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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 453

The Night before the 5 Kage Summit!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jul 8, 2009 01:13 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 453

Page 1:
Text: Tobi bars Sasuke's path to the Leaf!
SFX: Tak tak

SFX: Vwommmmmmmmmm

Madara: Hello, Sasuke.

Page 2/3:
Big orange text: Fire and Lightning clash!

Title: 435 - The Night before the 5 Kage Summit!

Page 4:
SFX: Tak tak tak

Karin: I didn't feel any chakra until he appeared...
What did he...

Suigetsu: Ah man! Talk about bad timing.

Sasuke: How did you know where we were?

Madara: I've got my ways.
Don't forget who I am.

Sasuke: What do you want this time?

Hawk has left Akatsuki. We've got no more business with you.

Page 5:
Madara: I warned you that if you betrayed Akatsuki I'd kill you myself.
You're about two seconds away from breaking your end of the bargain.

Sasuke: What're you talking about.
Madara: Your performance with the Eight-Tails.

Karin: But we caught him and gave him right to you!

Madara: That was a fake, a simple replacement.
In other words...you failed.

The Eight-Tails duped all four of you.
I'm very, VERY disappointed.

Page 6:
Sasuke: I saw everything with my Sharingan...
He never had a chance to make a clone or-

Unless...when I cut off that one part of his body...

Suigetsu: Okay, so...who cares?
What's done is done, right?

Madara: No...you had a job to do for Akatsuki, and you'll do it...
...But forget about the Eight-Tails.
I've got something else in mind now.

Sasuke: And if we say no?
Madara: Then we'll end up fighting right here,
and you'll never make it to the Leaf.

Sasuke: We'll force our way through.

Page 7:
Madara: Even if I let you through, you're a little late.

Sasuke: I went right through him, just like last time...is that his power?

Madara: Your goal is now a hollow one, I'm afraid.
SFX: Tak
Sasuke: What's that supposed to mean?

Madara: The Hidden Leaf Village no longer exists.

Page 8:
Karin: It doesn't?!

SFX: Zzzzz

Karin: Who's there?
Madara: One of my men...calm down.

Who's the new Hokage?
Zetsu-Human: Some guy named Danzou.
Madara: No surprise there.

Page 9:
Sasuke: Danzou...
The Hokage...?

Madara: Yes...one of the high-ranking Leaf councilors who forced your brother to do what he did.
He is the sixth Hokage.

Sasuke: What the hell happened to the Leaf?

Madara: One of my men, Pain, wiped it off the map.
Thanks to yours and his tendency to be noisy and flashy, the Five Kages are moving to take action.

Sasuke: The Five Kages...

Madara: They'll be gathering for a summit, and soon.
Zetsu-H: Allow me to explain.

Page 10:
SFX: Shink

Karui: Tell us everything you know about Sasuke.
The ninjutsu he uses, any special abilities...
And also the info you've got on Akatsuki. We need to know about his allies and what they're up to, too.

Sakura: It-It's all a lie!
Sasuke hasn't joined Akatsuki!

Karui: You're starting to piss me off, bitch.
What do you care about Sasuke, anyway?!

Sakura: I...I just...


Page 11:
Naruto: You're positive?
Karui: Yeah! Our scouts confirmed the Uchiha crest, and his face matched our file.

Sakura: Un-Uwah-

Karui: Will you shut up? I'm the one who should be crying here!
Your crocodile tears won't bring back the Great Killer Bee or Yugito-sama!
If you've got the energy to cry, use it to tell us about Sasuke!

Sai: Hold on, you two.
Karui: What?!

Sai: If you've been given permission to eliminate Sasuke, the village should've already given you whatever info we have.

Page 12:
Sai: There's no need to be so confrontational with them.

Karui: Oh, don't worry! Our captain's getting it as we speak!
We're just out on our own trying to dig up anything we can!
Omoi: How the hell can you expect us to stand around waiting! Our master's missing and we dunno what's happened!

You have no idea what we're going through!

Naruto: How the hell am I supposed to stand around doing nothing?!
I'll avenge the perverted hermit myself!

Page 13:
Naruto: Was your master a Jinchuuriki?

Omoi: How'd you know-

Naruto: Because I'm one, too. Akatsuki's after us...all of us.
This is my problem, too.
Akatsuki always takes them alive.
There could still be time.

Omoi: Wha-?!
Karui: Really?!

Naruto: You need to worry about your teacher first, and Sasuke later!

Omoi: You're serious? You're not pulling our leg or yanking our chain or anything?
Karui: What'd I tell ya?
There's no way he'd die on us like that!

Page 14:
Naruto: Look, I'll help you guys save your teacher.
You can have all our info on Akatsuki.

Karui: At least YOU know what's up, Blondie!
Let's roll! You can fill us in on Sasuke on the way!

Sakura: Naruto!

Naruto: Leave it to me, Sakura-chan.

Karui: What's your name?

Suigetsu: Naruto?!

Page 15:
Suigetsu: So this "Naruto" beat Pain on his own?

Zetsu-H: He sure did...he's gotten a lot stronger.
Personally, I think he might be stronger than YOU now, Sasuke.

Sasuke: Heh...
I could care less. The problem now is the Five Kage Summit.

Suigetsu: What's the plan?
The Leaf's gone,
one of our targets, Danzou's, gonna be at that summit...so we should go there, right?

Page 16:
SFX: Glare
Suigetsu: W-what?
Shouldn't we?

Sasuke: We take the Hokage's head at the Five Kage summit.
That's our new plan.

Madara: Very good.

Karin: So, umm...where's the meeting, anyway?
This is gonna get real ugly real fast...

Madara: Zetsu.
Zetsu-H: Let me split myself and take you there. (H: Note - he uses the word "bunshin" which usually means clone, but in this case it's clearly the "partition/offshoot" sense.)


Page 17:
SFX: Split
Zetsu-H: Follow me!

SFX: Leap


Juugo: You're sure we can trust him?
SFX: Jump
Sasuke: Let's see how it plays out.

If he tries anything, I'll fry him with Amaterasu.
There's something I've been wanting to try.

Page 18:
Madara: Not really...Nagato's Heretical Rebirth Cycle technique was supposed to be for ME...even I never expected he'd use it like he did...
He betrayed me.

And there's no point in guiding Sasuke to become even more powerful than Nagato if I can't control him.
I can't risk linking him to the Demon Statue for now...
No, I need to keep an eye on him.

Madara: Yes, just in case...but it certainly wasn't Plan A.
Cursed Uzumaki Naruto...he's derailed things a bit.


Madara: No more skulking in the shadows waiting for our chance to strike.
"Operation Lunar Eye" needs to be hurried up.

Page 19:
Temari: Get the lead out, Kankurou!
Kank: I had to make sure my new puppets were set up right!

Girl: Take care, Kazekage-sama.
Guy: He's in your care Kankurou-dono, Temari-dono.

Page 20:
Tem: Yeah, we know.
Gaara: We'll be back soon.
Kank: Like Gaara even needs bodyguards...

Text: Gaara leaves for the Five Kage Summit!

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2009
yaaaay, thanks a lot Hisshou.. i knew it was worth the wait :)
#2. by UchihaUchiha ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2009
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!Hisshous back!Thaaaank You!
#3. by Kuszek ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2009
thanks :)
#4. by InvincibleUchiha ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2009
I' ve spent every day waiting for this!!!!!

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