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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Naruto 451

Eliminate Sasuke!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jun 12, 2009 14:09 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 451

Page 1:
Text: Rebuilding the Leaf...
Title: Eliminate Sasuke!

Kotetsu: We should still be able to use this tree, no?
Izumo: Yeah...

SFX: stand
Kotetsu: You know...

Everything the Hokages worked to build has been destroyed.
There's NOTHING left...I just can't believe it.

Genma: The Hokages' legacy doesn't end with the village.

WE'RE still here.
Yamato: Wood Element - Multi-Pillared Palaces! (Mokuton - Renchuuka)
SFX: Slap

Page 2:

Bubbles: Haagh
Ninja: We'll have the village rebuilt in no time!

Yamato: Easy for you to say...
SFX: Uuuuuungh

Page 3:

Naruto: There's so much I wanna talk about with Granny Tsunade...
Sakura: Don't worry, she'll wake up in no time!
She's the strongest woman in the world...she's the HOKAGE!

Why am I the one reassuring Naruto?
I was hoping you'd be saying this stuff to ME...

Tazuna: It's been a super-long time, Naruto! Sakura!

Page 4:
Inari: Never thought I'd get another meeting with a hero, Naruto-niichan!

Sakura: Are you two...

Naruto: Inari and Tazuna!

Page 5:
SFX: Shave

Naruto: Man Inari, you shot up!
And Tazuna you...got older.
Tazuna: Bah...
Inari: I'm a carpenter now too, we're both here to work on official Leaf projects.
I wanted to come say hi to you guys before we got started!

You sure got pretty, Sakura-neechan!
Sakura: Oh...did I?

Tazuna: I'm so sorry we let Gatou get away with what he did...
Thanks to you, the Wave Country's prospering like never before.

Inari: Now we're here to return the favor!

Naruto: Inari...

Page 6:
SFX: Slip
Kakashi: Oh? You're already here?

Tazuna: Oh, Kakashi!
Yes, we made the Leaf jobs our top priority!
Kakashi: I see.
SFX: Step

Tazuna: ...Hmm?
Kakashi: Yes? If you need something, I'll be happy to help you get it.

Tazuna: Where's Sasuke?
I wanted to see him, too.

Kakashi: Urk-

Page 7:
Kakashi: U-Uh...well, Sasuke, he's kind of...
Naruto: Sasuke's...

We got in a little fight and he's cooling off away from the village...
I'll go drag him back here soon, though!
When I do I'll be sure to bring him to you guys!

I'm sure Sasuke'll be happy to see you again,
right, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: R-Right...

Tazuna: Do I detect a bit of a love triangle?
Naruto: No, no, nothing like that!

Sakura: Thank you, Naruto...

Page 8:
SFX: Shave shave shave

Naruto: Sasuke...where ARE you?
SFX: tak tak tak

Page 9:
Sasuke: You never had parents or siblings,
what the hell do you know...

You were alone from the start!
What do YOU know about how I feel!

It hurts because you HAD relationships!
You don't know how much it hurts to lose them!

Naruto: I finally understand
how Sasuke felt...

Page 10:
Naruto: And what happens when you live for revenge.

Pain: Do you understand what pain is, now?
We cannot hope to understand one another unless we have all known true pain.

Naruto: I thought I knew what he was going through,
but I had no idea.
There was no chance of me ever getting through to him back at the Valley of the End.

Sakura: Naruto...

Page 11:
Naruto: Without knowing how he felt, we could never really have any good times together.
Or even have a real fight.

It's probably gonna hurt like hell,
but I wanna have a proper fight with him...

and afterwards,
we can ALL have some fun again, together, as team 7!

Page 12:
SFX: Flap

Itachi: I'm sorry, Sasuke...
There won't be a next time.

Sasuke: Only the blissfully ignorant
could suggest that I take up Itachi's mantle.

If they refuse to accept the path I choose to walk,
then I'll kill every last person that ever meant anything to them!

Then maybe, MAYBE...
they'll begin understand the depths of my hatred.

Page 13:
Samui: No guards, the village is in ruins...
What happened here?

Ninja: Akatsuki...
We're working to regroup as quickly as possible
to strengthen our defense any way we can.

Karui: Whew...
So it WASN'T my fault.

Samui: At any rate, we need an audience with the Hokage.
We have an urgent message for her from the Raikage.

Page 14:
Ninja1: Could their timing be any worse?
I tell you, no good news ever came outta one of these things.

They wanna have an emergency meeting of the Five Kages.

Ninja2: Bad news!

Page 15:
Samui: Unconscious?

Shizune: As the Hokage's personal attendant, I'll hold the letter until she awakens.

Samui: If she's not waking up any time soon, we'll accept a representative.
They need to see the letter immediately,
the Raikage wants to move quickly.
Shizune: But...

SFX: Rustle rustle

Danzou: That person is no longer our Hokage.

Page 16:
Danzou: I have just been appointed the Sixth Hokage.
I will take that letter.

Shizune: This...this can't be...
Not Danzou?!

Letter: To Hokage-dono

Danzou: I knew Sasuke was headed down this path...
Samui: Then your answer?

Kiba: Ah-ha! There you are!
Sakura: Kiba? What's wrong?

Page 17:
Kiba: Okay, don't freak out when you hear this,
but Tsunade-sama's been replaced as Hokage!

Naruto: Wh-
Sakura: Huh?

Kiba: They chose some guy named Danzou as the Sixth!
I dunno everything, but apparently he's some behind-the-scenes power-player!

Sakura: Danzou?!
Naruto: Danzou?!
Kakashi: I've got a BAD feeling about this...

Kiba: Yeah, but that's not the half of it!
The Sixth just authorized

the elimination of the "rogue ninja" Sasuke!
Text: A cold, calculated move! How will Naruto react?!

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
Thanks a lot for the translation, Hisshou!!
#2. by Kuszek ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
thank you!!! :)
#3. by Sasori ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
Thank you very much ;)
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
Thank you HBK...
#5. by InvincibleUchiha ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
Thank you Hisshou-Sama for this brilliant translation!
Your stuff is by far the heaviest!
Well, keep on!!
#6. by chvis002 ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
Nice translation. Sure beats any other I've read
#7. by come come paradise ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thanks for the translation ! By the way, page 2 and 3 are a double page, I think the SFX you've translated on top of each could be the same one [not sure if I'm too clear ^^]. Awesome translation as always :)
#8. by UchihaUchiha ()
Posted on Jun 17, 2009
Thanx Hiisshou!
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