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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 84

Fullmetal Alchemist 84

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jun 13, 2008 19:21 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 84

Page 1:
White text: Hurry!
Don't let his life's flame die out!

Title: Chapter 84 - In the Hunter's Shadow

Page 2:
SFX: Baaaaaaah Baaaaaah

SFX: Wahahaahaha

Gerrod finishes iiiiin-

Too slow!
You got lazy, Gerrod!
People: Dwahahaha

Announcer: Will the next contestant come forward?

SFX, right to left: Chugachugachuga, Waaaa, Ahaha, Wah-, Wahaha

Someone: The roast lamb's ready!

Page 3:
Policeman: Boy, I wish I could go to the festival.
Woman: You'll get plenty of lamb to eat later, just keep doing your job.

Look, they're here.


SFX: Chugachugachuga

SFX: Katunk katunk katunk

Page 4:
Police: Welcome, sir.
SFX: Katunk katunk katunk
Miles: We appreciate your cooperation.

Hmm...You're having a festival, I take it?
Small bubbles: Who're those guys? Police?
They're in the army!
Police: Yes sir, this is Resembool's famous "Spring Sheep Festival."

Miles: Well, I'm sorry we had to ruin the fun for you. We weren't planning to stop here, but the train's having a lot of problems.
Police: Should I call for a mechanic?
The faster we fix it, the faster you're all outta here!

Miles: No, that's okay.
We're headed for the Eastern HQ's training facility, we'll need to give it a thorough inspection.

Oh, right. Can I trouble you for one small favor?
Police: Sir?

Page 5:
Miles: We need to refill our water supply.
Police: Oh, go right ahead. Take as much as you need.
Solider: Bring out the tanks!


SFX: Katang katang

SFX: Katang

SFX: Katang katang

SFX: Katooong

Page 6:
SFX: Knock knock

Guy: The door's locked.
Guy 2: No one's home?

Guy 2: We're here, miss.
SFX: Fwop

Winry: Thank you both!

Guy: Your front door's locked, though.
Winry: Today's the Spring Sheep Festival, Grandma and Den must still be there.

Page 7:
Winry: this way,
We can get in through the back door.

Guy: Is there somewhere you can hide?
Winry: Yes, we've got a huge basement room, I should be fine down there.

Guy: Wow, check out all the automail!
Winry: Don't touch those, please.
My Grandma will get mad.

SFX: Creeeee
Winry: Whew, I haven't been here in forever.

Ick, everything's covered in dust...
I'll have to clean up tomorrow.

Page 8:

Page 9:
Guy: Is someone in there?!
Guy 2: You okay, miss?!

Heinkel: Is someone in there?!
Darius: You okay, kid?!

SFX: Chomp
Heinkel: OUUUCH!

Greed: What the hell is wrong with you people?
SFX: Yank

Darius: Huh? You two are from Briggs-
Guy: You guys are Kimblee's men!

Page 10:
Winry: Lin?!
Greed: Huh?
Oh, you know him?
Den: Waaannnh waaanh

The 4 Bodyguards: Easy, easy! Just put the gun down.
what's going on here?
YOU put YOUR gun down!
It's a LONG story...
No, YOU put YOURS down FIRST!
Stop shouting, you'll blow our cover!
Someone shut that goddamned dog up!
All Ed's SFX: Chew chew chew


Winry: Huuuh Haaah

SFX: Turn
SFX: Gulp!

Page 11:
Winry: I was so scared...

Ed: Y-yeah...I'm really sorry...
I'm glad you're safe, too-

Winry: Now exactly WHY were you hiding in MY room?
Ed: ...because it's the best place in the house...to watch for people trying to break in...

Pinako: What's all this, now? There's MORE of you filthy bums are dirtying up my house, now?
SFX: Klunk klunk

Pinako: Winry?
Winry: Grandma!

Page 12:
Pinako: ...Thank goodness, you're all right.

Winry: Yes...
I'm sorry if I worried you.

Now who are THEY?!
guy: I'm very sorry for the disturbance, ma'am.
Guy 2: We're soldiers from Briggs, acting as Miss Winry's bodyguards

SFX: Loooooooom
Winry: Uhh...
Ed: We've been hiding out in your basement for a little while.

Winry: Lin...something about you seems different.
Ed: Oops.
I guess I never told you...

Greed: I'm Greed.
Nice to meetcha.

Winry: ...Wha?

Page 13:
Winry: Oh...I see...
Greed: Yep, so now these three work for me.

Winry: Why did you come back here, though?
Hiding in Central would've been a lot easier.
Greed: Because I said so.

There's no way to tell where THEY have eyes in Central.
Plus, I've gotta make sure his automail's all tuned up.

Pinako: You'd better get to work, Winry.
You made all his latest stuff, I can't do the fine-tuning.
Winry: That's right...

Page 14:
Ed: So Reole's starting to prosper again.
That's good, I always wondered how they made out.

Ed: And Al?
Winry: He's working with Mr. Miles. They can plan much better with an Alchemist who knows about everything on the team.

Your father went to Central ahead of him.
He's in some slum called "Kanama," you should go see him and have him explain the situation.

...So do you know anything about this "Promised Day" stuff?

Ed: Yeah, Greed told me.
That day will be a chance for us to get our bodies back...and the day where Amestris might be obliterated.

SFX: Clink clink

Page 15:
Ed: Hey...
Winry: Hmm?

Ed: ...Take Grandma and Den
and go hide in another country.


Winry: Are you SERIOUS?! What's the point of only telling your friends and family to run?!
Are you saying you can't stop all that from happening anymore?!

Page 16:
Ed: We CAN stop it, and we WILL! But there's that small chance-
Winry: There's no SMALL CHANCE! There's no NOTHING!

You have to stop those guys and protect our country!
And you and Al have to get your original bodies back!
I have to do whatever I can to help!

Ed: Geez, talk about simplifying things...

Page 17:
Winry: NOW what? You never give in that easily-
Ed: Oh my God, quit nagging me, woman!

Winry: Ed!
SFX: Cree


Greed: Kheheheh...

That's a nice girl you got there.
Another form of greed.

Ed: When you get too greedy, it comes back and bites you in the ass.
SFX: wave wave
Ed: See this? I wanted to bring someone back from the dead, and this is what I ended up with.
Greed: Oh yeah?

Page 18:
Greed: "I want to see my dead friend," "I want money," " I want women, "I want to protect the world." All "wants."
All "desires."

The raw emotion is the same mo matter what the object of desire is.
There are no "types" when it comes to greed.

You humans always get all holier-than-thou when it comes to this stuff...I really don't get you.
SFX: Hahaha
Ed: It's called having integrity, you should try it sometime.

Thanks Winry, Grandma.
Pinako: You gonna be okay? The trains don't run at this hour.

Greed: We're all outsiders...It's easier for us to just slip back into the shadows.
Ed: And the "promised day" is almost here, we can't waste any time.

Page 19:
Winry: Make sure you listen to what your dad has to say, Ed.
Ed: Yeah, yeah. And you make sure to stay hidden.

I'll be back after all this "promised crap" is over.
So bake me an apple pie and keep it warm.

Winry: I will!!

Workers: Let's call it a day, boys!
Workers: See ya!

Page 20:
Toad: Man, what a long day.
Zanpano: Let's hit that old guy's place and get some dinner.

Toad: This sure is whipping my ass into shape, I tell ya what.
Zanpano: Yeah, you've dropped a ton of weight!
Yoki SFX: Wobble wobble

Toad: Should we really be doing this when the whole country's in danger?

Zanpano: Hey, Doc!
Marcoh: Oh, you're here. Sorry we took so long.

Toad: Took so long?! We've been walking all over the place looking for you!
We've gotta get moving before the sun sets!

Zanpano: I'll get our stuff from the apartment!

Page 21:
Toad: We're going to Central
to meet up with Ed and Al's father.
I'll explain on the way.

It's kinda weird, ain't it?
An Ishvalan and army soldiers working towards the same goal.
Zanpano: Yeah, I guess it is.

Toad: We were born and raised to "protect this great nation" and all that,
Zanpano: Then again, we're really just tagging along with a bunch of genius alchemists hoping to turn our bodies back to normal...we're here for ourselves, too.

Toad: True...but Scar rebelled against Amestris, and now he's working to save it, too.
Zanpano SFX: Right, right.

Page 22:
Scar: Let's get this straight.
I'm not here to SAVE Amestris.
I'm here to CHANGE it.

This country rejected the People of Ishvala, and I'm going to make it recognize them as humans again.

Teacher: You must become the change you wish to see in the world...


Toad: Ishvalans?
Zanpano: Wha?
Marcoh: They weren't simply wandering aimlessly for all these months.

Page 23:
Marcoh: They're comrades, united in their intentions.

Grumman: Northern Soldiers are as stiff-looking as ever, I see.
Horseman: My apologies.

They were trained under the previous commander, Major General Armstrong.
SFX: clop clop clop

Your Eastern soldiers all look to be in top shape, as well.
Grumman: Bwahahaha!
My experience in Ishval hasn't gone to waste, I assure you!

Page 24:
Miles: I look forward to working with you again, Lieutenant General Grumman.
Grumman: Oh ho, if it isn't Major Miles...

Boy, I can't tell you how glad I was to hear we'd be doing our joint at my place!
The north's MUCH too cold for an old fart like me!
SFX: Hahahahaha
Everyone: He's never even gone up North once.

Grumman: Let's do our best, eh?
Miles: Just try to go easy on us.

Grumman: Everything's ready on our end.
SFX: whisper whisper
Miles: Ours, too.

Grumman: Unfortunately, a TEENSY little problem's popped up...
Miles: ..What do you mean?

Page 25:
Grumman: Little ol' Bradley came to watch the show.

Miles: We'd accounted for the possibility of Central observing the joint training since the "Promised day" is so close, but...
Grumman: The boss man's here and it really threw a wrench into things, eh?
Ahhh, I'm getting fed up with all this.

Page 26:
Grumman: Haah...
we'll just have to figure something out.

SFX: Twitch
Al: Nnh-

Page 27:
Al: Shit...
it happened again...

Al: I feels like I'm getting pulled away more and more often...

I've got to hurry...
If I don't get my body back soon...
SFX: Sliiide

SFX: Plink

SFX: drip drip drip
Gluttony(!): I smell him...I smell him!

I smell the Fullmetal Alchemist's brother!

Page 28:
SFX: Griiiiiiiiin [H: Nothing beats the Gluttony "EAT TIME" grin]

Al: Oh-

Page 29:
Al: Shit, shit, SHIT!

SFX: Clank clank clank
Al: I can't afford to fight him with my body giving out on me!

What now?
...Should I try to destroy his Philosopher's Stone like Dr. Marcoh?

I messed up...
I never thought there'd be another Homunculus besides the one who sent out the Fuhrer!

I've gotta warn everyone-

Page 30:

Page 31:

Al: Rrgh-

Al: What...IS this...
SFX: Squeeeeze

SFX: Gasp

Al: ...hh-
SFX: Wobble, thud

Page 32:
Al: Not now...not now...
SFX: Slump


SFX: Skreee, Zuru

SFX: Zuruzuruzuru


Page 33:

Page 34:
All SFX: Zuo zuo

Text: Alphonse is captured! Is this it?!

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#1. by Starzen ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2008
thanx for the trans it was much needed.
#2. by freaky2 ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2008
Thank you very much!!!!!
#3. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2008
Thanks a lot!
#4. by emer ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2008
Fuck yeah! Way to go : D

Thanks ^^
#5. by Jenovah ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2008
Awww thank you soo much for this I been waiting since Wednesday...the suspence was killing me.
#6. by Gingitsune ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2008
Thanks for the translation!
#7. by thiagojoe ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2008
thanks for the trans, man!!!
may I use this as a base for an international translation (Brazilian Portuguese)??? with credits for you, of course!!!
#8. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2008
Quote by thiagojoe;906789:
thanks for the trans, man!!!
may I use this as a base for an international translation (Brazilian Portuguese)??? with credits for you, of course!!!

Certainly :ossu
#9. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Jun 17, 2008
thanks very much for the translation!
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