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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 459

Sakura's Choice!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Sep 13, 2009 18:05 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 459

Page 1:
Title: 459: Sakura's Choice!
Text: Danzou is chosen to lead the new joint force?!
Danzou: If you feel I am best suited,
I accept the position.

Raikage: Why the Hokage?!
This guy represents everything dark and twisted with the ninja world!
He can't be given that much power!

Mifune: Then who CAN?

Raikage: No one in Akatsuki came from MY village!
We need someone trustworthy for this job, and I'm clearly the only one-

Mifune: I must disagree.
Raikage: WHAT?!

SFX: Point

Page 2:
Mifune: Certainly, to head such a powerful force, the leader must be strong AND sympathetic.
But your emotions overpower you too easily...they would splitner this army as they have the table.

SFX: quake quake
Raikage: Nrrrrrrgh-

Mifune: As a neutral nation, I assure you I am making this decision based solely on logic.

Kazekage-dono is too young to be entrusted with such responsibility.
He is not yet respected enough amongst the many other countries.

By the same token, Tsuchikage-dono is simply too old - he projects a frail image.
And he has made far too much use of Akatsuki's "services..." Other countries will not trust him.

As the Mizukage's village is said to be the birthplace of Akatsuki...
I am concerned that information about this new force could fall into the wrong hands.
The possiblity of spies is too great.

Page 3:
Mifune: There is no knowing what plans Akatsuki has for the Tailed Beasts...
but we cannot allow them to capture the Nine-Tails.

The Nine-Tails belongs to the Leaf...
therefore, I feel it appropriate that the Hokage lead the joint force.

Raikage: I'm not taking part in any "joint" force that's going to force my village to reveal its secrets!

Ao: Something's fishy here...
I'd better see if my hunch is right.
Choujirou...get ready to fight.

Chou: Huh?

Ao: Byakugan!
Bubble: Pikiii

Page 4:
Ino: Unh-Uhwaa-

Chouji: Ino...
Ino: NNh-NNNH-

Kiba: Stop crying, Ino!

TenTen: Don't be so harsh, Kiba! Ino's-

Kiba: Give me a break!
Times have changed!

Page 5:
Shino: IS this okay?
If Ino's this bad,
then Sakura and Naruto will be-

Neji: Just let Shikamaru handle it.
He'll find the right words...
And since the rescue was his first mission, and a failure at that,

I'm sure he feels responsible as well.
That's why he volunteered to break the news.

Shizune: Naruto didn't just promise Sakura.
He himself wantsto save Sasuke more than anything!
Sai: Of course he does, I want to help him too.

Page 6:
Sai: But the fact remains
that Sakura, myself...ALL of us are placing too much of the burden on Naruto.

The more I look at Naruto, the more I find myself feeling...


When I think about Sasuke...something hot starts to bubble up in my stomach.

Page 7:
Sai: And I realized that it's anger.

We have to do something ourselves...
For Naruto's sake, and for the village's.
Sasuke is-

Shikamaru: Sai's got it right...

Shizune: Shikamaru-kun...
SFX: turn

Shikamaru: We're not children anymore...
We need to stop Akatsuki, and that means...
SFX: Step

Page 8:
Shikamaru: We need to stop Sasuke.

I'm here to ask for Team 7's permission.
Shizune: Permission...you don't mean-?!

Shikamaru: I'm afraid I do.
We can't let Sasuke cause a war between the Leaf and the Cloud.

It's kind of a roundabout explanation, but hear me out.
Let's say the Hidden Cloud kills Sasuke. And you, Ino...and Naruto take things into your own hands.

The three of you are out for blood, and you get yourselves killed.
Then me, Chouji, Inoichi-san and your parents go and take our revenge.

Page 9:
Shikamaru: Then someone on THEIR side decides they can't take it, and come for their own revenge.
Me and Chouji die, and then OUR dads join the fray. Before you know it, we're at war.

According to that team from the Hidden Cloud,
Sasuke's already considered an internationally wanted criminal.
And the more he works alongside Akatsuki, the worse his reputation will be.

That's why we, the Leaf, need to take care of Sasuke ourselves.
I hope you understand, Sakura...

SFX: Drop drop...

Shikamaru: I need to know you'll cooperate...

Sakura: Shikamaru...

Page 10:
Sakura: Please...
Don't say anything else...

Shizuna: Sakura...

Page 11:
Naruto: Sasuke...where are you? What are you thinking?

Do you ever think about me, Sakura, and Kakashi-sensei? Do you remember us at all?

SFX: roll

Naruto: You killed Itachi...you beat your brother.
You got your revenge.
Are you satisfied?
Or are you suffering more than ever?

Why won't you come home to the Leaf Village?

Page 12:
Naruto: Did all that hatred consume your soul, Sasuke?
Are you really just another criminal now?

SFX: clench

Naruto: I don't understand you anymore!

Suigetsu: Hey, where'd he go?!

Sasuke: Hmph...

Tobi: Ready?
Zetsu-R: YES.

Page 13:
Tobi: Do it.

SFX: wipe

SFX: Wipe

Shikamaru: I'm sorry, Sakura...I'm going to do what's best for the Leaf, no matter what you say.
I've gotta talk to Naruto, too.
Where is he?

Sai: Naruto's gone to the Iron Country
to meet with the Raikage...

Shikamaru: He's going way too far...

Guess this isn't gonna be as easy as I thought...
Sakura: Let me talk to him first...

Page 14:
Sakura: That fool's got such a crush on me...
At least let me be the one to break it to him.

I've made him suffer more than anyone...
I've always been wrong...always screwed up...
I don't want make mistakes anymore...I don't want to fail again.

Ao: What...what is this?!

His right shoulder and right arm...and even his right eye...the chakra's color...

It's Uchiha Shisui's!
I'll never forget my fight with him...or the color of his chakra!

Page 15:
Ao: Hokage-dono, I demand you reveal your right eye to everyone in this room!
SFX: Step

Tsuchi: What's this all about?

Ao: You must have stolen Uchiha Shisui's right eye and transplanted it into your head!
His eye techniques allowed him to enter his enemy's mind
and make them move, speak, and act according to his will.

The victim never even realizes they're being controlled...his eye techniques of the highest caliber!
Raikage: Hokage...did you take control of Mifune?!

Ao: My own right eye is a Byakugan, a souvenir from a fight with one of the Hyuuga.
I can't say I'm any better than you in that regard,
but my eye saw through even the 4th Mizukage's illusionary techniques - you can't fool me!

Raikage: Son of a-
SFX: Skrrk

Page 16-17
Zetsu-H: Hel-loooooooo!

SFX: tak tak tak tak tak

Raikage: They just keep comin' - Who're YOU?!

Danzou: Akatsuki?

Tsuchikage: Must be.

Zetsu-H: Uchiha Sasuke's infiltrated your village.
I wonder where he could be...hmmmm?

Text: CHAOS!

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#1. by InvincibleUchiha ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2009
Hisshou-Sama is back again, I can't believe it! :)
#2. by UchihaUchiha ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2009
Thank u a 1000 times
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