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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Naruto 406

Naruto 406

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jun 27, 2008 03:14 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 406

[spoiler text="
Page 1:
Title: Unlock the Future
Side: At some point, a lazy little boy grew up, overcoming sadness and sorrow. Now, his back gives those behind him courage.

Page 2:
Text: Jiraiya's last message...

Tsunade: This frog's got a shinobi from the Hidden Rain captured inside him.

Ibuki: Jiraiya-sama talked to us before he left.

Grow, please.

Pa: Jiraiya-chan's goal was just ta gather information...
He never planned ta fight Pain.

Page 3:
Pa: But Pain's skills were far beyond anythin' we were ready fer...
I dunno if anyone could really beat 'em, he's beyond figurin' out.

Jiraiya-chan did everythin' he could...
He was just about ta tell me who Pain really was...
Prob'ly was the only one who coulda even got that far.

'N just when I was about ta run fer it,
He...well, he came back ta life, 'n left me that there code.

To bring to y'all.

Tsunade: Don't be afraid to get "persuasive," just get that scumbag to spill his guts!
Ibuki: I intend to.

Page 4:
Morgue 1: Jiraiya-sama left three key pieces of information for us. This is one.

We need to learn everything we can from it!
Morgue 2: Right!

Morgue 1: Let's begin.

SFX: Scribble scribble

Page 5:
Shikamaru: How's it going?

Decoder: definitely not written in any Leaf Village code.
None of our algorithms have produced anything meaningful.

Remember, Jiraiya-sama wrote this at the end of his life.
It couldn't be THAT complex of a code.

As it's completely numeric, there must be a special number needed to decipher it.

Shikamaru: Can you figure it out or what?
Girl: Ahem!

Page 6:
SFX: Clack
Girl: Excuse me, but if you don't have the "combination", you'll never figure it out!

Shikamaru: Combination?

Girl: If you don't know the method to crack the code, you'll never get the message...nope!
The common key must be something related to Jiraiya-sama...without it, it's hopeless.

Shikamaru: So how to we figure it out?

Girl: I'm not sure,
but someone close to Jiraiya-sama may have an idea.

Decoder: Jiraiya-sama was about to pass away...
To prevent the enemy from knowing what he'd learned, he may have used a hastily-conceived code to write the message.

Page 7:
Decoder: We might make more progress
if we figure out WHO he wanted to get the message, and talk to them.

Shikamaru: Hrmmm...That'd probably be...
the Fifth or Kakashi-sensei, maybe?

Thanks a bunch. I'll be back if I need anything else.


Decoder: I'm going to bed soon, come to my house! My HOUSE!
SFX: Click

Decoder: I'm heading out...
What about you, Shiho-chan?
Shiho: Someone's gotta stay here, right?
SFX: Shuffle shuffle

Page 8:
Kakashi: 9...31...
8...106...7, 207...15.

SFX: Step step

Shikamaru: Anything ringing a bell?
Maybe something you and Jiraiya-sama talked about?

SFX: Step

Kakashi: Well, the 106 was....
Shikamaru: ...Was what?

Page 9:
Kakashi: Jiraiya-sama?

Jiraiya: They're 106.
Kakashi: Excuse me?

Jiraiya: 106 centimeters. [H: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA COME BACK JIRAIYA :( ]

Kakashi: Naaah...

I can't think of anything. Why don't you try the Fifth or Naruto?
Shikamaru: I already asker the Fifth...

Guess I'd better go see Naruto...

Page 10:
Kakashi: I'm more worried about him than I am about the code.
Do what you can, okay?

Shikamaru: I wouldn't expect much.

SFX: ding-dong, ding-dong
Shikamaru: Is he out?

SFX: Click

Naruto: ...Shikamaru, huh?
What do YOU want?

Shikamaru: Can I come in, at least?

Page 11:
Shikamaru: So? Does it make any sense to you?

Naruto: Helloooo, Naruto?

Page 12:
Naruto: Ah, sorry, sorry!
What am I doing, now?

Shikamaru: Come with me for a minute.
Naruto: Where?
Sign: Naruto [LOL]

Shikamaru: Just get up.
Naruto: Wh-what the hell?!

Shikamaru: Ah!
There she is.

Page 13:
Naruto: BwUH? Kurenai-sensei's-
Shikamaru: Yep.

Naruto: You ate too much barbeque and now you're in the hospital?!
You're even worse than Chouji!
Shikamaru: …That's a KID, not BEEF.
Man, you're about as troublesome as the come.

Naruto: K-kid?

Kurenai: Shikamaru, you don't have to come here EVERY day.

Page 14:
Shikamaru: Heheh...
I'm afraid I do.
Asuma made me promise.

That kid's gonna be my pupil someday.

Page 15:
Shikamaru: Asuma left him in my care.

I know all about Jiraiya-sama.

I lost my teacher too...I know what you're going through.
Nothing's gonna happen if you keep hesitating.

Page 16:
Shikamaru: It's time you left that spot behind, too.
Naruto: What're you talking about?

Shikamaru: My teacher taught me a ton of things.
Some of it was invaluable, some of it was completely useless.

Yours did too, right?
Lots of things...countless things.

We're on our way there to, you know?
Naruto: On our way WHERE?

SFX: slip

Shikamaru: To their side. The side that leaves behind instead of inheriting.
It may be troublesome, but it's the way of the world.

Page 17:
Shikamaru: Pretty soon, YOU'LL be the one treating some kid to ramen.
And he'll call you "Naruto-sensei."

We can't stay kids forever.

Not if we wanna be kickass shinobi like Asuma and Jiraiya-sama.
SFX: Wink

Shikamaru: Now get a grip.
You've got a job to do.
Text: A resolved smile sheds light on the secret code!

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#1. by TheChosenOne (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
Thanks a bunch, Hisshou. :)
#2. by DeepEyes (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
Thx a lot n_n
#3. by Starzen (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
Thanx a lot
#4. by jjmase03 (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#5. by Gingitsune (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
Thanks! ^_^
#6. by Phat (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
thanks :D
#7. by Chakra (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
thanks ^^
#8. by sakura_hime04 (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
#9. by nxlouco (Scanlator)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
Thanks Hisshou!!
#10. by zidane (MH Senpai)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
thank you senpai...
#11. by mansemino (Scanlator)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
domo arigato gozaimasu, Hisshou-sama! :tem
#12. by KnuckleheadedNinja (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
#13. by lordHokage (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 27, 2008
Once again, thanks a lot. :)
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