish me off.

That naivete...
that soft nature...not even considering that I might have ANOTHER Philosopher's stone...

Page 28:
Kimblee: Has become your downfall.


SFX: rrrrrrrumble

Page 29:
SFX: Ruuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmble

SFX: Ruuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmble

SFX: Ruuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmble


Page 30:
SFX: Crumble crumble

SFX: Crumble crumble

SFX: Tak tak tak

Page 31:
Ed: Uh-...urgh...

Monkey: U...ughah...
Lion: H-how could you, Mr. Kimblee...
ignoring us, too...

Ed: He brought down the whole tower...?

Ed: F-fuck...
where'd Kimblee go...
SFX: Ptheh

SFX: Grugk

Ed: No...no way...
SFX: splatter splatter

Page 32:


Page 33:
Winry: Al!!

Al, what's wrong?!
May: Alphonse-sama!
Al: Oh...no...

being pulled away...

Toad: Hey, Armor-guy! Get a grip!
Winry: AL!
What's being "pulled away?!"
Al: ...Soul...

Scar: Your soul's being pulled away?

Marcoh: Has this ever happened before?
Winry: I don't know!

Get up, Al!
Somoene help him!
Page 34:
Winry: Someone...


Text: Is this the end of the Elric Brothers?!

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And thank you for your translation, of course! ;D
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