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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Fullmetal Alchemist 77

Fullmetal Alchemist 77

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Nov 12, 2007 03:57 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 77

Page 1:
White Text: Those golden eyes hold dominion over all wild beasts.
Title: Turnabout Transmutation Circle [H: I could have worded this differently, but the Phoenix Wright reference was too much to resist.]

Page 2:
Text: Ed has suffered a fatal wound in his battle with Kimblee!
SFX: Crummmmmble

SFX: Thunk

Ed Flashback: We've got to live on, even if we have to crawl on our hands and knees...no matter how pathetic it looks.

Hawkeye: There are a lot of people waiting for you two to get your bodies back.

Al: I'm not getting my body back
unless you get yours back, too.

Page 3:
SFX: Twitch

Winry: You promised the next time I cried, it would be out of joy.


Ed: I can't...
make everyone...

SFX: Sliide

Ed: ...over me!
SFX: Grab

Page 4:
SFX: Bzzzzrt

SFX: Clank

SFX: Bzzrt


Page 5:
Ape: Eh?

Lion: Damn him...Mr. Kimblee really threw us under the bus...

Ape: Hey, Fullmetal, you all right?!
Why'd you save us?
Lion: You're really hurt!

Ed: Don't get...
the wrong...idea...
Small bubbles: Zeeeh...

Page 6:
Ed: I just needed...
someone to pull this damn thing outta my...
Small bubbles: Huuu haaah

Ape: Y-you want us to pull that beam out?
Even though we were just fighting?
Ed: Yeah...

Ape: Weeeel, I don't recall being ordered to kill him,
do you?
SFX: Upsy-daisy.
Ed: Urgh-

Lion: But if we pull this out, aren't you gonna start bleeding like crazy and die of blood loss?

Ed: No...as soon as you remove it...
I'm gonna close the wound with alchemy...hopefully before I die.
Lion: You're a medical alchemist, too?

Page 7:
Ed: No...
but a long time ago, I tried human transmutation...
so I read about it a little...

Ape: But your insides must be completely messed up...
The only reason Mr. Kimblee survived being impaled by Scar was because he had a Philosopher's Stone.

Ed: I'm gonna use my own life energy...
to increase the power.


It might shorten my life span a little, but...
Lion: A-are you sure about this?

Ed: I don't have time to think.
I'm in this situation because I've been too soft...
I made a mess, and now I gotta clean it up. [H: This is a Japanese idiom - literally, "It's my ass, I gotta wipe it myself.]

Page 8:
Lion: I don't really get what you're gonna do, but you're right, there's no time.
Get ready.

Ed: Right...
Small sfX: Huuuu...

Ed: Think of yourself as a mass of life energy.

Do it.

SFX: Grab

Ed: Just like a Philosopher's Stone.

Page 9:
I'm nothing more than a Philosopher's Stone made of one soul.

Think back...
remember that feeling..

Ed: How it felt...
When I used Envy's stone!

Page 10:
Ed: How it feels to use life itself!

Ed: GH-

Page 11:

Page 12:
Lion: Is he dead?

Ed: ...Hell no...not yet. [H: I demand this be edited in directly, not as a side note :D ]
Antenna SFX: Poit!

Ape: Wow...
You don't even need a doctor as long as you know Alchemy, huh?

Ed: I couldn't...completely fix it...
This is just first aid to stop the bleeding...
and protect my organs.
Lion: So you need a doctor, after all...

Ed: No time...
Ed bubble: KHACK
Ape: You're looking a little wobbly there, kid...

Ape: He's gonna end up reopening that wound.
Lion: Only one thing to do.

Page 13:
Lion: Up we go.

Ed: Mane...
Lion: But it looks cool, right?
King of the jungle, baby!

Ape: So?
Where do we go?
Lion: You saved our lives, so we owe you.
I'll be your legs.

Ed: Follow...
in danger...

SFX: Slump
Lion: Hn?

Ape: He's out cold.
Lion: Now what?

Page 14:
Ape: The surface is crawling with soldiers from Briggs...we're toast if we go back up.

And if we chase Scar,
we might run into Mr. Kimblee.

Lion: What an idiot.
He's half-dead and he still wanted to fight Mr. Kimblee.

Oh well.
SFX: Hoop!
Ape: The kid might not like it, but I say we find a different route out and get him to a doctor.

Hell, we're free men now. Everyone's gotta figure we died in the collapse, including Mr. Kimblee.
Lion: Enough with the "Mister" crap.
It's that damn nutjob's fault we got dragged into this in the first place.

Page 15:
Ape: Hmm?

Lion: What is it?

Ape: It's...

SFX: Trudge trudge

Page 16:
All SFX: Trudge trudge

May small text: Al-sama's waistcloth...

Al: Urgh...

Page 17:
Al: Huh?

SFX: Shuffle shuffle

Winry: Al!
May: Al-sama!

Winry: You're awake? Are you all right?
Al: Hey, HEY! Why the heck am I all in pieces?

Winry: Oh thank God...I didn't know what we'd do if you didn't regain consciousness...
Scar: You passed out on us.

You were too big and heavy to carry in one piece, so we split your body up.
Al: Aah...

Sorry about that.
Right...and if I'd been in one piece, there's no way you both escape and save me if you ran into trouble.

Page 18:
Yoki: ACHOO!

It's t-t-too cold for this!
Quit wasting time and figure out where to go!
SFX: Shiver shiver
Marcoh: Right...

Let's hide in there for the time being...

Winry: Has that ever happened before?

Al: Yeah.
Once, while I was on my way to find you...
Winry: That was the SECOND time?!


Winry: Twice, in such a short amount of time...
Scar: Collapsing like that so frequently is definitely a bad sign.

Page 19:
Marcoh: I'm afraid you'll have to remain scattered around for the time being.
Al: I'm sorry.
You guys have to waste time on me when you should be deciphering that research...

May: Scattered?


Marcoh-san, may I see the book for a second?
Marcoh Small text: Sure.

SFX: Rustle rustle

SFX: Scatter scatter
Marcoh: What in the world are you doing?!

Page 20:
SFX: Rustle rustle
Marcoh: Y-you dropped the pages all over the ground!

May: There are too many different words in there that mean gold and immortality.
And all those strange phrases...

I was just thinking, what if we separated all the pages and then grouped the ones using the same words together?

Marcoh: Okay, I'll help too.

"Golden man..."
That goes with this group.
May: "Immortal" goes over here.

Page 21:
SFX: Rustle rustle rustle rustle
Marcoh: "A Perfect Man..."
Ah, here we go.
Scar: Give me that page, Marcoh.
May: That goes over HERE.
Marcoh: And this...

Here's the last one.

May: Ah-now if we connect the markings on each page...

Marcoh: This is...

Page 22:
Marcoh: The Transmutation Circle I theorized they'd use to make a Philosopher's Stone out of the whole country!
We already knew about this...it was all for nothing!
SFX: Slump

Marcoh: If we don't reverse this terrible situation soon, the world will suffer unspeakable tragedy!
Tankee: Then the research was just a red herring? It didn't even help at all?!

Toad: Y-you're kidding!
Tankee: I thought that book would solve everything!
Scar: Brother...is this what you wanted to tell me about?

You researched the Alchemy that we Ishvalans loathed so strongly, and the Rentanjutsu of the foreign lands...
Yet you only got this far...?

Tankee: Isn't there some kinda secret hidden in there somewhere?
You guys're supposed to be top-class alchemists, right? Figure it out!
Yoki: Ah...AAAh...


Page 23:
Toad: You moron, you blew the pages all over the place!
Yoki: B-be quiet! It's too cold in here!
I've practically got hypothermia!
Tankee: Now it's all messed up again...
Which side was the front?

Al: Take the terrible situation we're in...and...

May: And we's just gotten them all arranged...
Umm...This went...here...

Al: Reverse it!!

Page 24:
Al: That's it!
Leave the pages exactly as they are, but flip them over!
Scar: What?
Al: Don't alter their positions! Just turn them over!

Marcoh: Right!

Yoki: Huh? Now what?
Tankee: What is it?
SFX: Rustle rustle

SFX: Flip

Al: Well?
May: That was it.

Page 25:
May: This is the new Amestris-wide transmutation circle
that you'd get if you combined Rentanjutsu with Alchemy.


Page 26:
SFX: Step Step

SFX: Step step

SFX: Sluuuuurp

SFX: Step step
Kimblee: Nothing seems out of place...no signs of anyone having been here recently.
Perhaps I chose the wrong path?

I should probably go back...

Page 27:

SFX: hyoooooo
Crumble crumble

SFX: Tak

Page 28-29:
Kimblee: Aah, I see.
They used this to cart away the debris from Sloth's tunnel.


Pride: The Crimson Alchemist, I presume?
SFX: Zozozozozozozo

Page 30:
Pride: Hello.
My name is "Pride."

Kimblee: Do you have some business with me?
Pride: What is the situation with Scar

Kimblee: I'm pursuing him as we speak.

Pride: Forget Scar for the moment.

You need to carve a blood-soaked crest into Briggs.

Kimblee: That's easily said, but Briggs' soldiers have strong wills, and their combined strength is of monolithic proportions.

Page 31:
Kimblee: You're asking quite a bit of me.

Pride: Then you'll need to match their "monolithic" strength with something equally powerful.


Pride: Sloth has nearly completed the tunnel.

Page 32:
Father: Hurry...

SFX: Clang clang clang

Father: The day of reckoning is almost upon is.
Text: The plan enters its final stage!

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
Thanks and nice work :)
#2. by Borgenstrand ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
Wow, fast. :) Thanks!
#3. by Yarias ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
Yay ^_^
#4. by chair ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
#5. by Crello ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
Thank you very much!
#6. by Obxist ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
thanks !! fast work as usuall :D
#7. by Crayola ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
#8. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
Great as ever! Thx!

#9. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
#10. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
#11. by DGWL ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
brilliant as always! tyk
#12. by coby0 ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
thanx for the translation
#13. by coungpow ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2007
#14. by OrangeRat ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2007
thank you
#15. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2007
#16. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2007
thanks for the translation!!!!
#17. by Patoz ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2007
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