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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Fullmetal Alchemist 85

Fullmetal Alchemist 85

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jul 13, 2008 22:57 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 85

Note: Finally got volume 19, Armstrong's first name is indeed Olivier. I always thought that was wrong because it's a boy's name, but I always go by the pre-volume romanizations, and that's what I'll use from now on.

Page 0: Maybe later. Much, much later.

Page 1:
Side: First destruction, then rebirth.
SFX: Bang bang bang

Armstrong: You're still not done?
Worker: Oh,
Hello, ma'am.

The interior work will be done today or tomorrow,
and it'll be back to its old, fancy self.

Might I ask what exactly happened that the place was so wrecked?
Armstrong: Just a little argument with my brother.

SFX: Bang bang bang bang

Page 2:
Neighbors: I hear she forced her parents out.
She's never gotten along with the rest of the family.
SFX: Bang bang

Neighbors: But now that whole mansion just an empty box.
She may have taken over the estate, but she's got no one to share it with.

SFX: knock knock

SFX: knock

Page 3:
Mustang: Greetings, Major General Sir.

Armstrong: hmph.
I've got no tea or chairs for the likes of you.

Mustang: Then I suppose I'm out of luck with food, as well.
Armstrong: Yeah, we're too busy repairing the place.
SFX: Bang bong bang bong

Mustang: The Armstrong Family's wealth never ceases to amaze.
"Large" doesn't even begin to describe the mansion.

In fact...
I think you could fit a company...maybe even a full battalion in here.

SFX: Bang bong bang bong

Page 4:
Armstrong: If anything happens to me, you can have it.
SFX: Bang bong bong

Armstrong: Coffins aren't allowed on inside, after all.
SFX: Wham wham wham
Mustang: You aren't leaving it to your brother?

Armstrong: Between the two of you, I'd say you're the better choice...by a hair.
Mustang: I'm honored to have even a hair's breadth of your trust, Major General.

Mustang: Oh,
here's a gift, to celebrate your inheriting the family estate.

I believe I told you last time that we have excellent florists here in Central, right?
Armstrong: Mmhmm, you certainly did.

Page 5:
Armstrong: Hyacinths?

SFX: rustle
Armstrong: Selim Bradley is Homunculus...

Mustang: Do you know what the word "hyacinth" means?

"Feminine Grace and Beauty."



SFX: crackle crackle

Page 6-7:
White text: Are you guys ready for battle?
Title: Chapter 85 - "The Empty Box"

Page 8:



SFX: Swip

SFX: Tikatikatikatika

Page 9:

Bradley: These exercises are going far too smoothly...
What are you plotting, Grumman?

Grumman: I can't take this any more.
Let's just aim all the cannons at Bradley's tower and be done with it, eh?
Miles: Please stop saying that, sir.

Page 10:
Soldier: Major.

We've been unable to locate Alphonse Elric.
Miles: What?

Soldier: Do you think Bradley's side got him, sir?
Miles: I wouldn't expect him to go down without a fight...
Keep searching for him
Soldier: Sir.

Guy: You Excellency.

Major General Hakuro is here to see you.

Page 11:
Hakuro: Excellency, I've news on Lieutenant General Grumman's activities.
Bradley: Oh?

Is he planning to use the eastern forces to stage a coup d'état?
If so, I've already planned for that.
Hakuro: No, sir!

This whole joint north/east training is a diversion!

Your coming east coincides with a number of planned Ishvalan terrorist attacks on Central!

...but, those are diversions as well.
Colonel Mustang is secretly working with the terrorists, and plans to use the resulting confusion to seize power!

Page 12:
Bradley: Tell me what we've got on him.
Soldier: Yes, sir.

General Hakuro has frequently clashed with General Grumman since he was assigned to the Eastern Headquarters,
and has never approved of Colonel Mustang's speedy rise through the ranks.
There are many people who will testify to that.

Bradley: What of Central?
soldieR: Actually, it's just as he said.

We've got multiple reports of Ishvalan refugees entering areas surrounding Central.

Page 13:
Grumman: Hwaaaah...

Bradley: I'm going back.
Take care of things here.
Soldier: Sir!

SFX: Gakon Gaton Gakon

Page 14:

Soldier 1: Damned Mustang...thinks he's got it all planned out.
SFX: Goton Gaton
Soldier 2: I thought we took care of him when we transferred all his subordinates...




Soldier: Huh?
Soldier: We're stopping.

Conductor: I know you're in a hurry and I apologize for the delay.
We've got a lotta sheep crossing the tracks up ahead.

Page 15:

Solider: They're delaying the Fuhrer for SHEEP?!
Soldier: This is some real bumpkin country.

SFX: Clank

SFX: Kachug

Katon Goton

Page 16:
Soldier: WHAT?!

The conductor didn't even NOTICE?!

They just left us-

SFX: Pump


Page 17:
SFX: Chugachugachuga

SFX: crumble crumble crumble Splaaaaaash

SFX: Rrrruummmmmble...

Guy: The lambs on the bridge have been led to slaughter.

We're continuing to Central as planned.

SFX: Shuffle

Page 18:
Guy: Let's go!
Other guy: Aye aye!

Man, this takes me back.
We ain't been part of a plan like this since Ishval, no?

I hope Colonel Mustang's battle prowess ain't been dulled by all the city livin'.
This ain't gonna be an extermination, like last time.
The Colonel can't just start throwin' flames around the middle of downtown.
SFX: March march march match

Guys: Well, hopefully we won't even be a situation where the military gets involved.
Yeah, good call.
SFX: march march march

Soldier: Mmhmm.

I see.
Keep searching for the cars.

Page 19:
SFX: Click

Soldier: You played right into their hands, General Hakuro.

Hakuro: W-what?

SFX: flap flap flap
Grumman: Hmm, hmm.
The Fuhrer's train?
Ohhhhh dear!

Ishvalan terrorists, eh?
My my my...scary stuff!

Page 20:
Hawkeye: The Fuhrer's gone,
and "Selim Bradley" left with his "father."

SFX: Sfft

Hawkeye: We have to make our move now.
SFX: Kachick

Page 21:
Hawkeye: Move out,
2nd Lt. Breda,
Master Sgt. Fuery

Breda: No more ranks - we're plain ol' deserters now.
Fuery: Man...there's no future for us.

Hawkeye: We've got a responsibility to our Colonel!

Yes-Men: Th-The Fuherer's gone?!

Not now, not now...
How can this be happening...
SFX: Rabble rabble rabble

Page 22:
Yes-men: We need a replacement as soon as possible...
No one here could hold a candle to King Bradley!
We don't even know if he's really dead!
What has the investigation turned up?!

Armstrong: Nothing but a bunch of mindless chickens, motivated purely by personal gain.
Now the head's been cut off, and they're left running around aimlessly.

The Fuherer's gone.
Selim's gone.
They're all confused and scared...this room might as well be empty.

This could be my chance...

Page 23:
Yes-Men: Oooh...
Never thought he'd show up at a time like this...

Page 24:
SFX: Pat

Father: Calm yourselves, my friends.
I am still in Central.

Page 25:
Worker: Mr. Hohen!

Visitor for ya!

Page 26:
Hohenheim: So you've come, Edwa-

Ed: Aaah...that felt good.
Hohenheim: Why did you have to hit me with a RIGHT?!

Hmm? Friends of yours?
Greed: Nah, I'm his new boss.
Darius: We're just along for the ride.

Hohenheim: Well, thank you for taking care of my son.
Greed: A loudmouthed, snotty brat like him? He's no trouble at all.

Page 27:
Hohenheim: What an interesting tattoo.
Greed: Hm?

Oh, yeah.
Figure there's no sense in hiding it.

You'd better not hide anything either, pops.

Hohenheim: Agreed.
I'll tell you everything.

Page 28:
SFX: Crackle


Crackle crackle

Darius/Heinkel SFX: Psssshhhh

Page 29:
Ed: ...Ow...

Hohenheim: I am the Philosopher's Stone you've sought all these years.

Wanna use me?
Ed: Are you INSANE?!

Those are the lives of innocent people.
It's our own fault we ended up like this - we could never use them!

Hohenheim: ...I'm glad to hear you say that, son.

Page 30:
Hohenheim: Will you help me stop his ambitions?
Ed: Help YOU?

Let's get things straight.
I'm gonna stop him with or WITHOUT you.

But right now, we stand a better chance with you on our side. That's the only reason I came here!

Hohenheim: Well,
regardless of your motives, for now, we fight together.

That's enough talk for one night.
Let's get some food and rest up.
Ed: Huh?

Page 31:
Ed: Oh yeah!

I just remembered, Grandma Pinako told me to tell you mom's last words.

She said, "I'm sorry I can't keep our promise.
I have to go first."

Page 32:
Hohenheim SFX: drip drip drip drip drip drip drip
Ed: Wh-

Y-y-y-y-y-you're a grown man, don't CRY!
It's just...weird!

Hohenheim: I'm...
you're right.

Page 33:
Ed: O-okay, I told you the message!
I'm going to get dinner!
SFX: Dash

Hohenheim: Nnhnh...

That's right...
"I have to go first."

We couldn't grow old and die together...
but you still believed that I'd follow after you some day.

SFX: Crackle

Page 34:
Hohenheim: Soon, Trisha...
SFX: Crackle

Heinkel: Why don't you be a little nicer to you dad, eh?
SFX: Chewchewchewchewchew
Darius: Yeah,
at least CALL him "Dad" instead of "YOU" or something.

Heinkel: I guess there was a lot going on, but he doesn't seem like the type to just abandon his wife.
SFX: Chewchew
Darius: Yeah, must've been a lot.
Tell us, we'll listen.
SFX: chew chew

Ed: Enough, ENOUGH!
Yes, A LOT happened, okay?! A LOT!

Greed: A lot of what?
Darius: He's just being stubborn again.
Ed: Nnngh-RRRGH-

Page 35:
Ed: Fabric store!
Lady, give me that red cloth back there!
Lady: You got it.

Greed: What're you buying?
Ed: Hehehe...THIS is more like it.
SFX: Clap

Ed: Ta-

Ed: Wheeehehe!
Darius: Ugh.
Heinkel: Not that gaudy red coat again!

Greed: What's with you and red?
Ed: It's a badass tough-guy color! Gets the blood boiling!

Page 36:
Ed: This next battle against them could be my last.
I need to stay motivated.

Hey guys, you don't really have any reason to come with us, right?

I was thinking you'd be better off if we split up here.
Greed: Excuse me, all THREE of you work for ME. I'm the decider here.

Ed: Do you wanna get your old bodies back like those other chimeras?
Heinkel: Not sure, really.

Being a chimera comes in handy.
Darius: Yeah, we don't really care.
Greed: Ghahaha! That's the spirit!

Page 37:
Heinkel: We've got nowhere to go.
Darius: Maybe it's like animal instinct.
I think we'll be better off in the long run if we stick with you guys.

Ed: What about you, Greed? Why're you going with us?
Weren't you running AWAY from the other Homunculus?

Greed: You asking why I'm going back to Central?

That's a secret.
SFX: Grin

Page 38:
Ed: Bfp-

What's wrong...?

Page 39:
SFX: Loooom

Ed: AL!

Yesssss, we did it!

Page 40:
Al: I'm glad to see you're safe, brother.
Ed: I thought you were with Major Miles?
Is his group doing all right?
SFX: twitch

Al: Ah yes...brother, I need to show you something.
Can you come with me?
Ed: Sure.

SFX: clank clank clank

Ed: .....Hey Al.
Are you sure you're all right?

Page 41:
Al: ...Why?

Ed: Uhh...
It's just that-
Lin: ED!

...get away from him!



Page 42:

Darius: UWOOOAH!
Bubble: scratch

Darius: What the hell?!

Page 43:
SFX: Skrskrskrskrskrskrskr

Pride: So you're with THEM now, Greed?
SFX: skrskrskr

SFX: skrskr

Pride: And you're still waltzing around in a human form...
SFX: skrskrskr


Page 44:
Pride: Your soul is disgustingly weak!
SFX: skrskrskrskrskrskrskrskr
White text: Alphonse is infected by pure evil!

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#1. by joshuadale ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2008
Thanks for the translation!
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2008
#3. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
Thx a lot! Great trans!

#4. by RiftDoggy ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
Thank you for the excellent translation!
#5. by Viewtiful ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
First of all, thanks for your translation! I just wanted to say that you missed a bubble, at page 15, the first one, from the shepherd. Sorry for the trouble ^^
#6. by Starzen ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
Thanks for the trans
#7. by Gingitsune ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
Thanks for the translation! ^_^
#8. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
Thank you man!
#9. by hayateblitz ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
"infected by pure evil"?! noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

thanks for the trans! ur the best xD
#10. by Koho ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
Thx for the translation mate.
BTW I also thought it was Olivier or Olivia. Thanks for the confirmation of her english written name :)
#11. by kinai ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
Thanks for the translation.

Could anyone translate the last page where appear that seems an older Ed??


#12. by Tobi Uchiha ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2008
thank you !!
#13. by Emil ()
Posted on Jul 15, 2008
Only Thing to say: THanks U very much man:):)
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