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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Naruto 420

Naruto 420

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Oct 10, 2008 13:59 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 420

Page 1/2:
Top text: Now in our 9th year! The incredibly powerfuk the Jinchuuriki all in one place!
Title: 420 - Battlefield Leaf!

Page 3: [This is page 04 in the raw]
Text: Sage Naruto dances across the sky!

Fukasaku: Nice jumpin', boy! And yer Frog-Fu's comin' along!
Naruto: Heh!
Shadow Clone Technique!

Page 4: [This is page 03 in the raw]:
Side: Pain's slaughter of the Leaf begins!

Naruto: I'm just getting started!

Guy: Ngh-
Iruka: Are you all right?!

Page 5:
Pain: You have two choices.
Tell me where the Nine-Tails is, or die.

Iruka: Ah ha...he's with Akatsuki...

Pain: Now.

Iruka: I'd never tell a villain like you anything.

Pain: Very well...

Page 6:
Kakashi: Causing a huge ruckus to distract us,
while conducting a search in the shadows, are we?

Page 7:
Iruka: Kakashi-san!

Kakashi: Get him out of here.
I'll handle this.

Iruka: Yes, sir!

Take him down, Kakashi-san.

Page 8:
Kakashi: Earth Element - Flowing Earth Wall!


Page 9:
Kakashi: Raikiri!

What...what the hell just happened?!

Page 10:
Pain: The Copy Ninja, Hatake's an honor.

Where is the Nine-Tails?
Kakashi: Get real.

Kakashi: Guah!

Page 11:
Ma: I'm goin' out ta get some fresher ingredients?

Naruto: It's gonna be even nastier...ungh...
Fukasaku: Make 'em so fresh they're still wrigglin', Ma!

Page 12:
Fukasaku: So now ya can form Senjutsu chakra.
And ya've mastered Frog-Fu to a certain point.
There's just one last thing I gotta tell ya.

Naruto: H-huh?
Now what?

Fukasaku: It's...
about the risks of Sage Mode.

Naruto: Risk...?

Fukasaku: Yep.
Only when ye've got a handle on the risks,
will ya be able ta use Sage Mode to its full potential!

Naruto: So what are they?
Fukasaku: Well, as ye already know, ya can only stay in Sage Mode fer about 5 minutes.

An' ta draw in the nature power ya need to make the chakra, ya gotta stay perfectly still.
If yer already in a battle, ya can't use it.
Try ta stay still then and ye're a sittin' duck.

Page 13:
Fukasaku: Ya can only go inta Sage Mode if ya got enough comrades ta give ya a few free moments.
If ye're all on yer own or otherwise bein' prevented from usin' Sage Mode
Ye'll hafta retreat for a bit to give yerself the chance ta gather the energy.

Naruto: N-NOOOOO!
Why did you even BOTHER teaching me-

Fukasaku: Cheer up, boy.
I'm here ta help make up fer that weakness.

Naruto: Say what?

Fukasaku: Naruto-chan, if you 'n I fuse together, we'll be A-OK!

Page 14:
Fukasaku: Well, I say "fuse", but it's basically me just hangin' onta yer shoulder or back.

Naruto: R-Right, I knew that.
So how does "fusing" fix things?

Fukasaku: Basic'ly, we split the work of "stayin' still" and "moving."
When one of us's movin', the other remains perfectly still and draws in nature's energy.

Jiraiya-chan had ta have me AND Ma on his shoulders ta achieve th' final level 'a Sage Mode.

Naruto: Aaaah, I get it.

Page 15:
Fukasaku: So don't worry, Naruto-chan!

Naruto: OK!

Shizune(?): I thought it was strange that hese black plugs heat up in synch with the chakra scanners.
They're high-frequency chakra demodulators.
Guy: Demodu-what?
What's that mean?

Page 16:
Shizune(?): Chakra antennae.
And they're picking up a signal right now!

Guy: Antennae?
Which is...what?

Shizune(?): Antennae are...
Never mind, we need to alert Tsunade-sama immediately.

Shika: Huh?!

Page 17:
Sakura: What the-
Shikamaru: Come on!

Page 18:
Inoichi: I got it.

Page 19:
Ino: What was that?

Page 20:
Ino: Dad! The village is-

Tsunade: They're here...

Page 21:
I pray he's the real "Destined Child..."
Don't think I could bear it if he weren't...
Jiraiya-chan left everythin' in that boy's hands.

Tsunade: Alert the entire village that we're in an emergency situation...
and then...

call Naruto back.
Text: Battlefield Leaf!

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#1. by Sasori (Intl Translator)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
Thank you ;)
#2. by jackamabob (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
#3. by Helltroll (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
thx for the trans!
#4. by mansemino (Scanlator)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
Thanks a lot, Hisshou. Yours are always the best! ^_^
#5. by zidane (MH Senpai)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
Thank you HisshouBuraiKen!
#6. by Chakra (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
#7. by Omri645 (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
can you please look on the P.M I sent you?
#8. by One Eyed Sharingan (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
thanks a million for the translation, Hisshou!!! :turtle
#9. by Phat (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
thanks :D
#10. by jjmase03 (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#11. by TheChosenOne (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
Thanks a bunch, Hisshou. :)
#12. by -Khriz- (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 10, 2008
Thanks a lot!
#13. by sakura_hime04 (Intl Translator)
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
#14. by Assymilum (Scanlator)
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
Thanks, Hisshou!
#15. by THE KING (Scanlator)
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
#16. by MacTavish (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 15, 2008
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