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Fullmetal Alchemist 94

The Flames of Revenge

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Apr 10, 2009 04:05 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 94

Note to scanlators - use periods at the end of sentences. They are important. Leaving them off is my pet peeve.

Page 01:
Paper: Popularity Poll results

Both: Eep...
2nd place again...

Winry: Hey, where's Ed?
Al: I didn't feel like hearing him brag so I haven't told him the results are in.

17th: Scar / Author (tie)
19th: Yoki
20th: Xiaomei


Page 02:
Red txt: Thans for the support!
Title: 94 - The Flames of Revenge

Page 03:
Top: Fullmetal Alchemist Character Contest Results!
White text: After two months of voting by our loyal readers, the results are in! Your feverish devotion to your favorite characters was certainly clear judging by all the votes cast! Now, it's time for the results in true Gangan style! How did YOUR pick do?

Orange text: An incredible third straight win!
Ed: Thanks for putting me in first again, guys! I'll keep kicking ass, so stay tuned and don't forget to cheer me on!

Mustang: Fullmetal beat me again...If I'd just started campaigning a little sooner...
Hawkeye: Perhaps this is your destiny, Colonel?

Hawkeye: Thank you all very much for voting for me. I'll keep working hard.
Winry: Way to represent the girls, Riza!

Al: Same as last time...but thanks for all the kind words you send with your votes, everyone!
Ed: Al will be right beside me!

Winry: I levelled up! Yay! Thanks everyone!

#6: ENVY
Envy: I guess I didn't see much action at points...kinda lame, but whatev.

Havoc: My rank went up even though I was in the hospital! Maybe this'll finally get me a girl!

Armstrong: I was aiming for the top..."survival of the fittest" applies here, too.

Lin: Nice, my rank went up! Now if I could just get my body back from Greed...

#10: RAN FAN
Ran: I'm surprised I rank right next to the prince. Thank you for your votes.

Page 04:
Alex: As thanks for your wonderful votes, allow me to show off my beautiful muscl-
Olivier: Knock it off!.

Greed: I figured everyone would've forgotten me! Guess I'm still kickin'!

#13: LIN (GREED)
Greelin: I'm gonna rule the world, #13 ain't enough for me!

Kimblee: I'm honored to be ranked so high. Thank you, my friends.

Hohenheim: I'm so far away from my dear boys... (cries)

Hughes: I'm so happy that you guys still haven't forgotten about me!

Scar: How much suffering must I endure...? (rage)

#19: YOKI

Blue text: Thanks for all your amazing fanart!

Bottom red text: We appreciate all your votes and hope you'll keep reading "Fullmetal Alchemist!"

Page 05:
People: What's going on?
Sounds like something big!
I dunno!
There's no news at all.
Maybe it's terorrists...
I hope not...

Cappy: Hey, turn on the radio!
Tune to Capital Radio!

You won't BELIEVE what's on!
Guy: Capital Radio?
That boring public channel?
Cappy: Do it before the army shuts it down!

Guy: What, are they airing war protest songs?
Radio: -how it happened, Madam Bradley?

Page 06:
Mrs B: Yes.
The Central Army tried to kill me.

Radioguy: They actually pointed guns at YOU with the intent to fire?
Mrs B: Yes.

He said, "We've been permitted to kill you as well as long as we manage to take out Mustang's men."

Radioguy: The Fuhrer is currently at the eastern headquarters, is he not?

Mrs B: Yes.
Radioguy: So while his Excellency is away, some rebels are trying to stage a coup d'etat, then?

Page 07:
Mrs B: I can't say.
All the entrances to Central HQ have been closed off.
People: Is this for real?
It's not a prank?

Mrs B: Please...please!
Find Selim!
I need to talk to my son!

People: Poor thing...
Mrs B: Someone...
People: How cruel.
I hope Selim's all right...

Radioguy: Please try to stay calm, Madam Bradley.
People: Who's trying to sieze power?
Radioguy: Your own safety is paramount right now.
Guy: I wonder if anyone besides Bradley could unite this country...

Mrs B: I...I don't know WHAT would have happened to me if Colonel Mustang hadn't saved me.

Page 08:
Maria: You haven't told her Selim's a homunculus?
Fuery: Nope.
Or that the Fuhrer's gone missing.

Breda: We haven't told the First Lady yet,
but the truth is, the Fuhrer's train was attacked on the way back from eastern HQ...
there was an explosion, and no one has been able to find him.

Radioguy: Madam Bradley!

Please, calm down!
Breda: Colonel Mustang already knew he couldn't trust the top brass, and combined with the incident with Mrs. Bradley...

It's clear that the top brass has been trying to overthrow his Excellency!

Page 09:
Baldini: YOU IDIOT!

Stop broadcasting immediately!
There will be consequences if you don't!

Radioguy: I don't have a choice, sir!

We've all been taken hostage, they're practically shoving their guns down our throats.

There are just too many of them for us to try and fight back.
Guy2: Keep it going!

Baldini: Get Mustang on the phone! Let me talk to him!

Page 10:
guy: H-Hey, stop-
Put the gun down! Don't shoot!

Guy: How was I?
Fuery: Perfect!
Guy2: Don't stop the broadcast!
Guy3: Who the hell would stop broadcasting an amazing scoop like this!
Guy4: No one can silence the mass media!

Ross: Those of us on Colonel Mustang's side...
People: What?!
Is Bradley dead?!

Ross: We may not be as capable as his Excellency, but we share his vision.
For the sake of true justice, we will stand and fight against these corrupt individuals.

Page 11:
Denny: Uh-
No way...
That voice...

Grumman: Hwahahaha!
They're really using Bradley's disappearance to their advantage.

"Justice" was an excellent choice of words.
The people will eat that up.

Breda: "Justice" is about as vague a word as there is.
Ross: Please, it was great.

It has such a nice ring to it.
"Justice." It's beautiful.
Guy: Yup.
And whoever uses it first has the advantage.

Guys: What's happening?
They said the Fuhrer's dead...

Page 12:
Ishvalan1: Mustang's group is telling the truth.
Priest: We've just come from the east...the train carrying the Fuhrer's was blown up and sent flying down a cliff.

And they tried to hide it from the people in Central?
How could they keep our leader's assassination a secret?
So there IS a coup d'tat?
What happened to the first family?
According to Captial Radio, the attack on his wife was definitely organized by the military's leaders.

What about Selim?
He must be a hostage too...
I hope he's not dead, too...

Capn: What are those buffoons doing?!

Soldier: The enemy were heavily armed, they had a difficult time countering their weapons...
Capn: What kind of arms could they possibly have that we couldn't handle?!

Page 13:
Capn: It's not like they have TANKS!
Solider: Incomming transmission from our forces!

It sounds like things are really chaotic-
Capn: It's about famn time!
What's the situation?

Radio: The Briggs guys even brought a-

Capn: Hmm?
Brought a what?

Page 14: [LOL]

Page 15:
Mustang: Scar.
I'll handle this.

He belongs to ME.

Page 16:
Jelso: S-Sure.
We'll just go on ahead then...


Envy: Who said you could go anywhere?

I owe you one from back up North-

Page 17:
Mustang: You don't have the luxury of speaking to others while I'm here.

That filthy mouth of yours must have a lot of oil in it.
It burns very well...

Envy: Gh-

Ed: Lieutenant...
Are you sure the two of you will be okay?

Page 18:
Hawkeye: We'll manage.

Mustang: If we can't, then...

Hawkeye: Go,
Ed: But-
Darius: C'mon, Ed.

The Colonel'll manage.
You see those flames?
That homunculus is going all KINDS of down.

Ed: It's not about WINNING.

Darius: Whatcha mean?

Page 19:
Envy: That's right...
you've been obsessed with avenging Hughes all this time...
What a beautiful thing, friendship...

Mustang: Stand down, Lieutenant.

He's about to start taking me seriously.

Envy: I can't really hold back in this form!
Don't blame me when you get torn to shreds!

Page 20:

Mustang: What's it feel like to have your eyeball fluids evaporate?
The pain must be out of this world.

Envy: Son of a-

Page 21:
Mustang: I can't believe you made yourself a bigger target.
You really thought bigger would be BETTER?

Stand up, you demon.
Regenerate your body.

You're going to drown in pain and agony until you finally die.

Page 22:
Envy: These are the flames
that killed Lust!

Mustang: Freeze!

Page 23:
Hawkeye: Colonel!

Mustang: Stand guard here, Lieutenant!

I'll kill him myself!

Hawkeye: Colonel!

Page 24:
May: This way!
I think it's this way!

Darius: This is so creepy...
They're like veins.

This place REALLY gives me a bad feeling...
May: You said it.

There's an incredible mass "ki" down this path.
Darius: A mass of "ki?"

May: Like there's a huge crowd of people...
does that make sense?

Jelso: Kinda...but I definitely know what you mean by creepy.

Page 25:
Zanpano: Hope there aren't any more enemies down here...

Ed: Hey,

Scar: The Flame Alchemist, right?

As a man who was once hell-bent on revenge, I understand how he feels.

Page 26:
Scar: That man...
In the end, his own flames will end up consuming his soul.

Mustand: Where are you, Envy?!
If you keep hiding I'll blow this whole place sky-high!

Envy: S-

Page 27:
Envy: Screw you!
I won't let you get anywhere near Father's room!

Mustang: There you-

Envy: What's up,

Haha, you flinched!
Now's my cha-

Page 28:
Envy: Bastard,
you attack your best friend without even batting an eye...

Mustang: Hughes is dead!
Dead and gone!

Your games are just pouring fuel onto the fire!

Page 29:
Envy: Shit...I have no choice...

I have to eat the damage and fight him up close!

He can't use such poweful flames this close to his own body!

We'll burn together...


Page 30:
Envy: He does pinpoint attacks with one hand and huge blasts with the other?!
This is ridiculous!

Mustang: Damn...

Page 31:
Mustang: He got away again...

Hawkeye: Where did Envy go...

SFX: Griiiiiiin

Page 32: N/A

Page 33:
Hawkeye: Ah-

Mustang: I told you not follow me, Lieutenant.
Hawkeye: Forgive me, sir.
I couldn't simply stand around doing nothing.

Where's Envy?

Mustang: I lost him.
This place is a damn maze!

Stay close to me, Lieutenant.

Come on.

Page 34:
Mustang: What's the meaning of this, Lieutenant?
Do you realize who you're aiming at?

Hawkeye: Excuse me?
You're joking, right?

When we're all alone,
the colonel always calls me "Riza."

Page 35:
Envy: Shit,
what, are you two dati-
Hawkeye: Just kidding.

Envy: Crap...

Hawkeye: Well, thanks for falling for it.
Now do me another favor and die.

Page 36:
Envy: That...



Page 37:
Envy: GHACK-

Page 38:
Envy: You focus to much on your target,

I'll bring you to your precious colonel one limb at a time!

Page 39: [FWOOM]

Page 40:
Envy: Ungh...

Mustang: That's one of my dearest subordinates you're attacking.

Page 41:
Mustang: No more recklessness, Lieutenant.
I told you, I'll kill him myself.

Envy: You goddamned human!
Don't you dare look down-

Page 42:
Envy: Gha...

Page 43:
Envytus: Damn it,
damn it!
Not again!

Mustang: THIS is your real form?
How ugly.

I understand why you were called "Envy."
Envy is truly an ugly emotion.

Envy: No-

Mustang: Get the fuck out of my sight.
Envy: I don't wanna die!


Page 44:
Hawkeye: What's the meaning of this, Lieutenant?

Hawkeye: That's enough, Colonel.
I'll clean this up.

Mustang: He's one flame away from being gone forever.
I don't need your help and I don't want it.
Lower your gun.

Hawkeye: I'm afraid I can't do that, sir.
Please, open your hand.

Page 45:
Mustang: No, god damn you!
Now drop your gun!

Envy: Eep-

Page 46:
Text: Consumed with vengeance, Mustang explodes on a violent rampage! But what comes next...?

Mustang: Fullmetal...

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#1. by Viewtiful ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
Thanks for your translation, Hisshou! :D

Just one thing: you forgot one baloon at page 12. I believe it is the fifth/sixth one, hope I'm not mistaken. Sorry for the trouble ;**
#2. by Miertje86 ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
Thnx for the translation
#3. by Kuszek ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
Thanks, you're the best! :)
#4. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
Fixed a few things and added the character poll page.
#5. by MaggeuS ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
This... Chapter... is... SO... AWESOME !
Thanks for the translation !
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