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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 450

The Grateful Village

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jun 10, 2009 16:06 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 450

Page 1:
Text: Who will find Naruto first, now that the battle is over?
Title: 450 - The Grateful Village!

Bubbles: Haah

SFX: Slip

SFX: Catch
Kakashi: You really came through.

Naruto: Kakashi-sensei!
Kakashi: Grab on.

Page 2:
Villagers: You made it!
We knew you could do it!

Kakashi: ...Everyone's been waiting for you.

Page 3:
Villagers: You're a hero, Naruto!
Thank you!!
Welcome home!

Naruto: My dream for the future...
Is to surpass all the other Hokages! And make everyone in the village acknowledge me!

Kakashi: Naruto...

Page 4:
Kakashi: You did it.
Villagers: Welcome back!
SFX: Dash dash

Katsuyu: I told everyone in the village how things finally ended.
SFX: Slip

Villagers: What happened to the enemy?!
Naruto: Wagh-
Villagers: You're not hurt, are you?
SFX: Yaaaaaay

Page 5:
Hinata: Naruto-kun...
Thank goodness...

Naruto: Sakura-chan...

Naruto: OW!
Sakura: Why do you always push yourself so hard?!

SFX: Catch

SFX: Hug

Page 6:
Sakura: Thank you...

Page 7:
SFX: Yay yay yay

Page 8:
Zetsu-Human: I never even considered the idea that Pain might lose...

SFX: Zetsu zetsu

Crowd: Yeeeeah!
ANBU: Swip

Shikaku: What is it?
ANBU: An emergency meeting.
The Daimyou has requested your presence as a ranking jounin, Shikaku-sama.

Page 9:
Shikaku: Already, huh...

Z-H: What's the next step?

Tobi: We'll need someone else to synchronize with the Demonic Heretic's Statue...

Kisame...find the Eight-Tails.

I have another matter to attend to.

Page 10:
Omoi: Haaaagh...what would be the best way...
Karui: Now what?

Omoi: I'm just worried...there're so many hot chicks in the Leaf...
What if they all start falling head over heels in love with me?

Karui: Ooh, that's rough!
I guess you'll just have to date 'em all!
First come first serve, right?

Omoi: Yeah, but eventually we'd have to leave, and they might be so in love with
me at that point that they wouldn't be able to let me go.
I'm scared they'll drag me into a double-suicide or something.

Karui: God DAMN, does this stupid idea excite you or scare you?! Pick one!
We're not even there yet, how far ahead are you thinking?!

Omoi: What about you, Karui? An attractive Leaf villager of the male persuasion might fall for you-
Karui: Just say "a guy" like a normal person!

Then again, you have a point...
I might catch the eye of some tall, dark and handsome Leaf hottie!

Page 11:
Omoi: Naaaah, you're overthinking things!
That'll neeeeeeever happen!

SFX: Move, grab

Karui: Like YOU'RE one to talk, you bastard!
Omoi: Ack!

SFX: Whizzzzzzz

Omoi: The hell's wrong with you? If that rock hits a boulder and cracks it,
it'll start crumbling and knocking down bigger boulders,
and before you know it the whole Leaf village will be buried in a rock slide!

Karui: And you say I overthink things?!

Page 12:
SFX: Fuuuuuuuuuuuu

Karui: Holy shit, I didn't mean it!! I didn't think that little rock would hit so hard!
Omoi: K-Karui...what have you done...
Samui: It wasn't you, you cretin. Let's just try and find some people.

Sakura: She used her technique through Katsuyu-sama to protect the villagers...
She hasn't woken up since.

I really don't know when she'll come out of it.

Page 13:
Naruto: Granny Tsunade...

Homura: Our allies will continue to aid us in defending against Akatsuki.

FireGuy: I still can't believe what happened...
Of course, the Fire Country will throw all its resources towards rebuilding the village.
We'll have draw up a budget first, then seek aid from the other nations-

Page 14:
Danzou: I am more concerned
with selecting a new Hokage first.

Shikaku: Saw that one coming...

Daimyou: Why can't we wait for Tsunade to wake up?

Koharu: Daimyou-sama...
Tsunade is in a very deep coma.

With the village in such a dangerous state, we need a leader. When we don't know when, or if, she will recover.
In addition, she IS responsible for what happened today.

Daimyou: I had hoped to pick Jiraiya if this happened again...
I always liked him...but he's left us, too.
Very well. Who should we elect?

Danzou: I formally submit mys-

Page 15:
Shikaku: I nominate Hatake Kakashi!

Daimyou: Hohoooh, the "White Fang's" son, eh?
An excellent nominee!
Your opinions, gentlemen?

Guys: He's famous, strong, capable...
Isn't he a bit too young?
I'm positive Minato was even younger when he became the Fourth...

Who was Hatake Kakashi's teacher?
Homura: The Fourth Hokage.

Daimyou: The Fourth was Jiraiya's pupil, Jiraiya was the Third's...
Continuing the lineage is acceptable to me. Very well-

Page 16:
Danzou: The Third's teachings
have brought the village to the brink of ruin!

SFX: Flap

Danzou: The Akatsuki leader who devastated the village today was ALSO one of Jiraiya's pupils.
THIS was our reward for aiding foreign nations?!

It's soft! It's WEAK!

Let us not forget the Third's weakless lead to the Sand's betreyal,
and Orochimaru's attempt to crush the Leaf!

Akatsuki's aggression...
And the defection of the Uchiha Sasuke, now a rogue ninja plotting who know's what?!

Page 17:
Danzou: Ask yourselves, what do we need in a Hokage now?!
A man who can pull us back from the edge of collapse and restore law and order to the shinobi world!
That man is ME!

SFX: Stand

Guy: What say we let Danzou handle this situation, Daimyou-sama?

Shikaku: Such a rigid, close-minded extremist attiude is not what-

Daimyou: I've made my decision.

I hereby name you the Sixth Hokage!

Side: A change in power that is sure to rock the village! More dark clouds gather above the Leaf!!

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#1. by Cipo ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2009
#2. by zidane ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2009
thank you Hisshou...

Page 4, last bubble missing.
#3. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
uoohh, thanks a lot for the translation, 'been waiting for this

btw page 16:
Let us not forget the Third's weakless <- weakness???
#4. by Kuszek ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
thank you! :)
#5. by Kuszek ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
thank you! :)
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