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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 79

Fullmetal Alchemist 79

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jan 13, 2008 07:29 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 79

Page 1:
Central dude: Hmm...

Even without General Armstrong's leadership, you achieve amazing results.
Splendid work!

Briggs's reputation as a monolithic force certainly is well earned!

Page 2:
SFX: Slump

SFX: Clap clap clap

Kimblee: Beautiful, just beautiful!
I've never seen anyone get slaughtered so quickly!
SFX: Clap clap

Page 3:
Kimblee: I thought I'd get to enjoy the show for a few minutes, but that's life.
Drachma: Is that all you have to say, Kimblee?!

Kimblee: Dear me...No one told me there'd be this much of a difference between your soldiers and theirs...
Drachma: Quiet!

We've had high-ranking people in Amestris who've pledged their loyalty to us for years, promising they'd help whenever Drachma was prepared to attack!
But they did NOTHING! No reinforcements, no diversion, NOTHING!

Page 4:
Drachma: And because of their failure to act, we've been obliterated!

Kimblee: There's no need to be upset.
Drachma: WHAT?

Kimblee: Despite that hailstorm of bullets, neither you nor I were struck once.
That we survived means the world has recognized us.

You are one of the chosen. Be happ-
Drachma: SH-
Small sfx: Fyooooooooooooooo


SFX: Splatter splatter

Page 5:
Kimblee: Getting blown up while I was talking...
How rude.

Soldier: Retreat!
Soldier 2: Damnit...what was the point of all this?

Soldier: Comrade Kimblee.
SFX: Kachik

Soldier: You're coming with us, as well.

SFX: Grin

Page 6:
Soldier: Whoa!

What the hell was that?
No one over here fired!
SFX: Rabble rabble rabble

Miles: Aah-
An avalanche.
SFX: Swuush swuush swuush

Buccaneer: ...That should do it.
Miles: But what caused that explosion?
SFX: Swuush
Soldier: Wowie.

Page 7:
Chapter 79: The Insect's Bite

Page 8:
Ishkid: The doctor?
He's been gathering firewood all morning.

He said he was going up to the woods on that hill.
Zanpano: I see.

We'll look up there. Thanks!
Kid: Umm,
Mr. Zanpano?

Who's that man?
Zanpano: Who, him?
Just another wandering Ishvalan from...somewhere else.

Page 9:
Zanpano: He needs the doc to take a look at something.
Ishkid: Oh, cool!

You lucked out, Mister!

Ishgirl: The doctor made me all better!
Ishboy: You should go right away, mister!
The doctor's super nice, he takes care of anyone who's sick for free!

Envy: Really?
Sounds like I'll get what I need, then.
SFX: Grinn

Marcoh: C'mon, lift...

Page 10:
Marcoh: Oooh, this isn't happening...
my back won't listen to me...
SFX: Tap tap

Toad: You're a doctor, sir. You need to take care of yourSELF as well as your patients.

Zanpano: Hey guys!
Toad: Hm?
SFX: Step step step step

Zanpano: There you two are!
Toad: You wanna give us a hand?
SFX: Step step

Page 11:
Marcoh: Who might he be?
Zanpano: I met him early this morning.
He'd like you to take a look at something.

Envy: Relax, Zanpano.
You can drop the act now.

Hello, Dr. Marcoh.
I see you've got a new face...but what're you doing way out here?

What made a worthless little insect like you
think he could escape from us-
SFX: Brz brz brz brz

SFX: Step

Page 12:

Envy: Wh-
What the hell is thiiiiiiis?!

Zanpano bubbles: Oof-
SFX: Stomp stomp stomp

Envy: Zanpano...
You betrayed us...?!

Page 13:
Zanpano: Heheh...NOW I can drop the act.
Marcoh: We were planning to lure you out here the whole time.

I know you well enough.
You're a complete sadist. You'd never be able to resist another chance to make me despair and suffer...I figured YOU'D be the one to come if they heard I was alive.

Envy: Ha! So what? What do you think you can do to ME?!
One ant or three ants, I'll still stomp you-

Marcoh: My alchemy has undergone an evolution.
I've placed transmutation circles here that act as land mines!

Page 14:
Envy: You can't fool me, that kind of alchemy doesn't just exi-
SFX: Jump
Envy: sTAAHAAAA!!!
SFX: Splurch

Envy: You son of a...

Fine, if they're mines, I'll just walk on your footprints, then I'll get y-



Page 15:
Marcoh: They're designed to react only to Homunculus.
I've placed them all over this area.

And thanks to the snowfall, you'll never figure out where they are

How does it feel
to be manipulated and outsmarted by a bunch of "insects" like us?

May: Hehehee...

Page 16:
May: He has no idea...
It's just a simple long-distance transmutation.

It's a good thing it snowed last night - all our traps are completely hidden!

Envy: Damn...
SFX: bzzt bzzt

Envy: You...you think you can talk trash to me like that?!

Envy: You disgusting little rats!
Don't get cocky!

Page 17:

Toad: What the hell is that?!
Zanpano: I know we're not ones to talk, but that guy's a freak!

SFX: Swip


SFX: Hop

Page 18:
Toad: Whew, that was close.
Marcoh: T-thank you.

Envy: Cheh-
Fatso over there's quicker than he looks...

Envy: Who-

Zanpano: Heheh...
"Insects" can still sting, kiddo!

Envy: Why you-

Envy: You stupid humans!
Your little attacks can't stop me!

Scar: Is that so?
SFX: Jump

Page 19:
Scar: Let's see you deal with this.
SFX: Crack


Page 20:
Envy: Gorgh-
SFX: Shiver shiver shiver


Toad: We got him!

SFX: Smirk

SFX: Spluuuursh

Page 21:
Envy: Hahaha! Gotcha!
SFX: Swish

Toad: Doctor!

Envy: Back off, boys.
I could snap his neck in half a second.

And now, my little ant, it's time to teach you a real lesson.

Remember what I said, Doc?
If you tried anything funny I'd wipe a town completely off the map?
Whoops! Think I broke something there.
Marcoh Bubble: Ghurk-
SFX: Squeeze squeeze
SFX Bubble: SNAP

Marcoh: I won't let you lay a finger-
SFX: Struggle struggle struggle

Page 22:
SFX: Flick
Marcoh: GHAGH-

Envy: Still putting up a fight?
How stupid can you get?
Marcoh: Cough-

Marcoh: I...I've...
Small bubbles: Haaa

Marcoh: I've been Central's dog for years...
making Philosopher's stones at their command...
caving in to you rthreats...
living in fear...
Small bubbles: Huu haaa cough cough

Marcoh: I'm...
so mad at myself for never trying to stop it...
Envy: Huh?
I'd put a sock in it if I were you. If you keep spewing stupid garbage like that, I'll MAKE you shut up.

I think I'll start by destroying that little Ishvalan slum down there!

Page 23:
Marcoh: Don't!
Envy: No, just destroying it wouldn't be any fun...

I'll find a few pretty little girls to take back to Central...and make into a new Philosopher's stone!

Marcoh: You bastards
are still making those accursed things?!

Let the researchers....
let my staff go!!
Envy: Do WHAT?

They're gonna be the main ingredient in the next stone.

Page 24:
Marcoh: Not...
Not my staff, too...

Envy: What're you so depressed about?
You've made COUNTLESS stones over the years, haven't you?

All using human lives!

Marcoh: Yes...I have.
I've sacrificed so many people to make Philosopher’s Stones...

Page 25:
Marcoh: And in doing so...
learned more about how to make them than anyone else in this country.

And when you learn how to make something...

You learn how to DESTROY IT! [H: FUCK YEAH MARCOH!]

Page 26:

Page 27:


Person: What the-

Page 28:
Ishkid: Up on the hill!
That's where the Doctor went to get firewood!

Envy: Ah-
Souls: Oooogii---

SFX: Pssht


SFX: Twitch twitch
Toad: Wah-

Page 29: [H: Man, I bet this is gonna be a bitch to edit/typeset]
Envy Souls: AaAaAaAaAaAaA
SFX: Slither

Soul: Ah-
SFX: Slither slither

Soul: AhAaAaAaA
SFX: Slither slither

Souls: aAaA
SFX: sliiiiiiiiiiither

Envy: No no no
This can't be happening-
Not to me-
Not to Envy---
SFX: Slither

Envy: I can't...
be killed by pathetic dogs like you-

Page 30:
Envy: Damn-
Don't look-
By Chimera-
I was
Don't p-p-p-

Don't pity me-

SFX: Splash

SFX: Thussh
Fetus SFX: GI

SFX: Sssshhhh

Page 31:
Envy Fetus: Don't look
at meeeeee.

Zanpano: Hah!
Now who's the insect...

SFX: Boot
Envy Fetus: GIIIII

SFX: Thush
Envy Fetus: Bugh-

Don't look-
little insects
Don't look t meeee

Scar: We've been tricked and manipulated by such a pathetic creature...

Envy Fetus: GI-

Page 32:
Envy Fetus: GI

Zanpano: You okay?
Marcoh: Zeeeh
SFX: Slump

Scar: Marcoh...
You've won.

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#1. by hayateblitz ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
Lol! Awesomeness! XDD
#2. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
hm,cool hisshou!!thanks!
#3. by Obxist ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
thanks Hisshou !! cant wait till TMI finish it :D
#4. by Imitorar ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
Thanks alot for the translation, HisshouBuraiKen!
#5. by noonethere ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
Thank you very much:)
#6. by ssjasper2003 ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
Thanks a lot, one of the best chapters so far.
#7. by niphredil ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
thank you so much <3
#8. by Muk ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
now with the translation this chapter becomes even more splendid

awesome trans thanks
#9. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2008
I love your FMA translations. I did a chapter in the past, so I can tell that these double-sized chapters seem to draw on and on forever. So thank you so much for the trouble.
#10. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2008
^^ I love doing FMA. The plot moves so well - I get jacked up as hell reading, translating, coming up with lines, especially with moments like this one.
#11. by Viewtiful ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2008
What about the captions at the beginning/ending of the chapter?
I would like to know what is coming up at the next chapter! One month is way to long XD
#12. by coby0 ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2008
thanx for the translation
#13. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2008
Quote by Viewtiful;685002:
What about the captions at the beginning/ending of the chapter?
I would like to know what is coming up at the next chapter! One month is way to long XD

You say that like they actually TELL you something :P

(they don't)
#14. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2008
thank for the translation!!!
#15. by coby0 ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
thanx for the translation
#16. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2008
thanks hisshou!!!
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