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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 461

The Hidden Cloud vs. Hawk!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Sep 13, 2009 18:07 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 461

Page 1:
Text: Sasuke will not be stopped! He charges straight at the Raikage!
SFX: Whoosh
Juugo: Sasuke!
Don't fight him alone!

He's losing it.

Bubble: Shink


Page 2:
Darui: Water Element - Water Wall! (Suiton - Suijinheki)
Title: The Hidden Cloud vs. Hawk!

Sasuke: Him?!

Darui: Lightning Element - Shock Flush! (Raiton - Kangekiha)
BubbleS: Clap clap


Page 3:
SFX: Bachichichichi, skrrrrrrk

SFX: bachichichichi

Darui: Hey boss...that confirms our intel that this guy's lightning-natured.
Bubble: Clap
SFX: bachichichichchi
Shii: He uses fire techniques as well, he'll probably follow up with one.
Keep up your water element defenses, Darui.
Darui: Right...

Suigetsu: Did someone tell them about Sasuke's abilities?
Karin: Hey, uhh...that one in the middle, is he...

Juugo: They're Hidden Cloud jounin...
The big guy in the middle is the Raikage.
We won't get through them without a BIG fight.

Samurai: We need backup,
Sasuke destroyed us!

Page 4:
SFX: slip

SFX: Clap

SFX: Clap

SFX: Clap

Darui: Freeze!

Juugo: Here he comes!

Shii: Thunderbolt Phantasm! (Raigen Raikouchuu)

Page 5:
Juugo: A flashbang technique?

SFX: Crack crack

Juugo: Sasuke!

Page 6:
Sasuke: Don't be fooled, Juugo. This is an illusion.

Shii: Not bad, Sharingan.

SFX: Bachichichichi
SFX: Swoosh
Raikage: It may be an illusion, but you took too long to notice!

Karin: Sasuke!

Page 7:

Suigetsu: Ngh!
What insane power!
SFX: Griiii

SFX: snap



Page 8:
Suigetsu: Man, if my arms weren't made of water they'd be on the other side of the room right now!
SFX: Skrrrrrrk

Suigetsu: Ahh SHIT, he broke the Great Beheader!

SFX: bloop bloop

Juugo: It must've snapped where the Eight-Tails cracked the blade.

SFX: Twitch

Karin: Wh...whew...
Nice move, Suigetsu!

Sasuke: I don't need you two.
Suigetsu: I just risked my ass for you, and that's the thanks I get?
Par for the course, I guess.

Page 9:
Samurai: These shinobi fight such rough battles!

Darui: See if he's got any more people hidden around here, Shii.
I don't feel like waiting for them to pop outta the woodwork.

Shii: I'm almost positive there's one more...
But if I'm trying to track them down I won't be able to fight...

Darui: We don't need you,
the Boss and I can handle them.

Karin: Crap, if I keep looking for Danzou that Shii person will spot me!
I'll have to keep my chakra hidden for now.

Suigetsu: We had Karin looking for Danzou,
but she can't with this guy.
She'll erase her chakra, she knows how to do that.
Juugo: We've gotta take down the chakra-sensing guy in the back.

Let me take him.
SFX: zuzuzuzu

Page 10:
Guy: Ao-dono, can you confirm whether or not the Hokage is still using his eye technique?
Ao: No, the flow of his chakra circulatory system has calmed.
The technique has ended.

Danzou: Don't worry,
it's not a technique I can use multiple times a day.

Ao: I'll be the judge of that.
You've proven that you can't be trusted.

Danzou: I never knew someone outside the village had the Byakugan...
if there had been a traitor among the Hyuugas, he would've been killed right away.

Page 11:
Ao: I'm sure you intend to kill me now that I've discovered your secret,
but you won't get me easily.

Mizukage: I'll fight you myself if I have to.
That same technique was used to manipulate the Fourth Mizukage...
perhaps you know about that, as well?

Mifune: Hokage-dono, the use of ninjutsu is forbidden here.
I might have chosen you myself, if you'd only saw fit to trust me...

Danzou: I couldn't take that chance.
I'm willing to do anything to protect the ninja universe.

Someone has to unite all these factions.
As the First Hokage Hashirama united the many clans and formed a village,
I would have united each village and formed an empire.

Diplomacy will never be enough...
playing by the rules takes too long and never changes a thing.
Eventually, Akatsuki will destroy the ninja universe as we know it.

Page 12:
Tsuchi: It takes time to make your ideals a reality...
When you rush things, you lose sight of the big picture and make mistakes...
like you did today.

You may think you're making all the right moves, but all you end up with is more mistrust, more grudges...more hatred.
Danzou...I don't believe a single thing you say.

Danzou: Trust is second
to results.

Gaara: That kind of thinking will be the end of our world...maybe even the human race.
We need sympathy and understanding...
without them, all we're left with is fear.

I won't go along with any immoral methods, or people who would just give up...not anymore.

Tsuchi: Easy for you to say, sprat...
You still have no idea what it takes to run a village.

Page 13:
Tsuchi: So here's your chance - ask us anything you want.
We've been in this game a long time, we'll teach ya whatever you need to know. Right Danzou? Hahaha...
Kank: You damn old fart-
Temari: Shut UP, Kankurou! He's the Tsuchikage, a village leader!

Gaara: Fine, I have one question for you.
Tsuchi: Atta boy! Ask away, I'm a straight shooter.

Gaara: When did you all abandon your values?

Mizu: What a pure-hearted boy...

Page 14:
Kank: Heh!
Temari: So what do you want us to do, Gaara?
We helped the Leaf try to rescue Sasuke once, and now he's joined Akatsuki.

Gaara: Uchiha Sasuke...

Kuro: He got you good, pops.
Tsuchi: Shaddap!
Aka: Tsuchikage-sama, whatcha want us tuh do?
Should we go fight too?

Tsuchi: You damn kid, what if my hip gives out!
Kuro: I wanna see what the guy who killed Deidara can do!

Tsuchi: Do what you want!
Just don't get in between Sasuke and Raikage, unless you've got a death wish...

Page 15:
Kuro: Woohoo!
What about you, Akatsuchi?
Aka: I'll stick with duh Tsuchikage, just in case his hip starts actin' up!

Fuu: Danzou-sama, please, send one of us down there, we will retrieve the sharingan.
SFX: whisper

Ao: No one from the Leaf Village is going anywhere!
Raikage-dono will handle the situation outside!

SFX: slip

Danzou: Fuu, Torne, cease this. We will obey.

SFX: STOMP, crack


Page 16:

Page 17:
Juugo: AAAAHA!

Darui: Yikes...he acts even worse than he looks.
Shii: Stay on your toes, his chakra's going haywire!

Suigetsu: You think Juugo'll remember that we're on HIS side
now that he's in psycho-mode?

Raikage: Hmph...
SFX: bzz bzzzrt

Raikage: Don't get cocky!!
Text: The Raikage's eyes turn bloodshot as the battle gets serious!

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#1. by InvincibleUchiha ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2009
Thx Thx Thx Hisshou-Sama!!
so much to read...
this is great! :)
#2. by UchihaUchiha ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2009
Yeah,thank you Hisshou.so much Uchiha-shit in a row!Yeah!
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