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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 419

Naruto 419

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Oct 3, 2008 14:06 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 419

If this shit makes no sense to you, read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_Realms

Page 1:
Title: Attack!
Side: "God" has come to inflict suffering...Pain descends on the Leaf!

Deva: We split in half - a diversionary group and a search party.

The diversion will be cause by the Asura realm,
The Animal Realm,
and the Preta Sphere.

The search party will consist of the Deva Realm,
the Human Realm,
and the Woeful State.

Page 2:
Deva: Konan, you'll go with the search party as well.
Konan: As you wish.


Deva: The Leaf has erected a spherical barrier covering both the air above and the ground below the village.

Konan: Then anyone who simply walks in will be sensed by their security personnel.

Page 3:
Deva: The plan remains unchanged. We will launch the Animal Realm into the sky above the village.

We allow the enemy to confirm the incorrect number of intruders in order to confuse them.
The rest of us will wait to be summoned.

Konan: Itachi and Kisame had no trouble sneaking in...
Deva: Itachi was a former Leaf ANBU.
He would've known the proper code jutsu to slip through undetected.
SFX: Step

SFX: Grab
Pain: I have my OWN ways of doing things.



Page 4:

SFX: Pik

Pope: Intruders!
SFX: Blurp

Pope: One person confirmed entering area I-West, Point B!

SFX: Whoosh

Page 5:

Deva: Scatter!


SFX: SKrrrrk

SFX: Sploosh

Page 6:

Guy: Huh?

Guy: GUAH-


Page 7:
People: Whaaaaa!


Guy: They're all over the place!
What the hell's happening, they said there was only one!
Guy2: I'll confirm it with my Byakugan!

Guy1: The Barrier Squad's not gonna be enough!
Alert any and all available squads, tell them we need backup!
And tell the Hokage! Go!

Page 8:
Human: No info on the Nine-Tails, eh...

SFX: Squeeze

SFX: Yoink

SFX: Thud

Page 9:
Paper: To Hokage-dono

Samui: We'll be on our way.

Raikage: I'm counting on you!

Omoi: I have a really bad feeling about this...

Karui: It'll be fine. There's no way Killer Bee would screw up so bad...
this's gotta be some kinda sick joke.

Omoi: How can you dismiss this so easily?
He might be suffering as we speak, writhing in agony!

Page 10:
Karui: Shaddap! I'm sick of your doom-and-gloom bullshit!
Killer Bee's our MASTER!
There's no WAY he went down!

Omoi: Aren't you worried about the Bee AT ALL, Karui?!
Karui: Being worried's no excuse to start making shit up!

Raikage: Enough...

We've gotta save Bee no matter WHAT.
We've GOTTA!

SFX: sniff sniff
Both: Raikage-samaaaa!

SFX: Zuzuzu

Page 11:
SFX: Zuzuzu

Zetsu-Human: This is gonna take a while with so few of us left...


Page 12:
Kisame: Looks like he put one over on Sasuke-kun.
SFX: Flop

SFX: Thunk

Zetsu-Human: Aaahahahaha! A tentacle!

SFX: Wriggle wriggle

Page 13:
SFX: Rip

SFX: Blurp

SFX: Blurp

SFX: Bubble

Page 14:
SFX: Splish

SFX: look look
KB: Good...no one's here.

SFX: Splash

KB: Not bad for a desperation move, not bad at all.
SFX: Swom

8T: Not bad my Eight-Tailed ass! How many tentacles did I have to lose for that to work!

Page 15:
KB: Ahh, chill out, my big bull bro. Those things always grow back, yo.

8T: Stop coming up with stupid raps when you talk you me, you cretin!

KB: Hey, I'm the one housin' a huge tailed beast. I KNOW what you're goin' through, at least. Yeeeah, boy!

That's why...

8T: Why WHAT? And don't you DARE say something that rhymes.

SFX: splish splish

Page 16:

I'm finally free, outta my brother's watchful eye,
'cuz Akatsuki "captured" me...mwahaha.

8T: The Raikage's probably flipping out...
you're all right with that?

Page 17:
KB: Hey, being a Jinchuuriki meant I was stuck working as a weapon for the village.
I need to step out and get some fresh air, know what I'm sayin'?

8T: So...what's the plan?

KB: When you think of ballads, you think of Sub-chan-sensei!
8T: Who's that?
KB: Bitch, you don't know? The leader of the Ballad-Ninjas!

8T: Sounds too laid-back...Akatsuki won't let this slide.
Plus you're almost out of energy from calling on me...
Why DID you bring me out, anyways? You were winning!

KB: That Sharingan user was one of, if not THE strongest guy I've ever fought.
I guess I got caught up in the moment.

8T: ...I think we're about to witness the dawn of a new era.
KB: Yeah? One ushered in by my ballads?

Side: The Killer Bee lives! And strikes out on a journey outside the Hidden Cloud!

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
Thankyou Hisshou ~
#2. by mansemino ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
Thanks a lot, HisshouBuraiKen!
#3. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
thanks :D
#4. by Starzen ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
#5. by Trent ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
thanks as always ^^
#6. by tars ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
#7. by TheChosenOne ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
Thanks a lot, Hisshou. :)
#8. by takadanama ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
Thanks Hisshou...
#9. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#10. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
thanks a lot..
mwahahahahhaa Bee's awesome...
#11. by zidane ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
Thanks Hisshou-senpai...
#12. by Chakra ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
#13. by jackamabob ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
#14. by -Khriz- ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
#15. by dylec ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008
Nice version as usual.
Hm, ballads, interesting choice of word for 'enka'. I guess Ballad-Ninjas don't sound too bad. ;D
#16. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008
#17. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008
Quote by dylec;1053592:
Nice version as usual.
Hm, ballads, interesting choice of word for 'enka'. I guess Ballad-Ninjas don't sound too bad. ;D

Yeah, he's shifting his style from rapping to R&B ballads, it makes perfect sense :)
#18. by THE KING ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008
#19. by F414H ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008
#20. by sir_maxus ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008
Thanks for the translation
#21. by lucas1135 ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2008
#22. by AaronWarnado ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2008
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