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Translations: Gintama 690 (2) , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Fullmetal Alchemist 81

Fullmetal Alchemist 81

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Mar 14, 2008 03:47 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 81

Page 1:
Side: An unexpected reunion in an unexpected location! What will dad's first words to his son be?!

All 3: ...You're...

Winry: Ed and Al's-
Al: Father?!
Hohenheim: My vintage armor!!

Al: WHAT?!
SFX: Rage
Hohenheim: Oh-Er-Sorry!

Pages 2-3:
Big text: His right arm holds in it a lesson to others...and hope for all.
Title: Chapter 81 - "Fired up"

Page 4:
Hohenheim: It's been what...10 years, Alphonse?
Al: Yeah...

Hohenheim: I heard what happened from Pinako
about your body, and...
Al: Right...

Small text: Uhhh...

Page 5:
Al: So um...Father...

Workers: Ah, there he is!
Mr. Hohenheim!

Are you busy? We could use your help.
Hohenheim: Happy to oblige.

We'll talk later.
Al: Oh...

Worker: You say that's your son, and you haven't seen him in years?
Small text: He's HUGE.
Woman: Don't you want to catch up with him?
Hohenheim: Nah...I abandoned him and his brother when they were just children...

I'm sure he doesn't even think of me as a father,
and I have no idea what to say to him.

Page 6:
Cook: Hey kid.

Remember when you fixed that radio for me?
Al: Sure do...

Cook: You did a hell of a job.
No static or nothing since then!
Al: "Then", eh...

I'm sorry...If we hadn't brought Cornello down so recklessly, the town never would've suffered like this.
Cook: Aaaaah, don't worry about it!

I mean yeah, it's still pretty rough around here.

But you two exposed a huge lie.
If you ask me, it was the right thing to do.

Page 7:
SFX: Clench

Al: I'm going to help rebuild, too!
SFX: Clank

Winry: Al!
SFX: Clank clank clank
Al: Go hide somewhere, Winry!
Stay out of sight!

SFX: Clank clank
Al: Let me do some work too, Father!
Hohenheim: Alphonse?

Al: Where do you want this?
Worker: Oh, thanks!

Page 8:
Toad: Lets give 'em a hand, eh?
Zanpano: C'mon, Yoki.
Yoki: What? But...food!

Toad: It'll taste better after a hard day's work.
Zanpano: Get the lead out!
Small Yoki text: Fooood!
Winry: Bye-bye.

SFX: Awkward paaaaause
Winry: So...um...

Rosé: You need to hide, right? Stay out of sight? Leave it to me!
Small Winry text: Kidnapper!
Cook: Bye-bye.

Page 9:
Rosé: You're on the lam...

So plain earth-tones will make it easier to move about!
What would be best...

Is the bath hot enough, Winry?


I'm in heaven!
SFX: Aaaaaaaah!
Winry: I can't even remember the last time I took a bath.

Page 10:
Rosé: I'm putting your clothes out here.
Winry: Okay! Thank you so much!

You're so nice, Rosé...
Box: Happy

Rosé: I think you're amazing.
Living on your own, working in an Automail shop at your age.

Did you do Ed's leg, too?
Winry: Yes.
We're old friends, I kinda felt like I had to...

SFX: Bubble
winry: I wonder if Ed's okay...
Maybe someone's heard something...
I hope he's relaxing in the tub somewhere safe, too...

Rosé: Woooow.
So you built the leg that supports Ed.

Page 11:
Rosé: And when he came here, he helped US stand on our own.
That makes you our savior's savior.

I completely fell for Church of Let's lies
because they told me they could bring my lover back from the dead.

Then one day, Ed and Al just waltzed in and revealed the truth.

Those who'd devoted their lives to Let, like me, were left depressed and disillusioned.

Winry: What did they do to help you get through it?

Rosé: Well, Ed got really mad and said, "Stand on your OWN legs, and start walking forward!"
Winry: Gh-

Page 12:
Winry: Sheesh, why does he always have to rub salt in peoples' wounds?
Rosé: Ahahaha...

I'm glad he got angry at us, though.
He opened everyone's eyes...including mine.

Maybe the true cause of the revolt was people placing all their faith in miracles and not thinking for themselves.
That's why we're going to bring Reole back to prosperity without waiting for a miracle to do it for us.

We're going to recover though our OWN efforts.

Page 13:
Rosé: We're all so grateful to Ed and Al.

If the deceit had continued much longer, we started thinking we were invincible and become one of those crazy "armies who don't even fear death," or whatever they call them.

Armstrong: These aren't real humans...are they just dolls?
Old Falman: Correct.
SFX: Smack smack

Old Falman: We will create soldiers by inserting souls into these humanoid "containers."

Their arms may come loose, their heads may be blown to bits, but they will fight on and follow orders without fail.
The ultimate weapon...soldiers that don't fear death.

Page 14:
Armstrong: May I ask a question?
Old Falman: Hmm?

Armstrong: These "souls" or whatever that you're going to put in them...where will THEY come from?

Old Falman: From the nations we have crushed...
and have YET to crush.

The front lines are fertile grounds for cultivating souls en masse.

Slappy: You still haven't found Izumi Curtis?

Page 15:
Beardo: No, sir.
She has yet to return from her vacation
and that store employee has no idea where they went.
Slappy: Enough excuses.

You've got all the resources in the world - get back out there and find her no matter WHAT it takes.
Beardo: Yes, sir...

Why are we trying so hard to find an ordinary housewife?

Slappy: That's none of your business, soldier.
Now get out of here.

Bido: Wheew...
sFX: tink tink

Page 16:
Bido: Following those army guys just got me stuck in this weird sewer...
SFX: Cloong cloong

Bido: I'm so lost.
SFX: Cloong cloong
Small SFX: shuffle shuffle shuffle

Bido: And Central's freaky!
SFX: Cloong cloong

SFX: Cloong cloong
Bido: This underground maze goes on forever...
SFX: Pata

Bido: Oh ho?
I smell something fishy...
SFX: sniff sniff

Page 17:


SFX: drip drip drip

Chimeras: Friend? Friend? Friend? Friend. Friend. Friend!

SFX: shuffle shuffle shuffle

Page 18:
Bido: I...
I think I peed my pants...

Central's too scary!
There's no WAY Master Greed would be in a crazy place like this! NO way!

Where's the exit?!

SFX: Squeeze squeeze squeeze
Squish squish squish

Page 19:
Bido: Exguagh!
SFX: splat


SFX: Zuaaaaaaaaaaaah

Bido: ...there's the rest...
SFX: Tinkle

Bido: This place looks like a living nightmare...is it a mannequin factory?
They way they're all hanging there, it's like a person farm...
SFX: shuffle shuffle

Bido: Reminds me of the lab where I was turned into a chimera for some reason...

Page 20:
Hohenheim: A tunnel?

Al: Yeah. I came here to see if there's a big tunnel underneath the town.

If there is-
well, I'm SURE there is-
It means-
Hohenheim: Wait.
Let's talk somewhere private.

Page 21:
Hohenheim: So you've been trying to prevent them from activating this nationwide transmutation circle.
Al: Mmhmm.

That's why we came to Reole, and then YOU were here. It was a real shock...
but a lucky coincidence, too.
Hohenheim: How's that?

Al: There's a man who looks exactly like you living underneath Central.
I seriously doubt there's no link between you two.
You must know who, or what, he is...
so I decided I'd ask you if we ever met.

Page 22:
Hohenheim: Are you sure that's a good idea, Alphonse?
Al: Huh?

Hohenheim: What if I'm on THEIR side?

Didn't you consider the possibility
that everything you just blurted out might make its way to your enemy's ears?

Al: Oh...

SFX: Bonnng

Page 23:
Hohenheim: I'm really happy that you trust me.
Thank you.

Al: ...You're welcome!

Hohenheim: He's trusting a failure like me as a real father...

Now then...
Can I trust my son, and tell him everything?

Hohenheim: It's a long story.
I'd like Ed to hear it, too.
Al: Well...

So would I, but...

Page 24:
Al: Brother's gone missing...
Hohenheim: ...Eh?

SFX: Blah blah blah

Teller: Next, please.

SFX: Clink

Darius: I'd like to make a withdrawal from State Alchemist Edward Elric's research account.

Page 25:
Teller: Are you Mr. Elric?
Darius: No, I'm acting for him. I have all the required documents signed by him.

Teller: Please write down the access code and withdrawal amount, and return it
along with the certificates signed by Mr. Elric.

SFX: Plop
Teller: Thank you, sir.

Page 26:
Teller: Please come again.

SFX: StepstepstepstepstepSLAM

Teller: This is the Northern branch of Banks Bank.
A withdrawal's just been made from the account of Mr. Edward Elric, the State Alchemist.
Woman teller: Next, please.

Man Teller: A man who said he was acting on his behalf...
Yes, he looked like...

Darius: Here's your money, Doctor.
SFX: rustle

Page 27:
Doc: This oughtta do it.
Darius: Highway robbery...

Wife: I wouldn't mind a few extra bucks for keepin' me mouth shut...
Darius: Well...
we appreciate your not asking more than necessary.

Lion: Hey, Darius.
The military caught up to us.
Darius: Huh? Did the fake ID give us away?
Doc: Hey now, don't be gettin' us wrapped up in any trouble now!

Page 28:
Lion: You didn't sell us out, did you, Doc?
Doc: Please!
We've lived by the motto "The customer is God" for over half a century!
Small text: Then stop ripping God off!

SFX: Knock knock knock knock

Doc: Coming!
SFX: creee
Doc: Oh, a soldier! Is someone injured, sir?

Soldier: No,
we're looking for someone.
Doc: I see...

Solider: Is he your only patient?
Doc: Yes, as you can see we're just a poor old husband and wife with a small practice-
Soldier: Anyone staying in the back?
Doc: ...We do have the equipment to keep people here for treatment, yes-
Soldier: I said, is anyone in back?

Page 29:
Doc: Yes, one...

SFX: Stompa Stompa Stompa Stompa Stompa

SFX: Sheee

Page 30:
Darius: Uh...yes?

Soldier: You the only patient here?
Darius: Yeah, who wants to know?

Soldier: You...
Are you the guy who went to the bank?

Both hands, in the air, SLOWLY.
SFX: kachik

SFX: kachik

Page 31:
Soldier: Now!
Both hands, in the air!
SFX: Kastomp stomp stomp stomp

Ed: Huh? What're all you soldiers doing here?
Soldier: We're a search party. Have you seen anyone suspicious come in or out of here lately?

Ed: Suspicious...? What do they look like?

Page 32:
Soldier: Let's see...
He wears a red coat...blond hair in a ponytail...



Soldier: What the hell?


Page 33:
Soldier: Who did this to you! Snap out of it!
SFX: Shake shake

SFX: Thwack thwack

SFX: Silence
Door SFX: Cree

Soldier: Coen! Harris! What happened?!
You stay still!


Soldier: Wha-
SFX: Wiggle wiggle

Page 34:
SFX: Craaaaaack

Soldier: Wha-
SFX: thrash thrash
Soldier: Geh-

SFX: Slump

SFX: Zuruzuruzuru, Katack
Darius: Geez, you took 'em ALL down alone.

Chill out a little,
you're not at 100% yet.
Ed: Don't treat me like I'm still laid up!

Page 35:
Ed: I'm all fired up and ready to GO!
SFX: clench

Text: The Fullmetal Alchemist is BACK!

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#1. by fairy ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Wow, that was quick. Yayness~ XD
#2. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Thx a lot! n_n...
#3. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
#4. by Tsunami'T ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Thank you.. TT-TT
Ed is back!!
#5. by boreen ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Thank you !!
#6. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
thanks for the trans!!!
#7. by hayateblitz ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
wow! YAY!

Thanks for the trans ^^
#8. by michellethemit ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Page 9:
Rosé: You're on the lam...

Dear HBK

...I have no clue what that means.

Editing now, but I have to leave for school @ 1pm EST. I'll be home around 5ish, so the finished works will definitely be up by tonight.
#9. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Quote by michellethemit;766811:
Page 9:
Rosé: You're on the lam...

Dear HBK

...I have no clue what that means.

Editing now, but I have to leave for school @ 1pm EST. I'll be home around 5ish, so the finished works will definitely be up by tonight.

It means being on the run (from law). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugitive#.22On_the_lam.22
#10. by Sayumi ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Thank you for the wonderful trans!!
#11. by Charly10 ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Thanks HisshouBuraiKen ;)
#12. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2008
Thank you!
#13. by 526663 ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
#14. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
thank you!
#15. by Tsukisama ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
Thank you for the translation, HBK :hbunny
#16. by OrangeRat ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2008
thank you
#17. by shrimpy ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2008
trans question for you: do you have any actual references for what that giseigo (is it one?) of the last line of this chapter (バリンバリン) means--Can't find it anywhere.
I assume from your trans you treated it like baribari, but because I know how picky these things can be i wanted to make sure "barin" isn't something different.

Thanks in advance.
#18. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2008

Literally it'd be something like, "I'm back to my normal smashy-smashy self!" If, say, Ed was larger, green and more "hulking" I would've gone with "It's clobberin' time!" But I'd slip in Barack Obama's catchphrase since he's so in vogue these days.

Where jdic fails, yahoo's dictionary almost always comes through :ossu
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